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  1. Having a taco truck, two pizza joints, Asian food store, a gyro truck all within a 5 minute walk from my house is testing my ability to not get fatter
  2. Found out the cab driver from back in the day moved back to Chicago. Man had the midas touch with his plants
  3. I'm definitely enjoying this show and all the Easter eggs in it. Like the fact that Wednesday's roommates and room is a subtle nod to the sisters Morticia and Ophelia frump being polar opposites down to personalities and color schemes.
  4. Ain't nobody got time to wait 30 minutes for six pictures to load on an onion site maaaaan. But also sandboxie then brave browser portable inside sandboxie then settings tor connection. I'd hella hesitate cause crypto mining hijacks , and other weird shit be out in the non clear net
  5. hella jealous of people that can eat anything other than pre sliced fruit and non chocolate candy while on acid , cause my denny's experiences in the past are basically everybodies food around me looking like this as i cling to my orange juice like a strung out gremlin
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