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  1. Coming to an older age made me realize how little cops care about graffiti and how unnecessary a dark web platform is for it. Jizzing on your face deserves dark web accolades tho
  2. One time I was working a Tom Petty show. Familiar with his music. Not familiar with how he looks. I started bitching to this old dude about how I didn’t want to be there and how tired I was. He agreed with all my complaints and said he’d rather be home. Turned out to be Tom Petty. A little while later he passed away. Moral of the story is don’t work when you’re old especially if you have a lot of money.
  3. Rush hour trilogy is the greatest trilogy of all time
  4. It’s never too late to follow your dreams!
  5. thought this was good. It’s like Truman show meets stepford wives meets eternal sunshine
  6. Letting the syringe hang like that is baller. Dude is on his heroin chic tip
  7. TRUMPS back on Twitter LFG looking forward to some of the most insane things I’ve ever read in my life
  8. my favorite place on earth. Did you just stay in Tokyo? When I’ve been there I stayed in Shibuya and shinjuku. osaka and Kyoto are amazing too. Arguably better in their own rights. Need to go back soon to venture to more cities
  9. @one4hallif you were to increase your arrow usage by at least 200% then this would no longer be an issue
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