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  1. Smash, smash, and smash. Not necessarily in that order.
  2. @nicklesndimesI got out of a lot of NYC traffic and parking tickets like that. They have a law that if any info is written incorrectly on the ticket it becomes exempt or whatever. They tried to send one back to me with a lesser fine instead and I sent that shit back "no" and quoted the law and the mistake and they had to throw it out. NYC registration stickers have a bar code with all the car's info that they just scan and it fills in on the ticket. I had an out of state car so they couldn't scan a bar code and they always managed to write in an inaccuracy about the car in the ticket. Think I beat 5 tickets like that. Anyhow, learned about it on the interwebz, saved me a lot of $$.
  3. Dear Judge, I did wrong, but only a little wrong, so fine me less. -NND Yep, that should work. What is the offense written on the ticket? Is the info on the ticket 100% correct including things like the color, make, model of your car? The law as I've seen it written in a few states is 'slow down or move over' but may be different for you. Do an internet search about tickets for that offense in your state and also for that offense and 'beat the ticket.'
  4. I guess you got to run that Wangcaster through a fuzz box
  5. One Man Banned


    New Banksy X Nike collabo
  6. When you need a friend who will go to bat for you
  7. One Man Banned


    Jus Do It.mp4
  8. I want to know about the link. But tell me about the boner pills too, asking for a friend.
  9. I always associated graf with onions. At first I thought graffiti onion, they made a graf satire site? Anyhow let me know how that link to illegal boner pills works out @mr.yuck
  10. When you see children playing in one of those ball pits- each of those balls represents a disease molecule
  11. It's that time again Where judges measure my after Thanksgiving poop for another world record
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