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    I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking. I'm basically the King of my jungle just a gangster stalking. I'm living life like a firecracker quick is my fuse and then dead as a deathpack, the colors I choose. That's why I paint and I love colors, colors....colors I really live by the motto that Rhythm is a dancer, It's a soul companion You can feel it everywhere Lift your hands and voices, Free your mind and join us, You can feel it in the air. It smells like RUSTO!!!!!! ...........I'm a Sales Director for an IT research and advisory firm but have 20+ years of sales experience which has been helpful in dealing with the bulls, the cops and anyone else who catches me doing shit I should be doing, Pause. I fix computers, mod shit and other nerdy stuff that I never thought I would get into. I actually believe that I can do or anything if I try hard enough which is something that I learned from a member of this board by the name of keep it rail. I'm also a DJ, A real one though that can mix vinyl, not some stupid wanker that spends more time jerking himself off behind the booth while clapping like a dildo and throwing cake at party goers. I don't play weddings or music that people request cause fuck you. I dabble in hosting a podcast, video production, beating the shit out of people, obviously all things art and collect Nike Air Max 90's, all other shoes are inferior. So in short, fuck the cops and if you need me to sell shit for your company, I can.
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    Rum & banana custard w/meringue topping in a chocolate pie shell.
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    guess ill share a bit.. my education was general high school i never went to college, which i regret at least not attempting to.. but honestly i was a little asshole back in the days once i graduated.. i worked alot of random places, victoria's secret being one of them and no it wasnt what you'd expect.. alot of things changed though when 2014 came around.. ended up losing literally everything and had to move to colorado with my mom because we had no place to go.. in the meanwhile my son was about 9 months old and his mother was parading him around her new man sending me pics of them out and about while i arrive to longmont to a doublewide trailer with my psychotic aunt and depressed mother on my golden birthday out of all days.. not a fun birthday at all.. so after being stuck there looking for work and failing every single time i ended up coming back to chicago with literally just a backpack of clothes and nowhere to sleep.. couch hopped for like 2 weeks while looking for work then my friends mother was gracious enough to take me in.. but, it was really hectic over there and super stressful being in the middle of the constant yelling and fighting.. anyway i worked at walmart for the second time doing over night stocking with him which sucked ass.. my sister helped me looking for work in the restaurant industry and my first job was opening The Kitchen in downtown chicago.. owned by Kimball Musk, it was one of those farm to table ordeals but it was dope and good money (yes, tons of foie gras).. Kimball would pop up here and there, generally a really nice guy.. he also had a huge cowboy belt buckle he apparently won in a sunflower seed spitting contest in texas he'd wear all the time.. but that shit ended after two years though because management changed and it became the whole "people who are friends but suck at their job but are in a position of power and now looking out for eachother" kind of places so i left.. from there went to a couple random bars in wrigleyville, then from there some shwarma place which was really stupid.. after that i was fortunate enough to work for the Alinea Group here in chicago at one of its other restauraunts.. went to a open house after work and was the ONLY person hired that day.. needless to say i quit the shwarma place and was there full time for two and a half years.. Ive met Grant Achatz too hes ok.. really lowkey and quiet when he'd pop up but kind of pretentious.. that place was like service industry bootcamp though.. it was cool cause there was no uniform, i could wear all my stupid ass graphic tees everyday, they BLASTED music and played everything.. chef had an ipad on the pass with spotify and played whatever he wanted.. we listened to big sean bounce back like 8 times one night, also a HUGE taylor swift fan surprisingly which was funny.. but with as much fun as i had and famous people ive met and gotten to drink with, i wouldnt go back there.. super stressful to the point even after i get home and im just chilling id get random headaches and start bugging out about service.. i dont think ive seen more people cry on the clock anywhere else than that place.. lots of craziness and lots of drunken nights to balance it out.. after that i decided i needed to work somewhere with better money cause me coming in and doing 3 or 4 jobs for over a month while getting what i was getting, abso-fucking-lutely not.. so from there i got yet another industry job at a restauraunt in the Chicago Athletic Association hotel right across