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  1. All I know is that I won the "Last person to reply to this...." thread years ago. Where's my iPod? Where's my 12oz shirt? Can I at least get the recipe for Krink? By the way this is what I look like now:
  2. I won this thread years ago but nobody noticed. I want my money or whatever it is you get.
  3. I dunno about your area, but the cost of Rustoleum spray (and probably other brands as well) where I'm at has nearly doubled since 2020. Lots of stuff has gone up in price since then due to covid but many of those prices have come back down to pre-covid levels. So far spray paint is not one of them. Will this change? And before somebody suggests it: yes, I rack when possible.
  4. Lew Blum

    Head On!

    HeadOn claims to relieve headaches using homeopathy,[14] a pseudoscientific system of alternative medicine based on diluting active ingredients.[13][16]No clinical trial has ever shown that HeadOn or any of its active ingredients provide headache relief.[14][17] While Miralus claims that the product has been studied, no relevant data has ever been released to the public.[17] Medical experts have widely stated that any perceived headache relief from the product is the result of the placebo effect
  5. Lew Blum

    Head On!

    You can bet your sweet ass that this guy is applying directly to his forehead:
  6. Shit, I recognized that immediately. Maybe I need to chill out....
  7. Lew Blum

    Head On!

    Ive been replying to this thread for years now. It's weird how 12oz has changed, the internet has changed, and how the world has changed. But one thing never changes....... .......the application of Head On in a direct manner to the forehead.
  8. You know you're getting old when the paint you used when starting out is now "vintage" and collectible. I need tops for some 80s era Rusto and Krylon cans. Is anybody selling these or have a source for them?
  9. Doth thou smasheth, or trasheth?
  10. Lew Blum

    Head On!

    Apply directly to colon.
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