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  1. Starting to finally assemble the Shunting Loco. The road wheels make contact with the drive cones on the traction wheels for road mobility. The traction wheel assembly slides inboard and outboard and the road wheel arms raise and lower.
  2. FLAX sold plastic and resin model kits from the basement
  3. Did you mix these 50/50? Sounds good actually.
  4. Whoa, lucky shot find. If I was in the exact scenario as your brother when he found that bottle, I wouldn't have been able to stop digging. Maybe there's one more in these dunes. Maybe more... The paper money crumbling to the touch like that I believe. Museum art handlers and preparators have all kinds of delicate tools and techniques to deal with artifacts like this.
  5. "I thought I saw a puti-cat" "I did, I did see a puti-cat, I did" nice and nice space you got there as well
  6. Spotted these two this morning
  7. Last time I scarfed down one of those was at the local county fair. Also with mustard and sauerkraut
  8. man I remember ZIMA crystal clear malt liquor
  9. @KILZ FILLZTell us more about the 'Adult Board Games' Does your good friend paint them or they just don't want them painted by anyone?
  10. oh is that what that is? The first one he still had both hands?
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