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  1. MG


    Melbourne City Graffiti Special! 100 new flicks from around the CBD inc. pieces, street, and doorways.
  2. MG


    Sense - Melbourne 1995. Source: http://graffitiworld.co
  3. Melbourne '09 Source: http://graffitiworld.co/
  4. MG


    MELBOURNEGRAFFITI.com UPDATED! NEW SITE DESIGN LAUNCHED! OVER 150 NEW PHOTOS ADDED - Fitzroy pieces section added - Kensington pieces section added - CBD pieces updated - Moorabbin pieces updated - Prahran street updated - Bombs updated ALSO.. The site hosting has been completely wiped, the site started from scratch and reuploaded to a new host account with new ip and new security measures.. That should fix the adware issue,.. Give it a few weeks!.. Follow us on our Facebook page for my info on future updates/events etc. Also, If you can't view the site because of browser restrictions, you can temporarily "allow blocked attack sites" in your browser preferences.. In a few weeks when the site is re-evaluated this shouldn't be required. Stay hungry! MG :scrambled:
  5. MG


    Kuma getting up in American Gangster with Russell Crowe,,
  6. MG


    Re: MELBOURNEGRAFFITI.com Another update on MG, Clifton Hill updated! Check out http://melbournegraffiti.com for more...
  7. MG


    Re: MELBOURNEGRAFFITI.com 64 new photos added from around Westgarth! http://www.melbournegraffiti.com
  8. Good idea mate, will see what I can do,, 2 new interviews added, Snarl & Poser from Sydney. www.melbournegraffiti.com
  9. 27 Writer interviews launched on MELBOURNEGRAFFITI.com, with more to come soon.. CHECK THEM OUT!! Post back if you want with what you think, and any suggestions/ideas for the future,,,, PEACE!
  10. MG


    Re: MELBOURNEGRAFFITI.com MELBOURNEGRAFFITI.com updated!!! A shitload new walls,, and 27 new writer interviews from some of Aussie's best! Check it out!! ASKEW SIRM JORZ VANS HOOKER SMASH137 DSKYES PHAT1 SHEM SIRM - SHEM - SMASH137 - JORZ - VANS
  11. That Much HM freight is fuckn cool!
  12. I feel sorry for you Ronald, You are wasting your life away preaching that regurgitated bullshit.. Save yourself and check out http://www.melbournegraffiti.com ! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!
  13. Tits and a dick?,, looks a little wrong.. Not to mention coming on your mates balls... haha
  14. That piece on the right is dope!! (So's the entire thread)
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