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  1. i start my days with redbulls instead of coffee
  2. yeaaa word for me there's a duality that doesn't cross over. my handwriting sucks ass, but if i'm on draw mode and doing rap letter stuff it's completely different/way better.
  3. yeeee that came out sick !^ yo caligula just getting my ass kciked at work everyday. hopefully can contribute some more to oontz
  4. Working on this never finish much
  5. Definitely been burnt out for ages now as well. Here's to hoping we all find that second wind
  6. Drawball was great. We need the manpower for these kinda things again.
  7. freakeenyc


    Uptodate. Keeps foos uptodate on medical topics. Solid for falling asleep to
  8. I like the city architectural aesthetics and the graff scene there was pretty chill. It's definitely an interesting academic haven too for school purposes
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