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  1. 2021 coke white dunk lows
  2. Back for a bit I've been busy as fuck. My very first pair of dunks. 2009
  3. Vans bmx I think these would do amazing on the range Pair with a set of selvedge denim....mmmmmm
  4. a nurse in UCLA i get treated by she fine af she said that a good start would be to join the writers' guild first I'm gonna go to burbank to visit dan harmon's studio....it's not really a studio
  5. Yo I've been spending alot of time with the shooting and veteran community in Los Angeles. One of the dudes i became friends with needs a writer for regular commissions. RAID TEAM CO. https://www.instagram.com/raidteamco/?hl=en https://raidteamco.com/
  6. I got some stuff done for the brand I'm trying to start. Joining UACTP gave me a FUCK TON, veritable and valid fuck ton of connections in commercial and industry branding It's fun...It's kept me busy I'm planning on moving at the end of august...I'm gonna be heading to Redondo Beach to keep me near my jiu jitsu coach
  7. Nike dunks (Michigan)
  8. it's fun and the culture goes deep you'll make friends easy also
  9. I have experienced shit like cables and wires wrapping around my axles when i was younger the pry bar is to open car doors or break windows and having breaching tools on my backpack has gotten me out of getting arrested more than once in my life
  10. chris has never made his own clothing line until now tho but i feel you....i give way more props to chris over jerry
  11. yooooo that's a good idea i don't usually get caught in the snow but tire chains and ramps are pretty good my friend carries huge jugs of water in his trunk and I'm starting to do that also
  12. I'm 34 years old now and it took alot of hard learning to be as prepared as i am today the things i don't take out of my trunk PRY BAR BOLT CUTTER LONG HANDLE TORQUE WRENCH
  13. the teacher, also called a professor, has to be a nice person i know that sounds wild pussy.....but trust me when i say that this shit is important if the teacher is an asshole, don't even think about that gym....in the long run, that shit will just turn you off to the art or make you quit early there's nothing mystical about bjj....in essence, it's just wrestling if the teacher starts talking about mystical magic shit, fucking bounce you might get curious and ask where he professor got their black belt or ranked belt from if you do, make sure you can verify by calling the person they mentioned or at least the gym they got belted from
  14. yessss...union is extra as fuck their other shit is so fucking expensive they are made in LA......dude was given advice from jerry lorenzo owner of fear of god
  15. i actually asked chris gibbs about that. They're custom cut using cotton from a japanese mill no shitting
  16. so Melissa Haueter said i can roll at their place whenever i wanted so i'm gonna go to UACTP to get trained by chris every wed and garage training friday then back to UACTP on saturday I'm gonna get back into lifting now that i'm healing
  17. my bad broskis i assumed you were a chicago dude for some reason lmao but yea bro, let's go to the garage
  18. @fat ralphy another thing my fucking core is destroyed...i cant stretch my back or my front i can see why people get so cut doing jiu jitsu
  19. that's fucking right but the song told me to DONT STOP BELIEVING
  20. i think tony died at the end
  21. @fat ralphy if ever you make it out to cali, let's go to UACTP and combat base
  22. they were so welcoming also.....none of them thought to not help me all of them were teaching me something i learned proper combat base and base squatting for posture retention I also learned single leg ankle take downs I still need to learn to relax.....my endurance is shit
  23. the natives were.....but they took advantage of the myth to fuck with the colonies in virginia
  24. it was the same in the Appalachian mountains the windigo was just native americans scaring the shit out of the colonies
  25. it got so bad that they started calling them the jersey devil
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