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  1. Fuck man I was in the middle of an actually articulate response and the computer hiccuped and there goes my shit. I'm more versed than I care to say here, DM me if you like. Quickly, some decent suggestions above. On the list de Fist #2 "should" be #1. You can start with #1 as a way to dovetail into #2, but in the end #2 is more important in the moment because you don't know if they have a plan, intent, means, etc. They may have already set their mind on their decision and are waiting for a particular time. Ask, listen, express your concerns, give your support. You could call the hotline together? If someone is suicidal, drugs/alcohol are likely to make things worse. Suicide can be very complicated, it's hard sometimes for people to understand the whys, hows, how could they?? Also, many people, even those close to us, may have private worlds that we don't know/understand. "Seems suicidal." Elaborate?
  2. Cooked to perfection, beyond perhaps. Was having a weird thought about being an alien and then walked into the room to hear the guy in the tv commercial saying "I am an alien." Did the universe just align for a moment? No.
  3. Heavy for my current state but I appreciate your realness in the open forum. Initial thoughts..... I try not to use "should," it implies a rule about something that may not exist in reality and will therefore drive you nuts if you expect that rule to be true. There are expectations for how a parent is to act, but if no one ever imparted that on them as children, or they are inhibited for reasons like mental illness, it may be reasonable yet unfair to hold them to an ideal, even a basic ideal, of how a parent is. Anger is a part of grief and is natural. Also might reflect your love & caring for your mother and wishing that she could have met expectations, like you can love her because she's your mother but be angry at her behavior. I can respect that. I might envy some of these cultures that face death with joyous celebration, they're better than me. Sorry to hear about your situation. Take care of yourself.
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