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  1. Eindhoven World Model Expo 2022 Pics by Lifecolor
  2. Didn't know where else to put this so here it is... Cornbread was a guest on, Wait Wait... Don't tell Me https://www.npr.org/2022/06/27/1107843977/darryl-cornbread-mccray Player version where you can go to where you want in the program. Hint: starts at 19:00 https://edge2.pod.npr.org/anon.npr-mp3/npr/waitwait/2022/07/20220702_waitwait_wwdtmpodcast220702.mp3/20220702_waitwait_wwdtmpodcast220702.mp3_cde9dd2ce6b1903cd230f875bead655d_46875281.mp3?orgId=1&d=2905&p=344098539&story=1107843977&t=podcast&e=1107843977&dl=1&sc=siteplayer&size=46493846&awCollectionId=344098539&awEpisodeId=1107843977&dl=1&aw_0_1st.playerid=siteplayer&hash_redirect=1&x-total-bytes=46875281&x-ais-classified=streaming&listeningSessionID=0CD_382_182__346724d77f7f7aba31b4472dac80ea414f277302
  3. Maybe to encourage them to try and drive off anyway then fckin up their sht which would make great yootoob
  4. There are many 'Boots'. Did you catch all of these in the same area or the same day?
  5. @KILZ FILLZJust yootoobed SLEEP minutes before crossing this thread
  6. Ko SprueOne


    That's an impressive accomplishment. What's involved with participation in something like that? Qualifications ? > requirements to participate; physical and bicycle Sponsorship/fees ? > lodging, food, roadside assistance Deadline ?
  7. Glad you're around and posting. I remember long ago when you posted a picture of my brother's dog. I was sure it was his but showed him the picture anyway to confirm and he said, yes, that's my dog
  8. Thick ass* History book * Thick ass
  9. Those who walk through life with chin up and their head held high, step in dog sht often
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