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  1. Smoking a cig on my porch wondering why whoever bore is had so much trouble making their B fit . also my lawn is sad as fuck
  2. @mr.yucksomething about her ears weird me out man
  3. so turns out dude grew up in my city and still lives here about 5 blocks from me. he's got dwarfism or whatever and as of 5 months ago while meeting him up close at the laundromat , i asked him what he thought of his mugshot being viral online. he said " wait what really? " dude had no idea. also he's bald now with more tattoos all over his head and arms , and has thinking about getting back into the body mod scene now that he's sober from booze and walks with a cane. i see him at walmart and the laundromat and mexican grocery store often , but the strange thing is my city has so many weird people and events that he just pretty much doesn't stick out at all here.
  4. i fucked up and ripped open the box of aunt jemima pancake mix that i was going to save for my future grandchildren .
  5. went back to myspace...dont know why but i use it more than facebook as of late
  6. Dear hua, [spoiler=..........] Noo bueno. Sincerely aelis. P. S [spoiler=....]
  7. Dear coworker girl with the lazy eyes snaggle teeth and large pendulous bosoms, Just stop. Sincerely Elis von doom. P. S No.
  8. you really shoulda sold socks and draws in the store though...guaranteed i would have bought at least 8 pairs of winter socks
  9. dont really do snuff but i could recommend giallo films. also im late as fuck on this but i dunno if it was because i was baked as fuck each time i saw this , but its been a new favorite of mine for a minute. sequel is also in the works
  10. The get down bruh shaolin has sound effects
  11. Sitting in the break room extremely confused as to why Mero was just on a commercial on ESPN. And then really disappointed we don't get vice here...4 star 5 diamond club my ass Also bout to eat these fuckers
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y84COba4lDw
  13. FOX news reports the truth and minds are blown. see comments for reference why wont she let her talk though?
  14. yea now i remember. i've never been much for personal politics or online political discussion , so between scifi,comics,table top games, and video games the last 11 or so months just reads like giant walls of bold font red text DAO speak on all fronts. my local comic shop isnt even safe anymore
  15. i forgot who it was that used to lambaste feminists and social justice warriors in the nonsense thread a while ago. i just wanna say...you where right all along http://www.themarysue.com/spider-gwen-sketch-cover/ niggas gone too far when they go after frank cho
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