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  1. Trane1SFCking


  2. Trane1SFCking

    ----->Late 80's / Early 90's Hiphop - The Lesser Heard<-----

    Company Flow - The Fire In Which You Burn
  3. Trane1SFCking

    I bought a RV!!

  4. Trane1SFCking

    The Nonsense thread

    this pice is for all of u fak assperptrating hip hop t-shirt wearin tag s on ur bakpack totin brin yur b*tch wit you 2 do your fill-in no repectin', no style havin, writinfor 2 monsth callin yourselfes kings, no knowledge o f history havin, init for the minute 1nce a month piecein' no skil havin takin 3 hours 2 draw a pretty as scharacter, started writinin art school wishn u was down with the culture! you god for nothin' forver fakin' the funk motha f*ckas! -dream1 (king)
  5. Trane1SFCking

    last thing you ate?

    chiken tender w/bbq sauce wash itdown with some h2o!
  6. Trane1SFCking

    stop bro

  7. Trane1SFCking

    stop bro

  8. Trane1SFCking

    Boston Marathon

    Boston Marathon to honor 26 Newtown shooting victims with special Mile 26 marker ...
  9. Trane1SFCking

    Oh hey there...

  10. Trane1SFCking

    The Walking Dead.

  11. Trane1SFCking

    Pregnant? No you dick, I just love gross food combinations.

    im sick nd tird of dis 4 real its gettng 2 the point were i cnt take it anymoer mom you r a great women but it time 4 me too mov on time for me 2 start triying new things expnd my horizons who say u cant eat filey minyon nd ketchup o is that 2 ;ghetto; 4 you ?becuz i lik certian thingz is dat 2 crazy do u think. im crazy ? well im not craz it just apart of who i m made up 2 be take it ro leave it i like me forme nd nobody else
  12. Trane1SFCking

    HAWT freakin' SAUCE

    i ain down wit da hotsauce, but hand me a bottl nd i'm garenteed 2 hot-sauce
  13. Trane1SFCking

    damn, fuck an overdose

    R. I. P..
  14. Trane1SFCking

    damn, fuck an overdose

    dam n*gga rip to u nd ur dog stay up 4 real
  15. Trane1SFCking


    u never tak no 4 an ansewr; alway sin da money. u were da money at