from millenium park.. buildings been up since 1893 for a bunch of rich snobs to stay and drink at and play games.. funny cause wrigley helped build it and with the whole south side rivalry cominskey was never made a member after he applied like twice.. that place was dope though i made some solid money, the work was way different then what i was used to, as in i didnt have to basically do everything all at once and everything was super chill.. THEN FUCKING COVID HAPPENED... so yeah... we closed back in march, been unemployed since, we were suppose to open in august but now the entire building is shut down untill spring 2021.. but in the midst of all that ive been going to the burbs to help my moms partner doing stucco work on random jobs.. we worked on this huge house that was being built doing the whole top part, couple other big ass houses doing patch work, im actually here now for the week for some extra cash. we did some random office building just redoing the caulk work and patching up the holes and cracks on the roof.. 100 bucks a day in cash just to help out isnt bad at all.. at first he just kinda does most and i hand him shit but ive been paying attention since i started working with him and getting a hang of things to where now he just drops me and my buddy off and tells us what to do then comes back from another job to do the finishing touches before we leave.. so with collecting unemployment for the time being and being able to work with this guy on and off, or whenever he really needs the help, ive been trying to get out of this creative void im stuck in and work on music and get into voice over work.. possibly look into audiobook narration to start and look into voicing characters potentially.. working the service industry ive always had people tell me "yEw ShOuLd ToOoAtAlLy Be oN tHe RaDiO!!" like every other night along other random and sometimes really fucking weird things about my voice.. so now with all this free time i have its kind of like a "why not?" scenario.. ive looked into voice overs from video games and movies, to audio books and what it takes among tons of other research and it does seem like alot of work but pretty fun at the same time.. also my same buddy from today and i are still trying to figure out how to go about this screenprinting business hes been looking into.. alot of things are in the ground work as of now but with all this time on my hands, once again the question is "why not"? so yeah.. thats where im at so far... also shout out to my son his bday is next week and im super excited.. i got a 7 year old on my hands dudes.. time flies..
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    You rangggg ?! I'm around just selling drugs and bombing Kensington broad day
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    Cashew Coconut Shrimp. Dipping sauce made w/ a relative's homemade peach x mango x cherry jam.
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    So last night we got so much rain one of my neighbors trees just fell over, took out power lines and landed just a few feet from the car. For some reason I parked my van on the street last night. If I didnt that jank would be a pancake right now.
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    Last time I'll post this, finally got the pollo just right.
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    @FaseIT and the rest of the people who want to be in his fake ass white “gang“
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    believe it or not i won this tattoo back before covid happened.. won a contest on instagram just by reposting a picture and during service one day got tagged in a post and boom.. small world because him and his girl loved my restauraunt so i brought him a bottle of whiskey they only have there as a gift.. anyway the artist is Tim Bradley he owns Great Whale Tattoo in Madison Wisconsin.. took about 6 hours in total with what we got finished.. on the other side i have a lotus and a chrysanthemum on my elbow but by the time he was coloring the back fin my arm was in flames so i had to tap sadly.. gonna go back soon to color in the flowers.. if anybody is in wisconsin definitely go check him out super cool dude.. bring guacamole takis for extra cool points..
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    In a small community it's easy to see when people are missing. My best guess is that currently.... @Fist 666 dropped out of everything to front a Motorhead cover band and @Hua Guofang was kidnapped by Chinese traffickers and shipped to China where he slaves away in a secret Nike shoe factory... If you look under the soles you can find secreted walls of text reviewing the politics of various countries
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    Have to agree here, Trump is much more media/spotlight savvy compared to Biden. Trumps incoherent ramblings will def be more entertaining/endearing to Tumps fan's, than Biden's to his should this ever go down and we all know it. I could see Rogan dosing them, and an epic Biden hugging Trump moment happening, and just before the country heals itself spiritually Biden's pedo ass goes and sniffs Trumps hair and a civil war breaks out.
