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  1. All that all government officials tell us are Career Advancement Statements. News sources are just opinions that will change sometimes. First responders violate the 6ft distance by testing and treating a sick person. They can be in contact with saliva and sweat etc. They need masks. I learned this by working service lines at soup kitchens. They would ask me why I was so quiet and didn't talk to anyone when I was at the counter. I told them so I wouldn't spit in the food that I was about to scoop onto their plates. If GP stays home or goes out but maintains distancing then frequent hand washing and don't touch your own face and mucus membrane should be good enough unless something new is discovered about this virus. If it's discovered that the virus has now saturated the entire breathable atmosphere then we will need PAPR systems like @NightmareOnElmStreetdescribes or mobile modified Supplied Air Respirators that auto painters use in addition to wearing ear plugs or ear muffs. BTW, if anyone is looking to wear an effective mask but can't find N95 grade products. I hear vacuum bag filters are the next best thing if modified to wear on your face.
  2. Makes cool looking containers. Never actually heard of this tho. Thank for the heads up
  3. Speaking of Podcast...
  4. I've been filling this out every ten years since I've been an adult. My parents did as well. I'm also a constituent and never been late on filing my taxes. I haven't done either one yet tho. I'm also a procrastinator.
  5. Some camouflage is for optical deception in memory patterns and symmetry where color is not 'matched'. The “Mitznefet” is about disguising a precision-cut ballistic helmet in the asymmetry of nature.
  6. yeah, I see it now. Weird image to begin with because I didn't think it was the scale that it actually was.
  7. Very effective because I still can't see it (them), whatever. Unless you are referring to more rocks.
  8. @LUGRKILZ FILLZ took the F**kin county with that one. You got next?
  9. 0-3 = HIT, last runner! Your county, I'm out. Well played, well played indeed
  10. D-5 or D-3 is a hit? LOL, I called out D-3 A-2 = miss B-0
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