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  1. Our volunteer tomato is glowing inside of the same containment rack as yours
  2. Taking all of these suggestions into consideration. I've decided on stuffing the briefcase with stuff I already have stashed. These doll heads and faces will be most of what will be included. Some may be painted like clowns. I have another box of plastic Lucha Libre figures somewhere as well. @One Man BannedThis project has a sort of MIAB vibe I've challenged this box of faces to 'Don't Blink First' contests numerous time and have lost everyone of them
  3. @fat ralphy "Sometimes you just want to throws hands at work and really break a motherfucker off until they leak. That’s all. Discuss. " Fck yeah, sometimes. I've fine tuned my job site 'Kung Fu' to use their own momentum of stupid against themselves. However, if certain terms require contact, plan location to avoid any and all witnesses. Otherwise you will lose your job AND potentially prosecuted. That fckin fool will continue on with their foolery while you are sitting in jail imagining them being rewarded your tool box and work station
  4. Epoxy Putty is my go-to sculpting material. I have both 15 minute and 1 hour on hand. The 15 minute stuff for easy stuff made quick. The 1 hour is for things like hair on a figure. It gives me enough time to fck it up, which I always do, then correct the fck up. 1 hour cure actually means around 48 minutes working time
  5. Michaels may stock it but at a higher 'art supply' price. Yeah, any hardware store will carry this product
  6. I was asking because it would be a little easier if they were separate parts. I'd use Epoxy Putty aka Plumber's Epoxy to sculpt the repair. It's a two part (A + B) putty material that you can get for 1 hour cure to 15 minute cure time.
  7. Are the two whales two separate parts? Do you have a picture of it before it broke or even an image from on-line?
  8. This is some full circle awesomeness. Yeah, get a prize for putting something else in it then leaving it in a public somewhere for continued sequels
  9. Dope ideas for content scenarios playing out in here are pure brilliance! I don't have social access to the interwebs during working hours so I sincerely appreciate your patience in my delay in responding
  10. Yeah, the suspicious package left in a public area risk has crossed my mind as well. I also thought about the thrift store but it's too thrashed that not even a second hand store would be interested. They'd just throw it away
  11. The thrift store staff would open it tho. Maybe a bunch of cheap wind-up spider toys that would activate as soon as it is opened ...
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