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  1. This bear passed me by today, a younger male I've seen a few times before. Here he's trying to snatch a koi from a neighbor's pond.
  2. Some enjoyable posts on this page. There's been a few great fighters with vagines and tiddies for some time now. Best recent use of Orgasmatron. Douchebag rapper, douchebag gun handling, yikes.
  3. He had always wondered what it would be like to be a chocolate frosted donut. Then came the night of the PCP...........
  4. If you're a kid or you're a young buck and you see graf and it scares you, pack it in. You're a puss and graf isn't for you, go home because that paint will be the least scary thing you see graffercizing. I've painted legals where kids and youngsters saw it and you could tell they thought it was cool. I've done illegals and had kids or older see it and let's face it, if you're under a bridge somewhere you're probably up to no good. The kids are there getting some sense of freedom by being rebellious, smoking, breaking shit, whatever they do. They see graffiti or you doing graffiti, they understand the freedom in that. The majority of protest graf I've seen is what many of us would call civilian graf at best. It's technically not inaccurate for anyone to call it graffiti, but I think most anyone understands the difference between civilian stock cap messages and something with a little more style. Irresponsible to promote surfing the subway to kiddos IMO.
  5. There's plenty of Asian food that does not require a wok. Woks are not limited to Chinese cooking but it is a Chinese thing. In older times food was prepared in bite size pieces and eaten with chopsticks to avoid having knives and other stabby instruments at the table. Smaller pieces lend themselves to high heat/flash in the pan style of cooking. In terms of oil, sesame oil is either mixed in or added at the end for flavor. Think peanut or other oil is more preferred for cooking because it has a higher smoke point. Ingredients can vary widely but in general you'll see things like black or rice vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce (light or dark), corn starch or baking soda, ginger, green onion, garlic, rice wine, chili garlic sauce........
  6. Did they set coordinates for Epstein Island or to find the missing MH370?
  7. @mr.yuckI think I'm dealing with the current math of it!
  8. No tornado, but my area looks similar. Raining sideways, limbs and trees everywhere.
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