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  1. Pardon the absence here we bring your some handstyle by HOPE69 “Queen Vandals “ bullet tip marker
  2. Some fresh old school handstyle spoofed in Bklyn . The flow is like water ?
  3. This thread is about handwriting as stated when this thread was created . I will showcase all levels of writing ✍️ . This is yet another great form of expression with great history .
  4. Uniform issue receipt African American Civil war museum
  5. They adapt more to western culture that’s why they use the alphabet to try and flex handstyles kanji indeed is very much swift with precision
  6. Writings by Nurse out of Canada ?? Sure atm tributes
  7. Some handstyles out of Osaka Japan ?? These are some of the most prolific writers in Osaka
  8. Philly handstyles by Niser also featuring YEWS out of Nyc
  9. to me it defines personality on many levels. The element of writing is a wonderful way to communicate. I strongly think that texting has taken away all elements of that personalization that seems to be something of yesteryear. Like a birthday card nowadays people type emojis and that's it no feeling whatsoever in that.
  10. It's amazing to see these elements documented the whips on the lettering. Really fresh
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