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  1. ill trade you my hot mess recommended youtube any day
  2. @lugr sadly i know about this from my friend who power simps for the onlyfans girl. the comment sections of those videos are some of the saddest simpfests you will ever see.
  3. GEMINI HOME ENTERTAINMENT going on an analog horror kick this week
  4. i hate the fact that my fingertips tingle with the feeling of a rave flyer everytime i look at this font
  5. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1144770/SLUDGE_LIFE/ Sludge Life free on steam for limited time\ https://youtu.be/QOzyPQSDPvQ
  6. binged this one last night cause im a sucker for grindhouse era samurai/kung fu/ninja throwback shit. https://9anime.gs/watch/revenger.prmrj/ep-1 no dub yet though the sheer lack of seinen( adult) anime that isnt cringe ass uwu waifu turbo weeb shit the last 5 years is disappointing
  7. snow day finally watching the blade of the immortal remake that has a finished story. https://9anime.gs/watch/blade-of-the-immortal-ona.2lw2/ep-1
  8. we been here the whole ass time on the internet since 1999 and seent all the grifts
  9. Thinking about hitting up Walmart later to get ingredients so I can make one of these bitches.
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