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  1. fuckin a, brah! your mom was at my work the other day, i gave her a big hug n told her i want you to come back to island. that chick i was dating ended up being fucking lame. we went to north shore to drink n eat, and on the way back to kapaa, she ends up telling me that she more or less snitched out her housemates for growing weed because her electricity bill got raised. i was DAF and told her she was a snitch and i hoped that they beat the fuck out of her. she started crying all loud and shit hahahah. shit was lulllzzz. havnt talked to her since. scum life!!!
  2. IN SCHOOL ASS MOTHAFUCKA kept it bsm by challenging some tourists to a scrap because they were umad that the cousins and i kept snaking them hella tough at a break. stay maaaaddddd!
  3. move on, brudduh! dont sweat bitches from the past. the fact that you got all emo-wierd when u talked to her is proof that you should stay away.
  4. poz, hit me on da kine with your address so i can send you package. faggot ass sea turtle smashed into me today when i was on a wave. i hella love the shit out of turtles and tortoises and have sworn i would never consume turtle meat, but if one of these prehistoric egg laying fucks falses me again, im gonna start hunting them. coworker told me that sea turtles makes a really sad loud cry when you kill them.
  5. how did i miss this gem? LLUULLLLZZZZ. you tell em, brah! //not trying to stir the shitpot.
  6. :( call me up u fuckah, i sent u my new # on da kine. and be easy on them fuckin pills. you're not much taller than R2D2, your ass dont need grams of opiates. //i know u can handle your shit - just sayin
  7. torture somebody with a blowtorch for me
  8. bsm girl just showed up at my work with hella smoked marlin, mango slices and a bag of coke so were at my house getting yakked bsm
  9. lobster hunter girl came to south shore last night to kick it. not an hour into our first date, and some dipshit tourist comes up to us, looking for weed. she sold him two grams for $72 a bitch after my own heart 100%
  10. ate hella shrooms with homegirl from work, then scooted all over the island at midnight, just blasted. came home and had an epic "would you rather be a wizard or a mad scientist" conversation while tripping nuts. almost forgot how ridiculous i am on mushrooms. have a date on monday with a chick who has bsmesque qualities. she stopped by my work yesterday to say hello and show off her bounty from spear fishing. hella fish, lobster and octopus in her trunk.
  11. spam musubi with a big glass of water hangover cure
  12. hahahaha real talk daf having a hpuuse part at mi casa rght nowe chica just callllled me out on having halllla toads in my freezer u mad? bsm pbt all day
  13. shooooooootz. you got ohana out here?
  14. just traded a shitty mtn bike for a bill hamilton 7'4. shoooooootz. trying to get out of my super longboard steez. sudz or duck, hit me up if you find yourself on kauai.
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