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  1. I know right. Is that a prototype scheme or were a bunch painted this way? I was thinking they probably have pre-cut masks if they did many? I know very little about aircraft. Could it be a number of sectional wraps?
  2. Is that a Russian vessel? The main gun looks like the, Russian AK-130 Automatic Naval Gun, recently released in 1/35 scale. http://amps-armor.org/SiteReviews/ShowReview.aspx?id=14577
  3. The purchase and disposition of Aurora mold sets by Monogram Models https://atlantis-models.com/blog/the-purchase-and-disposition-of-aurora-mold-sets-by-monogram-models/ OPEC Oil Embargo! ... adulterated plastic! ... Millions of dollars! ... Train wrecks! ... beryllium copper inserts! ... P20 tool steel! ...
  4. "... law enforcement to put the pieces together"
  5. Maybe. Looks very similar. Cool collection
  6. One of my ref books features Mr. Charlie Chaplin disguised as a tree in the movie, Shoulder Arms (1918). Vidcap of this Brilliance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DreRVw9mXlI Pictures from the book:
  7. U.S. Army M1 accidentally fired on another tank during training exercise https://defence-blog.com/news/army/u-s-army-abrams-shot-another-tank-during-training-exercise.html
  8. Just found this HOT photo of a very fine collection of a historically chronological representation of the, Heil HaShiryon, in 1/35 scale.
  9. True, but that's Auschwitz, so maybe Polish? Probably a model because her cover doesn't seem to fit correctly.
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