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  1. totally into discs for cyclocross. i've raced on mechanical discs in the mud on a friend's bike - was cool. not so into it for road after reading that. dual-pivots work great. they're more or less the gold standard. about the best thing i can see coming from disc brakes on road will be better rims.
  2. I met that girl in SF at the race. She's rad. The front is way better than the back though...
  3. first one was rad as fuck. second one was a wtf lol.
  4. Eh. You can mostly run fixed on horizontal road drop outs just fine provided you torque down the track hub bolts enough, as the bulk of road conversions makes clear. The real issue is that 75mm BB drop - it's on the floor, relatively speaking. If you ever have to make an emergency turn to avoid something, you're nearly guaranteed to crash yourself out or at least catch air via pedal strike unless you're riding Speedplays with 160mm cranks.
  5. Are you looking for a touring bike or what? If so I'd give it a look. I've ridden and raced All City's CX bike and I'm definitely a fan, although it's a little heavy (easy swap for a carbon fork). Would look elsewhere if you're more interested in fixed riding. That low bottom bracket + slack geometry isn't gonna be too fun unless you plan on running tiny cranks and clipless pedals with great cornering clearance. It's touring geometry through and through.
  6. Like I said, it all depends on if you baggage checker wants to be a dick or not. I tried pulling the "it's a showroom display piece" tip, dude just examined the content. Same price charge as every other guy with a bike riding that plane.
  7. there's ways around that, but it really depends on whether the dude checking your oversized box wants to be a dick or not.
  8. weird - i have a similar dent in my lazer but don't recall crashing it...
  9. Dudes this thread is dead. Street sprints tonight. Breaking out the serious track racer lol.
  10. Hit up some silicon + ball bearings today. Taking your seatpost off is just a pain dudes.
  11. Nah, no QR, just regular old allen bolts. Needless to say ball bearings are being glued/waxed into all my spare allen bolts on that bike now. Luckily the day was saved by a friend with a cheap setup to kick back after my shit got ganked. I've seen the commuter move where people remove their own post but honestly I'm OCD as shit about my saddle height being perfecto and would drive myself crazy remeasuring it every time.
  12. Clapped out saddle and scratched up seatpost jacked off my bike locked up at a fucking transit center today... special place goes to the bike (and component) thieves everywhere. I wouldn't hesitate to beat skulls with u-locks at this point.
  13. Questionable bro clothing choices/colors aside, DH is all around pretty fucking awesome. The consequences of a mistake appear to be pretty fatal all over that vid, though.
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