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  1. 12pm EST... add 5, subtract 36, divide by DST, multiply by 24 ... SHT! I'll be at work where I don't have social access to the interwebs. Save one for this working stiff! I'll get one when I get home
  2. I'd buy that shirt! Then go buy a dozen eggs while wearing this shirt! ... on Dec. 12th
  3. @One Man Bannedoh hell yeah. Some reason this reminds me of that movie Scarface or Modern Problems
  4. Almost put this in MODEL TRAINS but decided on right here.
  5. My internets are working today. Image heavy threads are loading in a reasonable time frame without crashing
  6. I think the last time you posted about your friend's model collection was when the F-14 was still under construction
  7. Currently reading, Corporate Rock Sucks. Was just reading about the Everything Went Black album.
  8. Wrap a couple cans in saran wrap and spray them with PAM or another mold release or wipe dishwasher detergent all over them. Drop them into an empty gallon paint can. Spray some foam sealant between them.
  9. Repaint for my Homie and his son. This represents a double memorial build for two members of his car club that passed. Each side represents their car. Homie masked the two colors but it bled under. He masked again to paint over the bleed but then it bled the other way under. Three times. He was so over it by then and asked me to just do that part. He knows how to paint and it laid down well but he just used the wrong type of tape to do this. I soaked the body in the purple pond to strip the paint. Then primed and repainted. I solved the problem but you may notice on the right side that I fcked up a little at the door panel line...
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