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  1. bro that is a hot fucking colorway i straight up thought those were hender scheme air max's
  2. https://www.instagram.com/klopsrockz/?hl=en graff writer who, ironically, is very fascist LMAO and extremely antisemetic
  3. bro i have a strong fucking feeling that chanticleer is KLOPS
  4. please explain to us how communism works i would really like to hear your perspective
  5. Im dying from this thread Op is def older than 45 hes the old guy on the corner wearing two hoodies and black forces
  6. mero needs to bring back VICTORY LIGHT
  7. word hammers can suck my dick PAUSE
  8. not making light of the guy's situation dude shouldve been strapped
  9. broooooo youre upping your post count LMAOOOO
  10. i've sucked on "enhanced" boobs like boobs that are natural but they added a smaller silicone bag theyre pretty good
  11. i believe theyre the nike dunk high flame orange
  12. Ive been loving what dc has been doing currently
  13. I think @joker does TRIBAL currently https://www.instagram.com/tribalstreetwear/?hl=en
  14. i always preach that the hundreds used to be good lol
  15. brooooo those were my first pair of "fashion" jeans from 2007
  16. glorydays


    just got a new balisong kershaw lucha I'm gonna mod it with flytanium handles to make it lighter and more balanced really i'm learning more about flipping as a hobby
  17. keeanu reeves constantine is DC canon
  18. shout out to todd at stan ray for hooking your boy up with the duck camo was able to cop some red label shit
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