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  1. I'd much rather Diaz win than McGregor, I think he'll get smashed though. No camp and only 2 weeks notice. Connor will abuse his midsection like he did with Mendez
  2. PPV was meh outside of DC vs Gus, that was a war. Great fight.
  3. Didn't get to see that or the card tonight
  4. ^Was talking about Holy Holm, not the porn, lmao
  5. Yet another opponent that Ronda will run through. What a boring division
  6. Boy was I wrong, no one in WMMA can even last a round with Ronda, thats fucking insane
  7. Yea, this card doesn't have a whole lot of attractive fights. Bunch of old past their prime guys lol
  8. I predict the Rousey fight will end 1:15 in the first
  9. Aaaaaand it's over. No one in that division is beating Dillashaw any time soon. Dudes movement and hands are amazing. I wish Conor was in this division, because this would be a dope fight between those 2
  10. Halfway through this fight (maybe) and Barao looks like he had gone 5 rounds by the 2nd round.
  11. I'm glad I haven't given a penny to this douche and his shitty organization. They treat their fighters, staff, and fans like shit. I hope the UFC fails, and all the fighters move to Bellator
  12. ^ lol, I know this is just spam, but I actually watched this the other day, pretty cool to be honest. Anyway.......back to mma
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