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  1. Some content creation client work on the Navajo Nation....
  2. Thanks! The cacti images were taken in the Superstition Wilderness, just east of PHX, AZ.
  3. I saw it. I couldn't get into at the time. Really struggling from eye strain since I'm all online and remote (since March, and at least until Fall 2021). Too much small print to sift through on white background. Fuck, I'm old. My daughters are wearing blue light blocker glasses. I need a pair to wear over my spectacles. That being said. Stand by after my 5 Zoom meetings today.....
  4. But, where is Ghislaine Maxwell?
  5. Choose your next adventure: 1) Biden was exposed at the debate. Biden dies. 2) Both Trump and Biden die. 3) Trump recovers from a mild case and uses it to win the election.
  6. And, if you know the movie, you're an old mofo like me
  7. 1) In AZ, they seem to be considered more as right-leaning, patriotic bros. Maybe some other chapters are different, but all the attention even before the debate, gave them an injection of testosterone. 2) Neither of them are quick of mind. but he did make that KKK (as well as Antifa) designation within the last week or so, but he had to ask Chris Wallace: "Give me a name...." 3) Dangerously dumb, to the point of Dunning-Kruger.
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