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  1. Good evening all apologies for the hiatus in posting . I’ve decided to comeback with 3 different hand styles from 3 different individuals 1st is a tribute to Sure ATM by Culpa TM7 , 2nd is Wanto done with Krink ink , 3rd is a digital hand style by Reps Hdm Tm7 . Unique signatures amongst the 3 . Will try my best to be more proactive on posting .
  2. Greetings to all amidst the current situation I wanted to take the time to display some current works by Ader ATM Tm7 @robadernyc on Instagram . Apologies for the gaps in posting great time to get in here and post some work for the masses
  3. Sincerely agree he has impeccable handstyles thanks for his link
  4. I had the pleasure to meet Crude oil outside the palladium on a Friday night catching tags on a pay phone being a native Nyer I thought this was insane to be doing on a Friday night but back then you could get away with a lot . It took balls of steel to do such acts but Here he was doing it . This photo is from a tribute zine his close buddies had made glad to own a copy with his flash work displayed .Oiler one of the greats never to be forgotten
  5. Here’s a few images from the vault different generations of handstyles
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