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  1. The energy had to be absolutely insane on that baseball field
  2. @Dirty_habiT you need to come back in the news section if I’m coming back
  3. I feel like we were ahead of the chin rock love resurgence on this one. 12oz was telling chin rock before it got popular again.
  4. we conspired together smh Nah we both just got other things going on. But Imma try to stop being weird and gay and come around again.
  5. I always saw a tpwf doppelgänger of @Elena Delle Donnein Guatemala City on my last night. Would’ve been a lot cooler if it was the real tpwf.
  6. this new product called an iPhone 10!
  7. Also I did pet the llamas. They were chill. We took horses into the forest too. I didn’t get video of pics during that but it was my favorite part of that ranch
  8. Ate a lot of fish out there. Didn’t go fishing unfortunately but the fish market was shady and awesome and full of great fresh seafood. ps I missed you more tehe
  9. That’s it for the most part. Have a lot more photos and vids but ~-:::anonymous:::-~ Such a wild and beautiful country. I highly recommend going. But probably should know Spanish or you won’t get too far
  10. Puerto San Jose Also beautiful. Also pretty dangerous. But the best food I had on the whole trip was here. Unbelievable little spots to eat. in the video of that one food spot the wall says “Firearms are prohibited on the premises” there was a dude with a shotgun in there. IMG_3950.MOV IMG_3959.MOV IMG_3962.MOV
  11. Lake Atitlan. Only place I saw gringos the whole trip. But it was beautiful. I loved it here. Any my shower was legit.
  12. Vuelta A Guatemala was happening on our way to Lake Atitlan so we stopped and watched them as they went by FullSizeRender.MOV
  13. Little village in the mountains of San Marcos. This place was beautiful. Pics don’t do it justice.
  14. San Marcos IMG_3860.MOV IMG_3867.MOV
  15. Sup bros haven’t been back in awhile. Spent a few weeks in Guatemala recently and figured I’d come share Guatemala City IMG_3844.MOV
  16. New guy rasko is putting in work, but he’s directly biting OG rasko1.…
  17. Goldfinch was pretty good but secret history is incredible. It brought me down a dark academia rabbit hole for awhile, but nothing compared to it. I’m still hoping she comes out with a new book that will put me in a similar world. But she only releases a book every decade or so.
  18. @metronomeThe Secret History is high quality dark academia. I was a fan. Curious on what you think
  19. More like how does she feed you! do you get it? Bc women in the past typically brought upon the role of cooking food for their spouse. Do you get it? lmk
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