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  1. Ko SprueOne

    Grown ass men playing with LEGO

    Brings back fond, nostalgic memories
  2. Ko SprueOne

    Grown ass men playing with LEGO

    @Fist 666Thanks for sharing this experience with us
  3. Ko SprueOne

    Grown ass men playing with LEGO

    Oh man, LEGO has come a long way. I seriously dig this
  4. Post a BLog on here when you start this build.
  5. Ko SprueOne

    models... not super

    WMB, Weekend Madness Build. 48 hours to build a model was the challenge. I had this SOMUA-S35 from MENG in the stash and it looked like a quick build so I went for it. Near the end, Coin Operated Kiddie Ride, came to mind.
  6. Ko SprueOne

    D • I • Y [do it yourself thread]

    At the daily jobby job I'll test OEM Accessories compatibility with new model year vehicle units. IE, make sure last year parts can still be installed into the new model year vehicles. For after jobby job time, I've recently purchased a Minty Synth. I'll be gettin down with this soon and fckin sht up
  7. Ko SprueOne

    Kanye is a genius

    Until approx. last year, I thought from hearing the name KW was a female pop country/western singer.
  8. Ko SprueOne

    hand painted signs

    Very informative, Thank you.
  9. Ko SprueOne

    models... not super

    Interesting idea. Then I can post in Side Hustles
  10. Ko SprueOne

    models... not super

    DZ012 (Kit No. 12) Coincidence? I think not. I like these Doozy! series kits in 1/24 scale released by AK-Interactive. Pay phones, newspaper stands, mail boxes, and vending machines. I picked up the USPS mailbox and the Pay Phone. I'll build these soon. I don't know in what order the images are going to load but 10 of them will illustrate the box art, parts, decal sheet, and quality of casting and fit assembly.