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  1. Mr. & Mrs. Time Gone By This is next based on my reading pattern of Fiction - Nonfiction - Fiction - Nonfiction...
  2. Good read. Stories written like a memoir. Full of smart humor. Many of you with creative careers or skill trade careers would relate. She describes the BS when people think that just because it's art, they must like doing it and so will do it for free or cheap. A lot of typos. I guess that's the publisher's fault.
  3. Sounds good, fast paced, violent, page turner
  4. Poppies, Lavender, and bees. Much more lush a few weeks ago
  5. Ko SprueOne

    Punk is Dead

    I can't delete the second and third repeat post so disregard those
  6. Ko SprueOne

    Punk is Dead

    Just heard about this... https://www.falloutsf.com
  7. Hah they got nut sacks as well
  8. I haven't built this one myself so I looked it up. The wings are designed to articulate like the real thing. Also, plenty of spare parts that will not be used so your friend can add them to his other models
  9. indeed. Diggin that grow room
  10. It does have a sort of, Cloud City, thing going on tho
  11. This is the most beautiful plant I've seen today, seriously. Deathstar is appropriate. I thought you were going to say something like, Ganjsai
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