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  1. Perfect on smooth surfaces, yes. I wonder what they were thinking. It was after midnight and I was wearing flip-flops
  2. Damn it, I clicked on it. And now it's in my head
  3. https://railroadmodeling.net/news/locomotor-g150-arcelor-weathered-inspirations-by-esteban-lopez-martin
  4. This one earned both a 'Truth' AND 'LOL!' However, I can only give one reaction. "Left a black kiwi shoe polish (a mop before krink was invented) in my jacket's inside pocket." Hah, Thai police once found a bottle of Kiwi in my shirt pocket. They were not hip to it tho, just put it back in my pocket and said, OK with a hand gesture to move along
  5. Dude, Similar thing here with free tickets from the job site in the nine-deez. So, I see your *ahem* and I, I've seen The Spice Girls, LIVE, in this manner, *ahem*
  6. Bookmarked AND yootoob account subscription to that sht. Pun intended
  7. Ko SprueOne


    I once hitched across the country and when I was at an AYH in Philadelphia, met a dude from New Mexico that showed up on his bike! Much impressed by that and still am.
  8. Always telling the same old story at parties, "Linda Carter rode my face, Brah!"
  9. Rad place. One of my fav SF museums. Musée Mécanique is another.
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