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  1. Ko SprueOne


    I watched the video you posted and it was never as painful as what THAT looked like. Usually it was the left shoulder blade or left triceps area. And it never took me down.
  2. Ko SprueOne


    never doored, yet... but been delivery truck/van 'mirrored'. Or whatever that's called when you're hit with the passenger side mirror
  3. I didn't mean to imply that I'm a cook. I've eaten this dish in different households of friends. I call it, spicy beef seasoned over rice
  4. Different names throughout SE Asia for the similar dish so yes I get down with it
  5. " Yo, invite me over for lunch, B! "
  6. Was it aisle #2? Props. Maybe she puts on makeup in the bathroom so she drops fudge in makeup store aisles. Who doesn't drive on parkways and parks on driveways?? Not guilty!
  7. my Dad bought one and rolled it thru town proudly for a number of years
  8. Yeah, lower case 'r' and 'Z' 'z'. What the Fck are those
  9. Have you let them form a beard on your face yet? But seriously, PROPS to bee keepers. Keeping pollination alive!
  10. I'd forgotten how the capital-I is formed in cursive as well. I web searched for it and it looks like you're correct. There are many styles of cursive that I found but yours is basically one of the classic elementary school style cap-I
  11. I do this at work all the time. Pallets of parts need quick ID from across the shop floor . I rewrite these part codes which consist of a combination of both letters and numbers in straight letter. Most common comments on this are, nice penmanship or you write like a girl. Only the warehouse supervisor 'gets it'. He does the same thing in his shop. I've never asked him what he writes or wrote, neither has he asked me. It's just obvious
  12. Rheinmetall presents Boxer Cobra Bridgelayer
  13. 'Irons' are iron sights, correct? I see what looks like iron sights. yeah, but still
  14. Large scale (Revell or MPC) 1985 Chevy C/K 10 Wonder if they kept the box for box-art which describes if this was a curb side or if the engine and engine compartment detail was included.
  15. I didn't get around to blowing up any models because our cat was freakin the F O. Yeah man like that meme above from @KILZ FILLZ I found her cowering up against the backyard wall completely petrified. It must have been sitting on an ant nest vent because they were crawling all over her face. She wasn't even concerned with that tho. I grabbed her and went into the house. The Mrs. wiped all the ants off and just pet her until she relaxed. Then just hid behind the couch. This is where she always hides during fireworks season (May thru July). All good for now
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