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    Good tips @ndv- if you want to make a website you must: * make it "responsive" meaning that it can be dynamically scaled/themed to fit on any size mobile device screen or a laptop/computer monitor. * it has to be EASY to use and navigate. * page load speed has to be lightning fast, any delays must be addressed. If you do those things you won't have to worry about traffic. Also, your website is only a part of your business, think of it as a better business card or a replacement for a storefront. If it is the replacement for a storefront then the website is your entire business. If it is not, then the business you run is like 98% of the determination of how your traffic is going to work out for you, regardless of how much it is in volume. If you suck shit and your website kicks ass, your business is still not going to grow explosively. There are PLENTY of examples of the other way around, where the website sucks shit and the company is so good they dgaf because it doesn't really matter, it's like a fancy business card to them.
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    @swif1 @mr.yuck @CLICKCLACKONER 10 days for the supreme joints 20 days for the unbranded brands
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    12oz has a very low threshold for shit cunts.....
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    Interesting. Im gonna set up an etsy and just steer people towards my page. "Authentic work style denim"
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    From what Ive been reading it seems like you need to build your site out to basically be the authority on your profession. Have a page where you do product reviews, a page where you do tool reviews, a page where you answer frequently asked questions, a section for tips and tricks for DIYers, and so on and so forth. You need to write with your keywords in mind and make sure they are used organically.
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    The way I think, it's best to base your buying decisions on quality/price and not emotions. If you're going to let making a political statement factor into your recreational vehicle buying decision, that company had better either done something so great that you're reppin', or fucked up majorly like "damn I couldn't do business/associate with Honda anymore after the infamous Honda fart scandal." That's why most gay people aren't going to boycott Chick Fill A, and that's why MAGA hats are shipped in from China. Honda would have to commit a puppy, and kitten genocide before my mom sold her favorite car. For any sane person, the political statement has to actually be worth the sacrifice, and it usually isn't after some soul searching, because virtue signals aren't worth a fucking penny most of the time. With that said, I guess Harleys at least hold a little street cred value which is def worth something more than just the made in the USA. I'd never take shit from some pussy on a Honda, but if we're being honest we'd all think before taking on someone riding a Harley, so that value factors in to at least a 20% markup.
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    Anyone with a ps4 can play it for free this weekend! @KILZ FILLZ @where @cruzxctrl @ndv @+plus+ @aimer @Dirty_habiT
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    I've heard the same about Austin and Portland. Restaurants look the same, small local businesses look the same, same kinds of people walking about, bike friendly, all that kind of stuff. But I've also been told I would like it because it's where Lance Armstrong is from there... which is when I walk away from the conversation.
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    alright that's it goddamn it.... takes his cricket bat goes home TL:DR schnitzel is triggered but seriously it is actually pretty strange in it. don't canadians still ahve the queen on their currencies
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    Truer words have never been spoken. APC fades dummy fast. Wish I knew about denim repairs back then before I trashed them. Get emmmmmm. Totally forgot to respond heh I see you lean you lean your left knee against the door panel too lmao @ndvYo, knee bags are no joke ha. If you're looking to get into denim, definitely check around to see what brand you like. For example, I wish I had another pair of Ande Whall's before he shut it down. I thought it was really cool that it was literally a one-man operation and the jeans are made-to-order all the way from New Zealand with denim from the denim capital, Okayama. He would also do these "special rolls" where he makes 21 pairs from that one roll of denim and dassit mane. His signature were the buffalo wings on the rear pockets. It sucks the pics aren't cached, but here's something: https://www.heddels.com/2012/05/just-released-ande-whall-x-wakefield-hotel/ I like how Brave Star has a vertical selvedge going down vertically on the coin pocket whereas Railcar shows selvedge in the fly. It's common to have a "peek-a-boo" selvedge coin pocket as a nod to the days of yore as it's a reminder and appreciation that the jeans were handmade/sewn. Also, 100% cotton raws are the way to go for longevity and are easier to work with when it comes to repairs. This is probably why @mr.yuck's jeans always blow out so fast lmaoooo (9X%cotton, X% stretch). Most of my jeans now have stretch because I want to be able to cross my legs or run up every other step on the stairs. Like @glorydays, I prefer to do a pre-soak before wearing to get all the shrinkage out. I had a pair I wore from the get-go and after I soaked them, the honeycombs (behind the knee) moved up .5"-1". That had me so flustered, I vowed to always pre-soak. Having said that, most denim brands will tell you how much shrinkage to expect but it's almost always up to an inch so take that into consideration when you get them hemmed. Taking them to a tailor for a hem is "ok". However, the roping effect isn't as pretty or apparent as a chainstitch. They also 99.9% do not have a Union Special machine to do a chainstitch. Mass-produced jeans have them since it's probably just a textile running nonstop through an industrial machine. Heavy weight denim is best suited for colder climates/seasons. Naked & Famous drops some fucking ridiculously stupid heavyweight shits that's hilarious to see them capable of such feats. Can't imagine how many needles are replaced to make or repair them would be. Probably have to wear safety glasses/goggles just in case. Get ready for your skin and shoes to turn blue :).
