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  1. went back to myspace...dont know why but i use it more than facebook as of late
  2. Dear hua, [spoiler=..........] Noo bueno. Sincerely aelis. P. S [spoiler=....]
  3. Dear coworker girl with the lazy eyes snaggle teeth and large pendulous bosoms, Just stop. Sincerely Elis von doom. P. S No.
  4. you really shoulda sold socks and draws in the store though...guaranteed i would have bought at least 8 pairs of winter socks
  5. dont really do snuff but i could recommend giallo films. also im late as fuck on this but i dunno if it was because i was baked as fuck each time i saw this , but its been a new favorite of mine for a minute. sequel is also in the works
  6. The get down bruh shaolin has sound effects
  7. Sitting in the break room extremely confused as to why Mero was just on a commercial on ESPN. And then really disappointed we don't get vice here...4 star 5 diamond club my ass Also bout to eat these fuckers
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y84COba4lDw
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