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  1. I will cop a new forum tee whenever it drops. my collection is getting pretty big.
  2. LMAO @mr.yucki got you life got me doing some wild shit. I moved to san diego got a new job put my first restraining order on a bitch and started a blog I suck at it right now but with time i think i'll get better http://after3decades.com say whatever you want, its ok if you think its trash, thats alright ive been through too much to care right now i'm still making clothes but i learned alot along the way there are def some snakes out there but the homies, like @misteravenwho teaches me alot homie robert at dualforces i made friends with alot of good people in the industry i also met some real assholes do not, do not, do not trust anyone who isn't verified by others first that might be obvious but damn fuck it I'm back and i apologize for the wait i believe its worth it and i have alot to show you guys in the coming months
  3. glorydays


    New balance 990s v6 not my favorite shape but mad comfy
  4. brooooo hopefully you get to come out again i'd love to meet. I got a black book that you can sign
  5. Bro that's rad! for sure I wanna meet mike giant....his collabs with skate companies are fucking baller
  6. @Joker did you work on any designs yourself for tribal? or did you just do graphics, when it came to the clothing?
  7. same moving to san diego is a blessing, especially being in the heart of BJJ country a foot injury and getting the flu recently fucked up my rhythm
  8. bro that is a hot fucking colorway i straight up thought those were hender scheme air max's
  9. please explain to us how communism works i would really like to hear your perspective
  10. mero needs to bring back VICTORY LIGHT
  11. word hammers can suck my dick PAUSE
  12. not making light of the guy's situation dude shouldve been strapped
  13. broooooo youre upping your post count LMAOOOO
  14. i've sucked on "enhanced" boobs like boobs that are natural but they added a smaller silicone bag theyre pretty good
  15. i believe theyre the nike dunk high flame orange
  16. Ive been loving what dc has been doing currently
  17. I think @joker does TRIBAL currently https://www.instagram.com/tribalstreetwear/?hl=en
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