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  1. Here's a quick intro starting point for black twitter If you end up on black onlyfans Twitter or black gay Twitter turn back all the way.
  2. my batshit ex and her cousin took me up somewhere in ashland wi for my 4th official trip on shrooms . had no clue her house was hella infested with bed bugs until it got dark and i was 2 hours into what ended up a 6 hour trip. MFW i realized shit wasnt visuals
  3. final season of preacher ..a a shame it wasn't an hbo or showtime show
  4. I'll take roaches over bed bugs in a heartbeat. Staying in a place with bed bugs is whole different level of hell
  5. How can you try to debate me about how eternals sucked if you don't even read comics and rely on tik tok influencer opinions and half assed skimmed wiki's ? And no I'm not gonna give you my mental energy to explain the post credits characters comic backstory.
  6. @ndvfound it on one of the black twitter shitposter people I follow. My friends mom's trailer was like this though , she'd be just sitting there absolutely fine with roaches crawling all over her and the love seat she sat in.
  7. 062aeeb850af5ebaffe11979714a936f.mp4
  8. i'd buy the shit out of a work done like this from joker or dire
  9. 'Anime only Twitter' episode updates for attack on Titan never get old , but damn there's gonna be a lot of salt if the show follows the manga.
  10. She snuck a sharpie red arrow on it within the last hour . Also who the fuck has time to eat pomegranate on the clock.
  11. It's a thing that's been going on for at least 14 years apparently. There's a burger king this happens at also , and it's always at night and rarely the same person. We have a guy that walks around in a Spiderman outfit as well. Honestly it's just more small town weirdness that's finally getting social media attention. Shit was crazy around 2012 with the two brothers that killed their grandma over money for pizza cause all of us closely connected to that family had to lay low and make hella quiet movements until shit blew over . Kohler has way more ridiculous things going regularly that never makes it to the Facebook police scanner pages. There was a hole ass prostitution scandal that got zero press and we all had to sign NDA's if we wanted to keep our jobs
  12. I like how it's a thing that's been happening for years at this location and people are finally posting it to social media.
  13. How you gonna buy candy and fruit and shit for our office area and then leave the receipt right next to all of it when nobody asked you to buy anything in the first place.
  14. This is probably my favorite MCU film , but sadly it's lost on MCU movie only heads. The source material vs live action changes are actually kinda huge but worth it going forward , especially if they are planning on doubling down on the jack Kirby influence and not Stan Lee
  15. The virgin Web 3 vs The chad Fediverse
  16. lmao how i suddenly remembered @qsysue 's screen name based on this one post blows my mind.
  17. https://archive.org/details/@yananselmo this months internet crate dig find..
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