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  1. The pledges don't run. You run and they pay you to do so. You are raising money to give to an organization independently more or less. I have given plenty to family and friends who do these runs as they get the general public thinking about it and in turn donating themselves. I don't run as I've got the knees of a ninety year old from jumping off too many high things as a teen and can't run more than a KILOMETER. The same with the mustaches in November. I, and I assume most, don't think about prostate cancer regularly if ever (aside from those of you getting the doctors finger of approv
  2. summers short beard, winters long beard. it's the canadian way.
  3. got bored. maintain and grow? so much protected space now
  4. that would be a pretty sweet way of revenge. It would also get the group moving out of the prison and onto bigger and better things.
  5. my main plan is walking around drinking with the guys and hopefully seeing weird shit in doing so. Timothy Hoyer painting in the mail right now! stoked on this!
  6. I have never been either. snowmaking convention was originally the reason to go, no it's just a weekend of getting too drunk and throwing away money... may as well give it a go!
  7. brick wall in our apartment for now the two extra pieces will have to wait for our house though. wall real estate in my tiny apartment is quickly dwindling I've also thought about how I'd do it different but Jen digs his work so I'll just buy his work.
  8. It was 350 plus shipping. dude gave me a deal because it was a bigger piece that he wants to use for his portfolio or whatever and it was for a wedding so he said it was even cheaper. mines about 6 feet long and three and a half feet high so it's significantly bigger than most stuff he does. http://msghandmade.com/gallery/ I think he's got prices for all the stuff available.
  9. ^ main reason i showed that. haha. waiting to see who'd do it
  10. inside right panel. still all the construction white threading on the suit so it still look completely unfinished. just need to hem the pants and finish the vest and I'm stylin'.
  11. I was told to go there. they have a mini-gun apparently, so I'l pay for that experience for sure. I'm up for anything really. the groomsmen that are coming along are on a tighter budget than me, but I think I'll be able to convince them if the entertainment is worth it. One of them wants to see the dirtiest cheapest strippers, which I'm not that into, but will gladly take the walk and check out whatever sketchy region it'll undoubtedly be in. something along the lines of a "show" involving foreign objects would probably suffice for him. not that he's into that (I assume) but mor
  12. ALSO I'm headed to vegas from thursday to sunday. what should I see while I'm there?
  13. Holy hell I had no idea how much shit people give you when you get married. Plush as fuck new towels, bedding, knives so sharp they might create an atomic blast when I slice through atoms. There is the major costs though, still have a bit of savings leftover but it'll be a while before we've got enough for a down payment on a house again. Got almost all my shit together. Been cleaning these rusty ass bottles for centerpieces. Jen's wedding gift to me. Kwest sculpture, soon to be added on a shelf also made by him which I can't wait for. Getting a custom tai
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