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  1. Recently finished this Swung by the local county library branch and scored this classic in the 'lobby shop' Call Of The Wild - Jack London I've just started it
  2. It seems I need to pick this up.
  3. Any and all songs by The Cars
  4. The real star of Wes Anderson's films? The model maker who meticulously crafts the signs and buildings https://www.fastcompany.com/90687548/the-real-star-of-wes-andersons-films-the-model-maker-who-meticulously-crafts-the-signs-and-buildings
  5. October always brings the Orb-Weaver-Araneidae to the yard. The Mrs took this shot. She took a few more super close ups but they were blurry. I would've took a few myself but I was busy with some other sht. That thing was the size of a Kübelwagen! I wasn't scared tho, just busy doing other stuff.
  6. I was looking for NEW things to do with peppers in the October season
  7. If you don't eat them, they can be cristmas tree ornaments. Is that a thing yet? Peppers as tree decoration?
  8. A very sort of Halloween thing going on there
  9. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" I like that someone I don't know is snitching on my enemy. Now I can laugh at all the memes created the next day
  10. Numerically speaking, zeros are silent
  11. I dig these as well. They're PUNK AF... Builder is John Teresi, look him up. Black Belt Master
  12. Of the models that I actually caught pictures before battery death. My 'best of show' would be this Buick. I just dig the simple 70s rides. My only crit is that the side rear view mirrors were not installed. Otherwise, the stance, the wheels, the color... perfect. I can almost hear it idle at a red light
  13. The 'smoke venting out the back... '
  14. Right on, Thanks for checkin it out. A couple details that you all may of may not have noticed. One of the categories was "Bottoms Up-Best Undercarriage" This builder engraved the entire chassis frame then had it chromed.
  15. Hah, maybe... Thanks for checkin them out
  16. Cool man, thanks for checkin this out All three of these publications cover model car shows and contests annually. Model Cars Magazine Dedicated Kalmbach Contest Cars
  17. Model Cars Magazine and Dedicated Magazine photo booths set up for pictures for their magazines
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