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  1. Been working under a deadline today. Thought I'd share a sample of what I'm working on.
  2. Thanks! Yep, all natural light 🙂
  3. I agree he is reckless. Doesn't do Dems any favors and will incite the Right. Maybe he is purposefully agitating for the larger agenda. We may be closer than we think to some boogaloo, or at least maybe from some lone wolf action... Actually, let Beto keep talking like that, fire arms sales and manufacturing are suffering a major down turn.
  4. Scary times. We have lost privacy and freedoms at an exponential rate ever since W Bush/911. Each subsequent administration continues to execute a seemingly long term strategy. Obama essentially expanded Bush's warrantless wiretaps... Couple this with red flag laws, and shit will start boiling over......
  5. He died? Read this morning he had survived--that he called the police himself....
  6. Looks like he was OK enough to get out of the accident scene to get help at his home. Doctors are saying "full recovery."
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