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  1. You can also try pea protein or cricket protein. I know a lot of people who have transitioned to one or the other. They’re a little pricier Bc they’re not mass produced yet, but heard good things. Pea protein didn’t sit good with my gut when I tried it. Hella gas.
  2. This has minimal additives (less than 1%) and the best around IMO
  3. I like him nervously fingering a nonexistent wedding ring before he remembers he had to take the ring off because his wife divorced him after she found out he fucked little kids on Pedophile Island.
  4. Whoever appeals to the law against his Fellow man is either a fool or a coward Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both For a wounded man shall say to his assailant If I live I will kill you, if I die you are forgiven Such is the rule of honor
  5. I’d fuck that fatass in the black dress without question. Wouldn’t ever tell anyone but definite smash. 10/10 as far as fattys go
  6. “Once they think you’re a fool, you get away with anything“
  7. Cops are typically pretty dumb dudes and if you convince them that they’re smarter than you then it’s easy to manipulate their beliefs. I’ve literally talked myself out of so much shit. Pro talking to cops. Pro lying always to them.
  8. I’ve been told since a child to always lie to police even if you don’t have to. Family raised me right. Sometimes it’s good to talk to them. You just have to be a few steps ahead of them while doing so.
  9. A gram per pound of muscle is the standard. Have you checked your BMI? I weigh about 190 right now, and take in 190 grams of protein if I can. Has been admittedly hard Bc of how busy life has been recently. But yeah, in ideal training mode, that’s the standard. Watch what protein you supplement with. And those mre meal replacements. A lot of cholesterol in lower quality mixes. Pay for the iso proteins. They’re worth it.
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