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  1. You're right...I'm just looking at the MSM numbers
  2. the shelter in place and the social distancing is actually making a difference. TRUST THE PROCESS
  3. i can see that being a trend...i can see why the stock price kind of leveled off also. i think people are spending their "quarantine" outside more
  4. i invested in all streaming platforms...they're performing well but not that great considering
  5. Italian engineers rebuild snorkels for medical masks
  6. Other states will be going thru el nino. Hopefully natural disaster season will put the numbers right again
  7. A change in weather might help bring the curve down.
  8. it was just a perfect storm of circumstances plain bad fucking luck...a super flu out of nowhere
  9. and i do sound hard left, but my friends are all laid off what are they gonna do? they get state unemployment...overwhelm that system idk...this is just me empathizing i grew up poor...i know what hunger feels like
  10. being forced home, laid off, and not earning any money by the government is 1 thing but then denying them a relief fund that, like @Dirty_habiTsaid, would be temporary is, i believe, just straight cruelty relief from being evicted, paying bills while jobless, getting medical care and basic necessities is a job that the government should be taking care of there will not be a vote if the people are all dead
  11. i can't really agree @misteraven it does seem they are getting paid to stay home and not work BUT they were directed to by the same government denying them that money its a lose lose situation for the lower classes...i really got heated over the corporations getting a hand out too
  12. i said it...people in power are going to monetize off the poor the poverty-industrial complex includes the deregulated capitalist ideal of "hard work is a virtue in and of itself" meaning, the poor getting a generous amount of money to stay healthy would be a sin against capitalism
  13. i did not get the toilet paper hype bro, they even took the super quilted toilet paper its like wiping your ass with a north face denali fleece
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