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    Mans coulda stepped approximately 1 ft into the sunlight...
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    and infra red p6000s (apparently)
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    all black 97's is what all the hip gangsters wear in berlin 🙂
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    Vans scifi fantasy My favorites right now
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    he came back around fast and furious maple bacon drift
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    ^^ What in tha methamphetamine is that Not knocking it just intrigued.
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    Went to Watson Lake in Prescott (looked like Bedrock from the Flintstones) and Sedona last month. First time to leave the house since the 'vid.
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    Some shots of the at Louis protests from our own @micahhawaii
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    Damn, I need to get out and do some proper adventure trips again with some hiking Not sure if these count for this thread, but hot summer & young kids mean most of my recent camping trips have been family friendly ones 4x4ing up and down the coast finding decent spots to set up for a few days for fishing & diving
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    @Dirty_habiTIn the winter on mountains I just melt snow, or cook it on the jet boil if we're waiting for a long time. Typically if I am climbing I just pack snow in a water bottle and throw it in my jacket to melt. Otherwise it's a LifeStraw Water filter or Gravity Bag (depending how much is needed) or a MSR MiniWorks. Also the Sawyer Squeeze is good too. Iodine Tablets are always good to have with you too just in case. For back packing food prior to my allergies I would pack a lot of Granola Bars, Cliff Bars, Trail Mix type stuff. But for camping food at actual camp man there's a plethora of ideas. Instant Potatoes/Rice are great and lightweight options and heavy/filling. Ramen/Cup of Noodles. Dehydrated fruits and meats for multidays. Tuna/Chicken packets are great and cheap. I used to get MRE's or those packaged meals at REI or Sport Stores but they're hella expensive and you can pretty much make your own. When I go on a trek I always look to ensure there is a water way atleast somewhere. I hate carrying tons of water and it's heavy. Many trails these days have youtube reviews and you can get an idea at what mile point they are and what seasons theyre running. Atleast for the ones I have looked at over the last couple years. For instance I am looking into the Ozark National Forest and the Ouachita National Forest and there happens to be alot of information on youtube, reddit and forums for it. Someone else maybe able to piggy back off this with better knowledge or articulation. Alot of cheap gear can be found on SteepandCheap and SierraTradingPost, I also use Poshmark and Ebay. I get name brand gear for 75% off and wont ever pay fullprice for it. My typical Winter/Spring/Fall pack Black Diamond Hiking Poles Black Diamond Ice Axe Kahtoolah K10 Crampons Lifeline Snow Shovel Black Diamond Helmet (depending on what I am doing) Black Diamond Headlamp 2x Plastic Nalgene Bottles, or Hydroflask, or other bottle depending USGI Military Poncho or USGI Goretex Liner Tent (depending on where we're staying) USGI Military Poncho Liner Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Torch Sleeping Bag or USGI Military Sleep System (depending) Pocket Knife & Belt Knife (typically Kershaw Cryo 2 & Ontario 499 Knife) Hatchet (Typically a Schrade SCAXE2) Survival Tin (space blanket, waterproof matches, etc) Trash Bag(s) Goretex Jacket/Rain Jacket (depending) Down/Insulated Puffy Jacket Fleece Base Layer Polypro Pants and Shirt Extra Socks & Underwear Streamlight Pen Flashlight Firestick of some sort I am sure there is some more stuff but that's the basics
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    This bear passed me by today, a younger male I've seen a few times before. Here he's trying to snatch a koi from a neighbor's pond.
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    It’s ugly redneck cousin
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