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  1. Doodle

    the un official workout thread

    I just use muscle pharm's arnold series whey and a creatine monohydrate, been working great for me. I've been pretty consistent with my workout routine but the only thing I fuck up on is sleep. It's crazy how much lack of sleep can affect you in the gym!
  2. Doodle

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    The deer hunter is one of my all time favourites! Watched Rush the other day, I liked it, and they picked the perfect 2 actors for it, they looked just like the real guys!
  3. Doodle


    thinking of getting one of these, can't decide which combo i like better
  4. Doodle

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    Watched Lone Survivor last night, agree with everything you said yomamma! Great movie!
  5. Doodle

    Throw Up battles!!!

  6. Doodle


    Those red Jordans are nice albert! What are some good websites to get shoes size 14?
  7. Doodle

    post your meals photo superpooperthread!!

    Salmon and sweet potatoes fries, nothing fancy from me. This thread is always on point!
  8. Doodle

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    Wolf of wall street was great! Fully enjoyed all 3 hours
  9. Doodle

    Throw Up battles!!!

    new word: RIDICULOUS
  10. So....ravens sucked balls today......nothing else to say -.-
  11. Doodle

    The Photography Thread

    Crazy ice storm here today, trees looked awesome...except for the ones that fell and tore down the power lines! Didn't have my nikon but got a phone pic.
  12. Doodle

    The Photography Thread

    realllllly like that last one porra!
  13. Doodle

    The Photography Thread

    it's Christmas time again!