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  1. I've retired the crate to the garage, that was just for the first few weeks and the trip from Austin to Indy.. She destroys my shoes when I'm at work. i let her know that I'm disappointed in her behavior all she wants to do is chew maybe one day she will grow out of it i love her in spite of her flaws
  2. She’s a Boxer/Black Mouth Cur mix shes insane and i love her to bits
  3. He’s the perfect guy for the thigh, fast and gentle and heals so easy here’s a few he’s done for me crass logo misfits skull TATS on knee ROA on knee gimp mask devil head approx 14 years old! tribal by ankle palms
  4. Quarter sized ROA by Donnie Kizzee clown above is Henry Hablak sternum ROA by Katja Ramirez cherub under is Bert Krak rose and tribal by Carlos Truan dog above it is Jef Whitehead devil beside it is Tony Hundahl 🥹 i love tats
  5. Got these cover ups over a cover up, 3rd layer of tats top tribal is Keenan Bouchard skull is Jef Whitehead bottom tribal is Thomas Hooper
  6. I’ve been lucky to get work by Tony Hundahl, Thomas Hooper, Bert Krak, Chris Howell, Jef Whitehead, Tim Lehi, Nikki Balls, Donnie Kizzee, Keenan Bouchard, Tamara Santibanez, Daniel Albrigo, Carlos Truan, Dan Nelson, Hillary Fisher-White, Derek Snodgrass, Keith Underwood, Steve Byrne, Frank William to name a few here’s my most recent. my dogs name by Donnie Kizzee chest tribal above it by Thomas Hooper chest tribal other side by Tony Hundahl
  7. Tony is cool..he did my palms, my knees, my chest coverup , shin, thigh, wrist. what are u gonna get from him?
  8. Hi! I moved to Indianapolis. i started tattooing. i got a dog. I’ve been sober like 12 years. life is cool hi
  9. Thanks bruv! I made the Filth shirt for a random punk kid that works at one of the spots we go for work lunch take-out i always try to say I’m gonna sell shirts, but more often than not, I give em away. It’s annoying to talk money & makes it not fun for me. people hit me with a omg i love it so much i need it plz make me a shirt omg ur ideas are great!!! then i give em a super reasonable price, then they wanna haggle. its fucking annoying & it makes me want to lose my mind on people. if ur gonna trip on me over $40, u can just fuck all the way off & just make ur own damn shirt. I’m busy as hell & don’t have time to fuck around with lames no nudes not sorry but u can Venmo me some money and I’ll make u a shirt
  10. Also remember that time i married someone from 12oz and then moved to Germany for 3 years lol. life is wild
  11. My life is photo based. ive been trying to say less & do more. I work a lot. I have two cats as roommates. i haven’t been on a date in over 2 years because I got my heart broken and it hurt too bad for too long so now I keep to myself mainly. I probably smoke too much weed. I get tattooed frequently by artists that I never thought would be within my reach. But now they watch my ig stories & smash emojis in my DMs, so i think that means we are friends. I’m probably just a regular adult. which is not exciting to most..I’m just surprised that I’m still alive.
  12. Probably just got to the flea market or an estate sale and buy a pile of junk. Being inside a strangers home and being encouraged to dig thru their life’s collection is fun. Smoothie ($12) and entrance into Barton Springs Pool ($5) then walk across street to Zilker Botanical Garden ($3) nature is fun
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