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  1. Live stream of a day in the oval office.
  2. I saw that and considered wall of red text but decided nap was just as good
  3. Got some free gear and a trailer if i stick around. Never thought I'd like these. Something's missing Out the door Seriously? Just another day
  4. Been on the move as of late o that's my excuse for not really being up on things but so far Sturgill Simpson - SOUND AND FURY Tyler Childers - Country Squire otherwise same old shit
  5. A good friend of mine is headed through Plainfield Wisconsin and is going to play Dead Skin Mask, film it for me and bring back some Ed Gein grave dirt . Not surprising and somehow fitting is his grave is unmarked as his headstone disappeared.
  6. Free vacation or indentured servant, either way looks like I'll be cleaning up after all the Kyle and Karens in Colorado. I hear nobody puts baby in the corner. Looks like they never encountered a somebody and that's where I come in. From what I gather, being without a car means I am either going have to be social, acquire a bike, get familiar with Amazon. or any combination of those. So coolworks can come through.
  7. Redum is EXACTLY what I'm going for
  8. With marriage being the leading cause of divorce, I find myself living outdoors for the 1st time in 10 years and thus free to indulge in midlife crisis. I have been spamming the hell out of https://www.coolworks.com]and was wondering if any of you nomads have any experience with them. I'm mainly trying to get winter caretaker gigs ATM with the one I hope for being a winter in Alaska flying solo for 4 months. I'm also utilizing the standard urban outdoorsman resources craigslist gigs, https://www.couchsurfing.com/][url=https://squattheplanet.com/making-living/ free trial memberships to gyms etc. Anyone ever done those seasonal gigs and what resources am I missing?
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