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Everything posted by MOOGLE?

  1. https://youtu.be/_sip7tk5kAA
  2. bout to start the vampire the masquerade podcast from start and binge it until im at the latest episode. i never bothered with these kinds of ttrpg podcasts until around november 2020 when i randomly heard this group on soundcloud with dumb dumbs and dragons
  3. kanyes Instagram is like the Truman show crossed with Takeshi’s castle crossed with american history x
  4. @ndv how the fuck did you find the toxic king black people twitter area? most of it is 70% ridiculous hyperbolic 20% jokes/satire 10% deadass fr fr , but its usually just the rapper future and the fandom
  5. but grandma back then had qualudes and all sorts of wild ass over the counter drugs that where safe to use
  6. my peoples just called them either tire tracks or black airforce 1s. ive heard dubs , all weathers , african flip flops , fire walkers
  7. the fact that Milo Yiannopoulos is part of this has me in stitches . if we get a 2016 era Milo Yiannopoulos VS Ben Shapiro battle in 2022-2023 this will be the most ive ever paid attention to politics anything
  8. i think the hmong fwb is catching feelings...having a direct adult conversation to understand where we are both at emotionally seems like too much work , so imma just see how it all plays out while still smashing
  9. The sheer amount of videos she's uploaded is pretty astounding
  10. That's how I even found this tik tok , been on a graff n dance tik tok binge cause some of them use wild ass caps I've never heard of
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