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  1. Oops! ***"higher" What happened tot he edit function?
  2. Did you miss me and my photos, jotos?
  3. I really do think "real"/"true" gun owners need to hold themselves to a hire standard at some point. Shit like that does us all a disservice.... And armed society is a polite society.
  4. Lotta dumb motherfuckers. Same with the outdoors in Arizona (everywhere nowadays.). I think a training requirement is needed.... https://x.com/9mm_smg/status/1777081577278746837https://x.com/9mm_smg/status/1777081577278746837
  5. Aight, aight. Pulling me back in!
  6. Maybe just vengeance and retribution then..... https://www.huffpost.com/entry/mikhail-khodorkovsky-putin-ukraine-troop-flowers_n_624a29c5e4b0587dee6aff1f
  7. Do you think Putin, at all, realizes how incompetent his military looks? He has to know.....
  8. Seemingly a large majority of Russian (within Russia) support the war and believe Putin....
  9. unless you are the Los Angeles County School District....
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