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    Link: https://presscalifornia.com/2020/09/14/sabo-dunks-on-biden/
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    Keep up the great work. I want to personally thank you for your commitment to challenging nonsense when you see it. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.
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    Juice from 3 oranges, 1/2 lime, and a nip of lime vodka, frozen. Packed it in the gear, by the end of doing what I was doing it was ice cold and ready to go.
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    Grocery store bagger Franks nursery and crafts cashier(free paint and christmas trees) Tacobell (fired 5 days in a row) William sanoma Oilchange place Started my first business selling stolen merchandise (clothing, cigarettes, alcohol, electronics) Life got put on hold. Caught a lot of cases that landed me behind bars for just a little bit. When I got out I had no plan including how I was going to get home once I stepped out a free man. Just like in the fucking movies my homeboy was sitting on the trunk of his car and said "whats up motherfucker? We live in tennessee now!" I could have fucking cried man. I took a hit and took a lot of heat off of other people when I got locked up and wasnt sure if anyone was gonna look out when I got out. Homie spent a lot of time with my grandparents explaining to them what was going on and reassuring them that everything would be alright. So I stop by my grandparents house, packed up whatever clothes I had and smashed out to Tennessee. My homie had started a whole new smaller selling stolen shit and finacial aid fraud system to secure us a nice 2 bedroom 2 bath apt in the burbs. I was hesitant to get back into this life as I had nothing over my head and wanted to keep it that way. So I walked to the McDonald's and got hired immediately. This is when my work history starts to get interesting. While getting ready to close one night an order comes through the drive thru for 3 coffees. This blacked out suburban pulls up and 3 italian looking gangsters pull up to the window talking shit. Flashy jewelry, sharp suits, all that. So I take their money and they are like "where's the coffee?" I kinda look up at them and say "i havent even started to make it yet." They start talking shit while im making the coffee complaining about how long they have to wait and wanting free shit. I tell them they get nothing for free. One of them says "Just throw in some free ketchup packs." I look at him and say "nah." They start laughing and roll the window up talking amongst themselves. They roll the window down and the driver says "hey kid, where's the manager. I want to talk to the manager." I told him "sorry the manager is busy. Guess you just have to deal with me." They start laughing again rolling the window up talking amongst themselves. They roll the window down again and the driver says "hey kid, you wanna come work for us?" Im standing there thinking to myself "I'll climb out this window right fucking now," but the words come out "I'll kill anybody." They errupt in laughter again and one guy in the back seat lets out an audible "jesus fucking christ," and another "this kid is perfect." They handed me a business card and told me to come check them out the next day. They worked for the largest chevy dealer in nashville. That interaction was the beginning of my confidence building in a professional environment. They taught me how to deal with the general public, that sales was about finding a way to relate with people on a personal level, they taught me how to commit bank fraud to secure loans, they taught me everything. Solid skills I could take anywhere. While there I met one of the Titans that was put up for free agency. People were falling all over themselves to talk football this and football that with him. He wasnt really impressed and seemed kind of annoyed by it. So he finally ducked around everyone and finally ended up in front of me. We didnt talk about football at all and actually became pretty good friends. One of the major regrets I have in my life was he was trying to steer me back onto the right path and was willing to pay for me to go to any art school I wanted but I turned it down to pursue hoodrat shit. He took me out for my 21st birthday and we hit strip joint after strip joint getting the royal fucking sports player treatment. Eventually I got burned out working 80 hours a week at 21 years old and bounced on the dealership job. I caught a DUI lost my license, couldnt go back to dealership so I got a job at burger king. Shit wasnt going right, my homie stopped doing hoodrat shit and couldnt pay his half with his gas station job. So we talked about it. He said he was gonna bounce back to Indianapolis and I was like fuck that, I'll end up dead if I go back there. So I rolled to Virginia to live with my parents. The guy that lived next to them died and was a total shut in creep job. This lady that owned her own business selling antiques was cleaning out the house