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  1. guacomole and mushrooms..my favorite!! now im gonna get off my ass and make some dinner
  2. thats exactly what i was thinking. this pisses me off. poor baby
  4. the amount you pay for them up there, id be pissed too
  5. im an overall friendly person so i can see from her point of view. obviously your ex girl has moved on and can feel comfortable being around mutual friend and your current interest.. no big deal with that. i mean i would like to hope that was the reason, maybe it is some sly sabatage shit. but ive stayed friends with ex's and been comfortable around their new girl with no problems.. and if the gf isnt cool around me..than whatever and if shes cool with it..than fine
  6. this gave me a lump in my throat..:cry2:
  7. my girl was native, saw her get hit by a car, get up and beat the bitch
  8. Re: Channel 0 Contest Brainstorming how bout a FOOD EATTING CONTEST?
  9. anybody that tries to pinch me at work has gotten punched
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