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  1. Maybe just vengeance and retribution then..... https://www.huffpost.com/entry/mikhail-khodorkovsky-putin-ukraine-troop-flowers_n_624a29c5e4b0587dee6aff1f
  2. Do you think Putin, at all, realizes how incompetent his military looks? He has to know.....
  3. Seemingly a large majority of Russian (within Russia) support the war and believe Putin....
  4. unless you are the Los Angeles County School District....
  5. I've only run across three rattlers in all my years of hiking (that I know of). One I couldn't see. The other two: shitty mobile phone pics. I leave 'em alone and swing wide around. Actually, more paranoid/afraid of an aggressive bee swarm than a snake bite.....
  6. Navajo Guide tricks of the trade
  7. Followed. @IAPonomorenko is a good one to follow for up-to-the-minute Ukraine updates.
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