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  1. yea man this shit is weird. Whats good raven. You should probably get into live streaming things and other future internet crap. Or maybe make a member berries thread. Id post in that shit. But seriously, I'm supposed to be the motherfuckin champ, where the hell my props at?
  2. Fuck is this? where my reputation system at? What happened here? Who is still alive? Whats up 12oz, been awhile. =]
  3. shit, i can't give props no more? fuck is this?
  4. I came out of 12oz retirement to literally tell you, no you didn't. vid or it didn't happen.
  5. Already hit 70 a few days ago in halo 4 and I cant rank up no more. If you played halo 4 before the 20th, you shoulda got an email with a specialization code from xbl. Someone PM me that shit cuz I didn't get one. Tryna rank my shit up more 0_0
  6. id rather not spend hundreds of dollars just to see 15 more leaves per bush or 9 more wrinkles per uniform...
  7. I just don't fucking understand... Do you finish these sketches and actually look at them? do you think, damn, I got some talent, I should continue doing this! Damn I'm good, my 15 year old girlfriend said I draw sick letters, maybe I should do more. Fuck it, I'll add some arrows! DAM THATS FIRE MAN. I SHOULD POST THIS SHIT ON THE INTERNET HUH? Fucking seriously? It honestly looks like you ate assorted koolaid powders and puked it up and drew some lines around it... I'm trying hard not to hate, I really am, but what the fuck posses you to post this on the internet? It's not even like it has any potential, skill, fucking ANYTHING... If you insist on continuing your uber thug graff life, start with handstyles... and dont you fucking do them outside if they have a single arrow on them... My brain hurts
  8. Everyone always thinks the original is better than the sequel/remake. The trick to liking new games, is making sure you go at it not expecting so much.
  9. The games nothing but a rehash of previous titles, but hey, I like it. I dont think the franchise its even close to on its knees, considering it's still the top spot and most likely will be for years to come. I wish they woulda made some better choices and whatever, but I cant really complain. Its just another game to play to me.
  10. I just picked some time up this morning, id help you if you were able to gift points, i still dont know why they dont allow it. To anyone who cares, you get a free 800 points if you re-up on a year of live, some limited time promotion thing
  11. anyone wanna pm me a 48hour trial till i buy more LIVE this weekend?
  12. Comparing BF3 and MW3 is like comparing apples to oranges. They're both completely different styles of a shooter. There's no denying BF3 has better graphics and especially audio, but it lacks the fast paced all action gameplay cod has. They both have their ups and downs and at the end of the day, I'll play whichever game I feel like at the time.
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