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  1. For those that don't know, an actual Biden quote.
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  2. It is close...I’m a traditionalist and prefer that sharp angled S.
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  3. @ndvtire rotation @LUGRit is the Stussy S
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  4. If capitalism wasn't my religion, so like if I was dead, I'd reincarnate as a Bernie Bro. What's not to like. Brooklyn accent, probably the only honest man (as far as he knows) in a sea of reptilian slime, and he's wearing fucking mittens some teacher knitted for him. That lady probably freaking out seeing her mitten's getting rocked in DC so hardbody. Clearly he's not fucking around, and got shit to do after the inauguration like get that rent check deposited, stop by the post office and get stamps for this shit he's mailing for his wife, then try to catch the last bus back to Ver
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  5. Oh and here is lunch. A little organic to balance out the trash. I tell ya what...and I hate judging folks....but the house I’ve been working at is a trip. 2 60’sish normal sized parents (fuck you, liberals) and their obese lesbian daughter, all of which are extremely nice people....They order the craziest shit on the daily and drink soda non stop. It’s telling of how the daughter grew up this way and I feel bad taking the shit they offer everyday lol. It’s weird to even gaf about. They’re all super happy and chill, and why does someone like me gotta come rant about it in a forum. Idk. Bored a
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