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  1. The other day the power went out in the Magic Mouse that I was using. I thought it was the batteries so I changed them but no go. Closer inspection revealed that one of the POS(+) contacts was unstable. The mushroom head of the plastic rivet has sheered off. This allowed the contact to flap away from the battery instead of resistance for positive contact. This link shows how to take one of these apart without breaking it. https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Magic+Mouse+Teardown/1240 I cut and folded a piece of cardboard and wedged in between the back of the contact and another component. Pictures and captions below: 1) POS(+) contact flaps away from battery. 2) Looking behind the good contact reveals the type of assembly and that the broken side was sheered off to a peg. 3) Folded piece of cardboard wedged in there. 4) Batteries in for testing before complete re-assembly. 5) Switched on, green LED confirms power source restoration.
  2. Helmet comms are a very efficient way of communication. Like you said, yelling just doesn't cut it, all the time. I just use FRS on bicycle rides and they're good enough for the way we ride. With exceptions of navigation into a left turn in a busy intersection, using one hand to PTT isn't really a problem. Spider Mountain looks RAD! I've only acquired 2 bikes since my last post. One was from a bike builder friend who needed money more than bikes at the time, so it was already built. I'll post pics later because it's nice! And the other was a raffle win score from a radio station. SUN beach cruiser. I'm down to two BMX bikes right now. Had 3 but it was stolen some years back. None of which are performance like yours posted above.
  3. Nice. Probably better to skip the clear coat so she isn't introduced to chemicals accidentally. When I was that age or maybe a year older, I bit right into the shelf overhang of our console TV. Those big furniture, tube television sets, that was before solid state transistor. The tiny crescent teeth marks were there until we got rid of it years later.
  4. No paint today. Just changed the tube on my Mongoose
  5. Looks like a hand painted sign over a re-purposed hand painted sign.
  6. Interesting Wait - a - minute, so there were color movies BEFORE b/w movies?!? ... joking Seriously though, all those white images of Geezus are actually, faded brown. Knew It !
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