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  1. this pice is for all of u fak assperptrating hip hop t-shirt wearin tag s on ur bakpack totin brin yur b*tch wit you 2 do your fill-in no repectin', no style havin, writinfor 2 monsth callin yourselfes kings, no knowledge o f history havin, init for the minute 1nce a month piecein' no skil havin takin 3 hours 2 draw a pretty as scharacter, started writinin art school wishn u was down with the culture! you god for nothin' forver fakin' the funk motha f*ckas! -dream1 (king)
  2. chiken tender w/bbq sauce wash itdown with some h2o!
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwYt0Y2A4uM
  4. Boston Marathon to honor 26 Newtown shooting victims with special Mile 26 marker ...
  5. im sick nd tird of dis 4 real its gettng 2 the point were i cnt take it anymoer mom you r a great women but it time 4 me too mov on time for me 2 start triying new things expnd my horizons who say u cant eat filey minyon nd ketchup o is that 2 ;ghetto; 4 you ?becuz i lik certian thingz is dat 2 crazy do u think. im crazy ? well im not craz it just apart of who i m made up 2 be take it ro leave it i like me forme nd nobody else
  6. i ain down wit da hotsauce, but hand me a bottl nd i'm garenteed 2 hot-sauce
  7. dam n*gga rip to u nd ur dog stay up 4 real
  8. u never tak no 4 an ansewr; alway sin da money. u were da money at
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