handling the estate. There was this cute girl working with her so I strolled over to introduce myself. I had a straight school boy crush on this girl. I ended up working with the lady clear out this house. Turns out this old man restored art for the museum at the end of the block. This house was packed floor to ceiling with art. Shit was rediculous. Either way it was a cool little gig. The girl introduced me to a lot of cool people here and my hoodrat tendencies started to flare back up. I started making drug connections and it was off to the races. Once the house was cleaned up a contractor bought the property and started remodeling it. Once again I strolled over and introduced myself. He put me to work as a general laborer and I did this and that. There were some really knowledgeable people working there and when I was done with whatever task they would start putting tools in my hand and dropping little nugs of info here and there. I caught on quick and they took a liking to me and I really enjoyed the remedial building tasks they were letting me do. One day the contractor came in and some one obviously pissed in his cornflakes because he looked right at me and yelled "hey! Get your hands out of your fucking pockets!" I looked at him and said "Yo, who the fuck do you think you're talking to?" He ran away and when he was a safe distance away yelled youre fired. I ended up finding a school that specialized in trade work so I joined up. Turns out it was a class for felons to teach them how to read a tape measurer and get them into anything but the streets. I made more drug connections. And when the class was over they found me a job in NC as a trim carpenter. I did that for about 3 months before I had enough of trying to maintain a pretty fresh relationship with this lady that was a good 6 or 7 years older than me. So I moved back to VA and bullshitted my way into a job with a large local drywall company. I stayed there for about a year and stayed straight and narrow legally because we lived together and she had kids that I didnt want to jeopardize with my fuckery. She ended up breaking my school boy heart and I moved back to Tennessee. To a small town. Super small. Homie found himself a fine young piece and wifed her up and set up shop doing more stufent loan fraud to finance his life. My give a fuck was at an all time low. I took all the money I had saved up and started an empire trafficing drugs from Indiana back to this small town in Tennessee. I got a job at the only 24 hour gas station in town and started integrating myself with the locals. Homie had a lot of family in this little town so we had a ready made work force in place. Everything was going swell for a little while. Barney fife didnt have a clue what was going on and then the wheels fell off. One dude we were fronting that was having trouble moving Os calls up one day and says he needs 5 bricks. Im thinking yeah okay buddy and I say over the phone "I dont know why you are calling me, your brother is the one with all the weight." The next day his brothers door gets kicked in. Hoodrat tendencies are flaring and my homie steals a gamecube game from the local video rental spot. We get home and detectices are there within 10 minutes. It was so fast I just opened the door when I heard the knock. The detectives let themselves right in and said "oh here it is. They picked up the game case and started asking how did you get this security case open without destroying it? My homie says he doesnt know what they are talking about and some one left it over here. The det says we have you on camera stealing it. You can either confess or we'll come back with a warrant. I tell them to come back later. So later that evening after cleaning out the house my homie says "man, theyre full of shit. They arent coming back." I started laughing and said "oh theyre coming back." I jumped in the shower and while I was in there, he had brought his personal stash back in the house. Before I got out of the shower i heard thunder beating on the front door. My house was now surrounded by the entire towns police department. They already have homie in hand cuffs, they yank me out of the shower and they arent talking about stolen video games anymore. They let me put clothes on becuase they are good ol country boys and the first question after I get my go to jail outfit on is "where are the pounds and where are the guns," while our house is being turned inside out. We're all just shrugging our shoulders lookin like we're doing a shoulder bounce to some club banger. One of the cops pulls me aside thinking he might have better luck with the only white guy there and said "you look like a smart guy. What do you know?" I told him "yeah im smart." He said "good." Then I told him I went to all the best schools. He didnt think that shit was as funny as I did and they took me straight to jail for theft and my buddy shortly after me when they found his half ounce of weed. They ended up charging him with theft, possession with intent, and like 15 counts of paraphernalia. Homies mom paid the $600 to