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  1. Marshall Applewhite is back and bent on destruction!
  2. These posters in the men's room are suppose to be read through the mirror. Some drunk thought they were real Soviet propaganda bills and wrote this
  3. Cocoa Diablo today. Spicy for about 10 seconds.
  4. Ko SprueOne


    I asked him about his tho. Looks fckin stolen
  5. Ko SprueOne


    Current state of the Military Bicycle ('71 Huffy)
  6. Went to get smoothies. When you go to a Chola owned and operated juice bar you can get Torta, Birria, Lashes, Mink Lashes, bling for your nails, and smoothies . . . Órale
  7. bike ride with my nephew visiting this weekend saw this riding by and was like... then turned it over and was like... Then we parked our bikes too close to the Mariana Trench so this happens...
  8. Checked it out. Onion also provides fake smog pass certs for your old ride, passports for your cousins, and sharpies on the cheap
  9. Interesting story. I'd be stoked to find some sht like this. Surprised the plumber didn't have any tools to retrieve the note tho? I'd have gotten it out without breaking the bottle. Maybe a, 4 claw grabber tool, slowly twisting it out in the direction of the paper roll to tighen the roll on its way out. I wonder if it smelled like an old dank fart when they shattered the bottle, haha, they never mentioned in the article
  10. My thoughts exactly the first time viewing that video
  11. Very cool if it's authentic. I've done this many times in books at thrift stores [BigGrinSmiley]
  12. Cool, thanks for checking it out. I like her material
  13. I just signed in to react to this
  14. The dip(s) were just Hawaiian Punch Mix and Tang anyway
  15. Girlfriend and I were backpacking Germany and the CZ. I think that is when I picked it up.
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