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  1. yea man this shit is weird. Whats good raven. You should probably get into live streaming things and other future internet crap. Or maybe make a member berries thread. Id post in that shit. But seriously, I'm supposed to be the motherfuckin champ, where the hell my props at?
  2. Fuck is this? where my reputation system at? What happened here? Who is still alive? Whats up 12oz, been awhile. =]
  3. shit, i can't give props no more? fuck is this?
  4. I came out of 12oz retirement to literally tell you, no you didn't. vid or it didn't happen.
  5. I just don't fucking understand... Do you finish these sketches and actually look at them? do you think, damn, I got some talent, I should continue doing this! Damn I'm good, my 15 year old girlfriend said I draw sick letters, maybe I should do more. Fuck it, I'll add some arrows! DAM THATS FIRE MAN. I SHOULD POST THIS SHIT ON THE INTERNET HUH? Fucking seriously? It honestly looks like you ate assorted koolaid powders and puked it up and drew some lines around it... I'm trying hard not to hate, I really am, but what the fuck posses you to post this on the internet? It's not even like it h
  6. Moms had a hysterectomy, shes back at work as of very recent. She's got stacks of medical bills to pay now so I'll continue to help her with my paychecks til she's caught up. Sister works part time at a pizza shop and doesn't contribute much because shes a raging cunt. What most of you aren't getting is, I don't want my GED to get a better job, I know they don't check that shit, I need it so I can enroll in college, because they do check that shit. Setting up the test tomorrow and starting classes hopefully by January. I'm not some jobless chump begging for change, I asked for a favor, g
  7. I could have, but the OMG YOU SHOULDA GRADUATED card can't be pulled for everyone either. My mom got real sick, and I took it upon myself to work to support everyone, my sister was going to do it, but she was closer to graduating than I was, so it was the right thing to do at the time.
  8. Hey man, I'm thankful for what I do got, but I don't make enough to pay for everything I need. Key word = need. I don't go and spend my money on nothing, I gotta help support the family as well as make sure everyone eats. I'm not trying to get geared up for a high paying job, I'm trying to further my education so I can possibly find better work. I didn't ask people to pay my bills, bail out my family, pay my debt, I asked for a little bit to take a GED test... I got that, so Im thankful. And to anyone who really thinks Im bitching... I dont really care, you dont know why i HAD TO drop out
  9. Well I just got the $60 to pay for the test, so now I'm just looking for job ideas and such...
  10. Whos begging? I just got the donation im looking for, and that person knows I'm good for it... Not all of us had mommy and daddy put us through school, and actually struggle to put food on the table. So if you didn't have any advice or spare change from your trust fund, you shoulda just clicked the back button instead of trying to act cool. And you're clearly mad, because if you were cool as a cucumber, you wouldn't have even responded to defend yourself...
  11. Ok, howabout we turn this into a "what jobs can a nurga get that dont involve a ged" thread. and cunt eastwood, umad faggot?
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