get me out that same night. My homie took the wrap for everything but they didnt let me know so I copped to the theft to make things go quick as possible. When court was wrapped up they asked me how I wanted to start making my court payments I told them I dont want to make any payments. I just want to give you all the money. I gave them their $700 out in the hallway and the prosecutor put the money in his pocket, tore up all of my court papers and said "get the fuck out of our town." I agreed and left the next day Virginia bound. When I got back I set up shop in Richmond with a new young lady. She was everything I needed and I got another job with a drywall company. Now with actual experince under my belt I was able to negotiate a wage high enough to support my own place on my own. It was a smaller company and the other finisher there would take me along to his side jobs for extra money. I was making more money working these part time side jobs than I was all week for this outfit. I started to see the dollar signs in construction and i actually enjoyed what i was doing. This fucking succubus turned out to be a raging whore so I paid off the balance of the lease to save my credit and bounced back to the beach. I set up shop once again with my hoodrat tendencies and got back to business. Things were going great. I stayed moving from spot to spot, kept a lowish profile, and life was good. At the time I was smashing this giant titty girl. The really funny thing is this giant titty girl was using her friends phone to get in touch with me and I thought it was her phone. 90% of the text conversations I was having with her was really with her friend. Thats the story of how I met my wife. Eventually me and the wife moved in together in one of the drug spots. She's a down as bitch but even she was like "you are 27. You need to get a job." I agreed and found me a little bullshit 1 man opperation looking for help that would keep me out of trouble during the day. This guy taught me everything about the business side of things and I stuck with him for about 2 years. He knew about my other business and could tell towards the end that I was wasting my time with him and was losing money to these streets by fucking off with him all day. I quit and turned my house into a 24 hour drug convenience store. We rolled this way for 2 years and I almost never left the house unless it was to go get more drugs. I was robbing other drug dealers, i was straight wylin. I woke up one night in the middle of the night and told my wife "we need to get the fuck outta here." I started packing up the house instsntly. First thing in the morning I called my landlord and told him fuck you, fuck this crappy house and Im out. He literally moved a new family in 2 days after we left. I got a call from him 3 days after the new family had moved in. He said some one kicked in the door tied up their whole family and said they were looking for me and drugs. He said the police are really interested in talking to you but I cant find your paperwork with your name on it. I said "thats fucked up. If I can be of any help, I will." I then tossed the burner phone out the window into a storm drain and forgot all about it. I found a new spot and went to get right back to business. My wife was like "you need to chill the fuck out." Everyone was getting knocked off by the feds, snitchin was wildfiring around so I agreed. One of my old customers got me on with his company doing drywall repair work. I lasted there about a year before me and another employee decided we could just do this for ourself. We did fairly well togerher but he was so god damn unprofessional it was scary. Pissing on the side of customers houses, throwing lit cigarettes onto their roofs. Shit was rediculous. We parted ways after about 6 months and a lot of bullshit. At this time craigslist was jumpin and free to post ads. So I stayed on my grind posting highly polished ads getting brow beat by everyone but still making better money and working less than I would 40 hours for a company. By sheer luck I got a call from craigslist from a guy asking me if I wanted more work than I knew what to do with. He introduced me to doing insurance construction work. I have been doing this ever since. Over the course of 7 years I have moved from doing small patch and paints to turnkey restoration on house fires. I currently have 4 house fire jobs running in various stages. Total jobs running are around half a million dollars. There have been ups and downs in this industry. There is a high turn over rate for project managers so you have to continually build new relationships and its a challenge to find the right one. Finding large claim managers is key. Last year I got stuck when 1 guy quit and his replacement was the low man on the totem pole. That about ruined me. Shit. Sorry this turned into story time. Moral of the story is you can achieve whatever you want if you put your mind to it. I would have loved to have been introduced to this line of work 15 years ago.
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