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Lew Blum

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  1. Doth thou smasheth, or trasheth?
  2. Lew Blum

    Head On!

    Apply directly to colon.
  3. Whattup motherfuckers Lew Blum takin over for the 2 to the 0 to the 1 to the 9 till infinity WHERES MY PRIZE????
  4. Lew Blum

    Head On!

    Forehead: apply the directly, head to on!
  5. Yo I won this shit like 2 years ago wheres my prize at?
  6. Lew Blum

    Head On!

    I will now apply this post directly to the forumhead.
  7. I see what you mean, but get a load of this!:
  8. Lew Blum

    Head On!

    Twist while inserting product into urethra.
  9. Ah, thanks for the useful insight on this matter winking and smiling emoji.
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