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One Man Banned

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  1. In the end, you gonna be pushin Arby's out your A.
  2. Herding experience continues as I showed up to find this herd out of their pen and rushing me.
  3. S or T is the question......
  4. Will this storm finally wash the bums away from @Kalashnikov's window? Hang tight FL peoples.
  5. Sik K got a ballsack W hanging off it
  6. Microwaves should only be used to reheat fish for lunch in tight work environments. Truth. Best way to thaw a frozen chicken is in your ass crack. Swamp butt is equal to a microwave on medium power. Fact. I'm looking forward to @NightmareOnElmStreet's response to this thread, especially on the glizzie preparation since I'm pretty sure he has an opposite stance. But still a wide stance.
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