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  1. Lady is known for having been abducted and assaulted over a period of time as a child, and surviving. She was apparently one of the characters on The Masked Singer recently.
  2. He probably just wants to watch you all fuck. The real question is did you all exchange info? We keep our interactions with the public minimal. If anything people are polite and I have to control my trash mouf. At leaast you have spicy conversation.
  3. Saw someone left this near a trailhead. Had the dark thought that it would be funny if someone hit someone else with it.
  4. Publishers Clearing House sells magazine subscriptions AFAIK. Social media gets all sorts of negative attention on here but I've found that most of you still have social media accounts. It's all designed to draw you in more & more but there's not necessarily anything illegal going on there. It's up to the user to understand kind of what makes you tick, what gets you drawn in and feeling dependent on it, and how to counter that. It's a lot of simple concepts that few bother to teach or learn.
  5. Might try this. On occasion I do like ginseng tea, or some of the Chinese or other Asian medicinal teas. I haven't had them in a while but but the Japanese brands like Ito-En, Suntory, and Sapporo makes bottled teas. They have many that are made blended with different grains that are pretty damn good.
  6. Tried to watch this today and had to turn it off, was a no bueno for me.
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