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  1. Every time I go to the Thai restaurant in town
  2. That Krampus handling an upright labeling is good. The first time I've seen that. Like @One Man Bannedsays I'll buy it for the contents. No IPA. Porter Stouts with no higher than 8% ABV I like
  3. There are sour soups that bok choy plays a main part in but yeah, kimchee is not easy to make so we just always buy it
  4. I've been watching your gardening skills but haven't been paying attention to your dietary preferences and restrictions. So, I'll just list some thing that I like: Kimchee is a probiotic It is fermented cabbage, spiced Great on a burger instead of lettuce and tomato Great with tamales if you're out of salsa Perfect with steak and rice Never good with ice-cream
  5. And props to the classic design X-Acto #11/#3
  6. Blue and red is older, good to know, I didn't know that. I always just went by how much wear to the glass there was determined the age. Completely smoothed edges meant it has been in the sea shore a longer time.
  7. Stopped bye the grocery store today Sauces Beer Kimchee Snacks
  8. Nice finds. I'll find one piece, maybe, and always wonder if this was from a MIAB or just some drunk fcks misplacing their beer or 7-Up
  9. Finished, The Texas - Israeli War = 1999 Now starting, The Arab-Israeli War of Attrition 1967-1973
  10. Chinatown Punk Wars https://www.pbssocal.org/shows/artbound/episodes/chinatown-punk-wars?utm_source=paid_social&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_content=KCET&fbclid=IwAR36bngcRJGvK2sD8rSWDxPVMeDOR4eHeZhNEPKfgPh4a6DYPqJm7l3nKvg
  11. Bummer about your arm injuries. Bummer about you not participating in the 'trick or treating' the way you would want to because we know how much you like this moment of the year. And bummer that he wouldn't help you do it knowing how much you like to participate in the Halloweening. However, The trick or treat scheduling is interesting. Once one gets accustom to it, it seems rather safe and efficient.
  12. I clicked 'like' but bummer man
  13. Signed in just to say how much I love candy corn!
  14. All good points especially the last paragraph.
  15. 3DBotMaker - Tournament of Terror - DIEcast Car Racing Special Event
  16. True, I guess it depends on complexity and size [hah yeah yeah]. Ok so your discipline in the MIAB game is, cast only from shore or attached structure to shore such as a pier, dock, warf, jetty, buoy, etc. by hand or some sort of sling device as @Fist 666describes above? Not allowed to release a MIAB from any boat or vessel while underway or making way that has not been made fast to any shore structure?
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