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  1. Extraction labs are for bitches. Any lab I'm a quarter owner of is gonna be a fuckin oil refinery. All licensed and legal baby
  2. Giant fucking mass of uncut clones (NOG - tastes like gingerbread) I call mom plants and the small mom-to-be (Lem OG - 35 day flower time..aka half the time it usually takes).
  3. Red flash clouds choking out the morning sky They said it'd never come, we knew it was a lie All forms of life die now, the humans all succumb Time to kiss your ass goodbye, the end has just begun
  4. Oh yeah I'll be in Ann Arbor March 31st - April 2nd entering my hash in the GLG cup, if anyone's in the area and wants to get retarded hit me
  5. That's my little Troutie playing with Clydefrog (out of frame). My animals all love weed. I gotta find the one of my pup in a grow with me....it's a good one And that's my sweet lil Lula puppy
  7. Oh my fucking god that tiny ass video got so big. They grow up so fast.
  8. Thank you very much - I worked my fucking ass off to get that dialed in big time. I recommend the Lowtemp plates 4x7 press to anyone with hands and hash to press - I got the SPX power team electric hydraulic pump that works off of 12vdc (I bought it broken off of ebay and rewired it to work like that years ago - recently just cleaned up the battery connections and put a smaller battery on for slower actuation). Wanna hear some insane shit? Apparently my rosin is 'hemp' according to my last analytical test I had done as there was a non-detect amount of decarbed delta-9-THC in there. So uh. Yeah. In the last 2 days i've had so many calls about it....this is gonna be my current view til I run out of shit to make. If they want any tips on making good stuff let me know, happy to help. I've been known to make ok stuff on accident now and then. VID_50030423_110647_234.mp4
  9. My friend's dad died in 9/11 - he just posted this
  10. Rewiring the ol Frankenstein hydraulic press powered by an RV battery. That's how I make most of my hash.
  11. Like 15 or so years ago we went up to northern ME on the Canadian border to trap lbs and sell shrooms to pretty much the entire few towns - literally walking around door to door because the place had a draught like a motherfucker - so we head home after running out and we had to go down the 'death curves' which was easily the craziest mountain pass i've ever been on and I live out in CO and lived in the mountains itself for awhile. We're caught behind an 18 wheeler loaded to the hilt with lumber, top to bottom - dude is going way too fast so I ask my buddy to give us some space between us and him in which he obliges. About 2 minutes later we take a pretty hard corner and the 18 wheeler in front of us goes up on one side and can't turn, expecting him to just go straight into the woods and slam a tree or something. Nope. Right at that second another 18 wheeler is coming around the corner and that motherfucker PLOWED into the driver's side door. Killed the oncoming driver, blocked all lanes of the mountain pass. Had to sit there for a long ass time with a corpse chain smoking joints til the cops got there. Just wanted to go home to my cute, cuddly bunny. My best friend. Go home. What happens? Within the first 8 hours home I had to bring her to the vet and put her down.
  12. Shit, i've heard a few family members say they've personally filled their own with garbage weed back in the day and wished they kept it, haha
  14. I need to start hunting for nice quiet layups out here in CO....fuck
  15. The house has a nice glow after you get some snow. The husky is fucking exhausted from playing in it.
  16. Holy fucking shit DAO is something I haven't thought about in a looooong time! Has he posted here in the last decade?
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