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  1. I fell in love with this when i visited the sierra nevada brewery a little while ago.
  2. Thats pretty much what i do, I work security overnight at a hotel. In the last two months i watched in their entirety Dexter, The Sopranos, and caught up on Boardwalk Empire
  3. No. I started watching after i caught up on boardwalk empire.
  4. The McRib is the most overhyped piece of shit ever, i tried one a few years ago and was disappointed as hell
  5. yeah imma wait til next year to get a ps4 although i do regret not buying one just to flip it
  7. watching the sopranos for the first time im on season 3 episode 2
  8. Its very well produced, he killed it with those two characters facing off
  9. As far as imperial IPAs go Pliney the elder is my shit, although this shit doesnt come close. However, not only is it available year round but it comes in a 6 pac
  10. I come i here for the first time in years to not only find a pretty hilarious thread (fist im disappointed in you homie, but im glad you provided laughs at your expense) but fist and calig are mods wtf?
  11. Len Bias' death was the catalyst for the war on crack that resulted in the systematic attack on the non white population of the united states. Mandatory minimums, disproportionate sentencing on crimes involving cocaine vs crack, and the wholesale lockup of anyone involved in that shit that resulted in african american men being more prone to be locked up in jail than studying in college. Good luck to your homie though. I hope he pulls through, some people do not learn their lesson i had a buddy of mine who kept eating with his nose even after multiple seizures.
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