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  1. 6Pennies

    The Great Photography Superthread

    The 90s vibe ACG continues: https://hypebeast.com/2018/8/nike-acg-fall-winter-2018-collection
  2. 6Pennies

    Rate the last movie you watched......

    Mile 22. 7/10. It is what it is. Some good action with some great gun play if you can suspend your disbelief at a higher level.
  3. 6Pennies

    The Photography Thread

  4. 6Pennies

    12oz gets around....

  5. 6Pennies

    The Photography Thread

    I'd say throw up whatever you want to share as your photography.
  6. There's a famous "last quote" from the former CEO of Netscape: "In the absence of data we have opinion. We'll just go with mine." (or something close to that effect.
  7. I think this is spot on. But, I think SM Fatigue has moved into a newer sort of "stale" stage. There's a line going around now that articulates it perfectly for me: Analytics killed creativity. This is also true in my profession.
  8. 6Pennies

    12oz gets around....

    Somewhere between UT & AZ.
  9. 6Pennies

    The Photography Thread

    Just got back from a 4-day trip to the UT/AZ desert....
  10. 6Pennies

    12oz gets around....

    Since there's gonna be a movie based in the Mid-90s, Steve Hirsch says: What's up?
  11. 6Pennies

    Mid 90’s

    I am the target market. I will see it and catch some feels.
  12. 6Pennies

    gun thread

    i'd say 50/50. Lots of private sales in AZ. (Be sure to check your local laws.) . But Pawn Shops and practically all Gun Shops have a Used shelf, and they could probably track down something specific for you as well.
  13. 6Pennies

    gun thread

    Check out the Used Market. Gun guys always selling stuff to buy up to something else. Lots of excellent condition weapons for great prices.
  14. 6Pennies

    gun thread