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  1. I do like sour cream but at least get some Mexican food under that
  2. Why cows today? Because one (not pictured) has mooed all night long. You'd think someone would check on her. Continued into today so decided for everyone's sake I'd check on the issue. A new cow in the first shot was added while new barriers were being built, so the top cow got separated from the herd and couldn't find her way back in. Cow was nervous but followed me down the fence line to where the other cows could get in, problem solved and no more noise since #cowwhisperer #nobull
  3. Veggie Jamaican food again. Thin patty but fire, jerk plantain. Below, peanut porridge. Combined pics for NOES Fan Club.
  4. @ndv I still have mine too but the discs won't rotate so it won't play. Know there has to be more than one hood shop that does stereo repair cheap but not sure where. This was a common problem with these models. Saw some fancy stereo place that charges like $75 for a diagostic that they'll apply toward repairs if you do them, but these things are like $90 used so not worth it.
  5. When a picture is worth 1,000 words, when you're power posting, when every shot is as suitable for framing as a commemorative coin from the Franklin Mint, well kind Sirs, you give each picture its due.
  6. Ever have someone start chatting you up when you really just need to step aside and let go of a good fart? It's like that title Waiting to Exhale, but(t) for farts.
  7. Kind of an oldie but goodie. Also the podcast Coupe did with the lawyer.
  8. Cute Mexican girl made me my torta. I can honestly say I smashed her torta.
  9. Seen these guys before. Dogs seem to be enjoying the ride but as I've learned from the rescue community, this is a frowned upon practice.
  10. An enormous amount of rescue dogs today, young pups and even a whole litter.
  11. Imagine hitting debris on that. Wonder how much they burned up the tread on blacktop. It was like a recurring laugh that one dude is cruising everywhere and then in every shot his buddy is getting stuck or walking his.
  12. I'm not suggesting that's how you do business (by word of mouth), I'm saying that's what I'm generally willing to do in exchange for good work. I guess as I think of it I have done an online review for either exceptional or exceptionally shitty service, but not often. There are definitely a portion of people who rely on google and other online reviews to find their contractors and other services. I don't know what data there is to show exactly how successful it is using google or others to advertise yourself though. Like how many reviews does one need, how many good vs bad reviews do you need, if you have say 20 reviews how many of those are the average customer going to read? Can only guess at this, but I suspect that google is a better form of advertisement when you can get your business to appear in the first page of results, and the higher on the page the better. Only reason for this is the average person is not going to go through all those results & reviews, maybe look at the top 3-5 results and choose from among them. I'd also consider that if you and your competitors are currently doing an even amount of business while you have far fewer reviews than them, then is the number of reviews relevant? What are you doing that's giving you an even amount of business with less online presence? Somehow you're compensating, how do you do that more? Keep in mind too that there are marketing groups and motivated individuals who fabricate all those reviews. Paid for reviews, or their website features testimonials from fictitious people, etc. How would anyone know? Fully understand your frustration and again, you're not the only one who has expressed similar on here.
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