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  1. I'd be concerned that I was kind of putting garbage in the ocean with that. Even off grid I find a lot of manmade debris, plastic bottles are at the top of that list. I was thinking that you could attach the solar cell and prop to your original glass bottle vessel. Some epoxy putty enveloping a fishing weight (ballast) attached to the bottom will keep it upright. But yeah, open ocean, if it actually got out that far, would probably batter it up rapidly. A bigger concern than added trash to the sea would be a large marine animal swallowing it whole and choking it's digestive trac
  2. Bitchen' project! I've done this once with 3 - 12 oz beer bottles. Rolled up flyers for an upcoming gig we were promoting. The flyer read, "free acid and weed if you bring this flyer" at the bottom. Then paraffin waxed them like you did. I was concerned with getting them past the surf so I went to the end of the fishing pier and threw them as far as I could in the three directions. No one showed up holding a flyer so I don't know if anyone ever found it. For your intentions, have you looked into any type of propelled bottles? If you have a way to get them past the surf and dr
  3. BANDAI Models releases their 1/1 scale Cup Noodle. Bench top photos stolen from Keavdog on FSM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CF7AaWKAGo&feature=emb_title
  4. IDF Armored Corp, Tank Instructors. I guess this could be here or in 'S OR T' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL4cs9IVzkg&list=PLObnKQho8o8PfNx_NXfNlzRGUGhjDGOmF
  5. Another reflection photo. I'm diggin your reflection photos
  6. @mr.yuckOutstanding! That dude is straight out of the Fiend Folio.
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