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  1. Raphinha to Chelsea. Rumor has it that Thiago is pushing for Neymar to come as well. New ownership making this legit. @metronomesorry about Liverpool falling into mediocrity
  2. Raheem Sterling to the Blues. Not official yet. But that is a quality aggressive move after the Lukaku debacle.
  3. https://www.france24.com/en/video/20220622-world-cup-qatar-will-enforce-sex-ban-for-unmarried-couples this is some insane shit. I feel like the World Cup being sold to Qatar is going to end up poorly. A lot of rumors are they will buy out the stadium just so no one can go. Oil money ruining a world event. But time will tell. Canada is struggling with being a part of it due to pay discrepancy. Hoping you guys get the team in order in time to participate.
  4. Liverpool out played Real Madrid in champions. Courtois is just a fucking monster in GK. I’m excited to see how champions plays out this year with so much movement going on in every club league. Im also pissed about how World Cup is established this year. Mid season play. Just to accommodate a place that has no place hosting to begin with.
  5. Prepandemic. I want to say 2018. But my timeline may be off. Honestly don’t understand strip coins. I’m a frugal person so it just seems like a gigantic waste of money.
  6. Chelsea got completely played. Getting De Ligt for Werner tho. At least it’s coming into fruition. Who do you watch @metronome
  7. The Lumineers are like Slipknot of the Stomp Clap Hey genre
  8. im on the @CALIgulatrain for life. BBWs for life
  9. Ghost face stole his flow from action Bronson smh
  10. I feel like I need to go for the oontz
  11. Venmo me money and I will go there and use the money for lap dances
  12. Wait. Are strip clubs different than this outside of northeast Ohio?
  13. I’d also say simplify your letters. Added things such as these aren’t important in your stage. Clean straights with some minimal funk. Don’t overthink it and let time take it’s course. This is all opinion tho. Do you. At the end of the day just be happy with your own work.
  14. Serious advice is to just worry about making a clean basic outline. When piecing in real spots, it’s rare that you want to waste any extra time on a background. The letters are what matters. Worry about those first then anything extra will come with time.
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