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    A guy at my work was let go this happened a while back so I feel like enough time has passed I can share the story this dude got busted for watching porn in the office but not only was he watching porn he was watching it on a usb device plugged into his work computer external hd? Thumb stick? No idea limited details not one of my guys the issue here is we are not supposed to put anything in the usb drives we are not allowed to use any mouse and keyboard that’s not company issued as soon as you put anything in the drive an alert pops for security then they remotely view whatever is on your display you can plug nothing into that computer that is not supplied to you nothing can come from home why? tons of malware/spyware and sensitive documents (read classified blueprints etc) this motherfucker knew that how did he know that? he did the same shit a year ago got a second chance how else do I know he knew that? i gave him the training on it before our last audit *** so Guy gets busted a second time gets fired gets escorted off site by security a mutual friend of our calls him asking WHAT THE FUCK dude asks WHY DIDNT YOU USE YOUR IPHONE guy says MY WIFE HATES PORN guy has to tell wife why he got fired during a global pandemic porn at work wife divorces him takes the kids takes the house living with his parents again this is a 50 something year old dude i repeat he had an iPhone so I understand addiction is real. And apparently porn addiction is a thing. But I ask you, why repeat the same exact shit you already got popped for? Self sabotage? Stupid as fuck? Both? Wanted a divorce and too chicken shit to have that convo w the wife? This fucking guy was a decade away from full pension. Has kids and a mortgage. The logic is so flawed to me. Like if that shit is that big a part of your life, you can't learn to wipe your browser history on your phone so your wife doesn't see??? I'm curious if this mofo was bringing a whole like 500gb external hard drive loaded with porn to work or what 🤣 people make no sense.
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    Here’s my 4th fireworks IMG_2021.MOV So I knocked out hella early with intentions of getting up early and walking. I got up earlier than expected and decided to roll with it.I woke up at 3am. Headed out bout 4 This guy is three blocks from my pad on his horn at 3:30 IMG_2022.MP4 Chose a direction and started walking. I forgot that at night you should pause an extra moment while taking flix. crossed 62nd bridge at 4:20am crossing 40th street bridge at 5:16 am Graff n dance-May have to come back in winter to see the rest of the wall never pass up an opportunity to take a peek by the river in Pittsburgh worth it just can’t decide if I like it with or without the boat I stepped on this (dock?) and the water slapped up over it and I decided the view from here will do. if you know about the boat, you know about the boat. A very Pittsburgh picture 16the street 7:18 am this guy was circling this heap. couldn’t tell if it was his heap or not I’ll always stop for a Soviet tag. Even if it is capping someone with the least amount of effort I had completely exhausted myself by hittin 8-9 miles before 8a that I didn’t take the time to frame this wall up. Passed tf out when I got home. Ordered pizza (pizza thread) and then hit 4 -5 miles later on that eve.
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    I'll push poop through the tub drain with my feet, but sink pissing is out of the question.
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    Jesus, check this shit out: https://says.com/my/fun/this-malaysian-artist-creates-highly-detailed-miniature-dioramas-of-his-childhood-memories
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    I never thought so hard for a meme before.
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    What kind of asshole country doesn't let you stunt on these hoes with outlandish mods like the shit we see here....??
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    Multicam tactical outfitters teddy bear Allen for the patch
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    That donut is cooked perfectly
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    Fried tuna streak and homemade cream corn... for 1.. cause i have no friends... cause im a loser alcoholic.
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    Shit in the shower, stomp it through the drain gang
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    liking these colored cinder blocks as a border...
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    Homie was psyched to find these edible wild mushrooms.....
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