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  1. I remember I sent you something when I passed your post count. You can still catch up. Power posting activated in 3... 2... 1...
  2. At one point I did have one of these but it was all burp/puke/fart/hacking noises
  3. It's not that she did, she didn't even stir when it played.
  4. Adding some context here.... John Oliver does get sued by some of his subjects, and it's regular enough in his show to mention that the show consulted or was advised by lawyers on what they could or couldn't say/do. The story singles out Clarence Thomas as perhaps the worst offender, but names other Supreme Court justices with similar situations. An important piece of this story is that there are little to no rules for Supreme Court justices, and they essentially answer to themselves- the idea that they are the highest court in the land and therefore can answer to no one else. For example, it would seem common sense to recuse themselves from cases where they're friends with people who have an interest in that case, but there's no one to make them do it. IMO what John Oliver has done here is funny, maybe even smart. As is, people who have the money to buy the favor of a Supreme Court judge do so without repercussion. They basically pay him to sit on the court and rule in their favor. John Oliver is offering Clarence Thomas similar financial gain for the rest of his life to leave the court, and there are no current rules or laws to prevent John Oliver from doing so. Final piece of context, the show focuses on conservative judges but realistically every judge on the Supreme Court should face the same scrutiny.
  5. Rarely have I done it like that. I usually just copy/past the gif address, or drag/drop it into the Oontz.
  6. Not exclusive to 12oz but pretty sure it made the rounds here and that's where I seen it. Apologies it's a .mov, let's see if it plays. Anyhow, I consider this somewhere within my top 100 things I've seen on the webz. If you work in a porn store the following is completely safe for work. Without further ado, I give you: IMG_4281 copy.MOV
  7. People need to update their photobucket accounts. So I have to download to upload is what you're saying?
  8. https://cdn.dribbble.com/users/2915765/screenshots/11329501/media/411eb6273571eba75bd9e7f49fe14ad8.gif @misteravenI'm doing it wrong? Dragged over from the website and saw it appear as the gif for a moment before it showed just the address
  9. Your kind of girl. Let me try again: https://cdn.dribbble.com/users/2915765/screenshots/11329501/funny_pizza_vs_pineapple_-_chapter_final.gif Nope. Don't know if that shows for others but @misteravenall I see is still the gif address.
  10. I've noticed uploading pics is a little slower, although some still randomly seem to load at regular speed. Can I mention the post merge again? How about gifs? Tried to post some and they would not embed, just showed the address. Best part about changes and updates is seeing all the rando people pop out of the woodwork. Oontz Oontz Oontz Oontz
  11. this dog better not be peeing in my house
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