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  1. I had the pleasure to meet Crude oil outside the palladium on a Friday night catching tags on a pay phone being a native Nyer I thought this was insane to be doing on a Friday night but back then you could get away with a lot . It took balls of steel to do such acts but Here he was doing it . This photo is from a tribute zine his close buddies had made glad to own a copy with his flash work displayed .Oiler one of the greats never to be forgotten 🙏🏿
  2. Here’s a few images from the vault different generations of handstyles
  3. These are amazing thanks for your submissions great to see the variety.
  4. Show ❤️ The simplicity of a heart By Jes Mta crew the second image for the day is South Lne out of Brooklyn taking the streets by swarm . The drip 💧 displays juiced markers reading for business to be handled.
  5. to all sincere apologies in the lack of post but here we are back in effect with a few scribes for you the legend Futura 2000 , Smith Sane , James Top 3 different individuals with an insane impact of the culture
  6. Pardon the absence here we bring your some handstyle by HOPE69 “Queen Vandals “ bullet tip marker
  7. Some fresh old school handstyle spoofed in Bklyn . The flow is like water ?
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