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  1. the natives were.....but they took advantage of the myth to fuck with the colonies in virginia
  2. it was the same in the Appalachian mountains the windigo was just native americans scaring the shit out of the colonies
  3. it got so bad that they started calling them the jersey devil
  4. it had a fargo feel to it and it was funny as fuck
  5. I love the ep when paulie was stuck in the woods with chris and the show made me appreciate film making and got me into more independent films
  6. True detective is def on par with Sopranos But the strength to season ratio was strong with Sopranos The wire was good. I just dont think i've rewatched the wire as much as the sopranos I would consider rewatchability and how good each season was I feel like the sopranos had a back to back quality to it
  7. the ONLY show HBO came out with that was all time greatest
  8. @fat ralphy went to the garage fucking glorious i was the only white belt in a sea of sharks that shit was fucking amazing...i got my ass handed to me BUT i learned so many basic techniques that I overlooked I learned about proper base and applying pressure while relaxing I also learned that I cannot hurt Chris no matter what i do
  9. saaaame for us its just a matter of space
  10. so you wrestle to from stand up now? you don't pull guard any more? I've been challenged by this high school kid to wrestle from stand up but i always end up pulling guard
  11. I've been doing nothing but wrestling the past few weeks no lifting very little cardio - 45 minutes brisk walking before wrestling sessions i have dropped a total of 35 pounds since january 180 to 145
  12. @fat ralphy some neeeews got invited by Chris Haueter to train in his garage Sunday This is gonna be fucking rad
  13. i wouldn't say that politics is "inappropriate" for 12oz BUT it does breed divisiveness I think, and I'm NOT talking shit, that the reason most "fights" break out is because most don't know the subject they're defending well enough to make any real coherent argument to boil it down, we are all passionate about one thing or the other And i would actually say we need MORE discussions that promote thinking outside our comfort zones The one thing i would say is that more "reading" and "research" before going down the debate path is a good idea
  14. yooooo yea i live near LA and that's rad...let me know what youre up to when you get your idea planned out.
  15. I'll take your advice. I fucking hate pills now. I'm never going through this shit again
  16. i was prescribed suboxolone or whatever its called but i only take if it becomes super fucking unbearable
  17. I feel like slapstick and physical comedy is coming back big. Add good old martial arts and parkour, you basically have a jackie chan movie. I'll post up what i have so far once i get a few pages done. I wanted to set "mr. nice guy" in los angeles
  18. that'd be partly a biopic of Raven LMAO I think raven said that 12oz was already an idea while he was still an active writer there's also the brand consultation and def the streetwear history that I'd be seriously into helping
  19. Hey broski, i feeeel you. Ive been writing some ideas down myself. I had this idea of redoing some of Jackie Chan's work. I have some "storyboard" ideas for rumble in the bronx and mr. nice guy. I was watching Jackie Chan's movies and he has a very strong sense for action but the stories and writing are bullshit. I thought itd be rad to write a story revolving the premise of those old movies.
  20. and the discussions we have aren't bad, i think i get heated af on here sometimes but its never from anything that really offends me. i don't get offended that easily. i mean there is some shit where i get mad, but thats different i sound sluggish right now cuz this is my first week truly sober LMAOOO I had one huge discussion about communism and that turned out pretty good. I really don't mind more mods or any slight changes.
  21. What's up homies. I was going through withdrawal because i quit all my opioids I'm back @Kults @misteraven
  22. thoughts on stone washed selvedge? I was thinking of getting these cuz FUCK they look good OUTSTANDING and COMPANY
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