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  1. It wasn't personal, but if the goatee fits, chin rock it.
  2. When sold to men- cologne. When sold to women- perfume. Eau de toilette= toilet water. And then there's patchouli.....
  3. My dude, you're not in Europe anymore. This is America, and over here, we call that a purse.
  4. @T4M*how you remember posting that almost a year ago and then be able to find it to quote it??
  5. Originally the turkey was considered for the national bird. So in these days of "not my president" you are free to say not my bird and to salute the turkey instead.
  6. Right, right. So post the pic and spare us the long boring link. It don't really matter tho, @mr.yuckstill thinks Bald Eagles are assholes.
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