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  1. Thrift store toy van for .99¢ disassembled and prepped for paint. Gaza ambulance 1/21 scale.
  2. Clever using those, apple juice? bottles.
  3. oh wow, I forgot about this. Glad my email bone is connected to my forums bone and my computer bone is connected to my interwebs bone... Yeah Rad man. Describe all the contents in your bottles that are not already obvious in the pictures. I'd like to send out a few of my own again.
  4. I'm seeing these FUJIMI kits on the hobby shop shelves lately. The Lotus Bond Car Submarine 1/24 scale, released in 2015 and the Lotus ESPRIT in 1/24 scale, released in 2016. Both 'curbsides'.
  5. Hasegawa 1:35 scale CHUBU 01 Light Weight Mechatrobot https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10721820/20/1
  6. December 2020. Micro Trains Line released the Happy Holiday car. ...on a Gondola in N-Scale.
  7. yeah, I get the draw. Never heard that story tho.
  8. Fast paced detective fiction with a lot of violence. Like an X-Files episode without the sci-fi
  9. Jesus H, that IS pricey. I'm only slightly familiar with the gaming figure line and plastic models from this realm. Also, very pricey
  10. This will be an easy one, I think Mid 1980's film
  11. They're going to need that on Mars
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