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  1. If popular culture has taught me anything, vegemite is only served in a sandwich by a man who smiles
  2. Out benching and there's a little gummy bencher in my candy?!
  3. Out on the line today laying low and there's some strange noises coming from this hollowed tree, can't place the animal. Tried seeing into it and using flash but concerned something was going to bite my hand. Wrapped my hand in my hat and leaned the camera in to find.... Looks to be a raccoon and it must have its young tucked under it making the noise. Looks like it escaped another animal by the hair on its neck somewhere in the past.
  4. How many sea captains are out there having the captain's platter? Not many I figure.
  5. Good for the consumer so long as the grower knows what they're doing and doesn't use chemicals. In states I've checked out where the state regulates production/distribution I've found things to be a bit pricey, more so when the cost of licensing and such limits who can produce. When you get down to things like edibles or vapes that may contain other ingredients you can't always find out what those ingredients are. When I've been to states that let you do what you want how you want I feel like things have been much more chill, go next door to your neighbor and borrow a cup of sugar and a jar
  6. ever try talking to someone who lets their nose hair grow out past the end of their nostrils? Whole time you're trying not to look but you can't ignore that shit flapping as they speak and you're brain keeps telling you they need to cut that shit
  7. could also look at that as spraying some milk on her titties
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