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  1. @LUGR you can blame gen z for that and clown porn
  2. Lmao I'm salty the warez cracking groups never did this one , cause I really can't rationalize 250 bucks for 1 software instrument vs the probably about 200,000 dollars I've pirated over the years. I have the trumpet and trombone versions of this and with a little tweaking of some things and fx you honestly can't tell the difference between this and a real horn. I can't play my saxophones that often at home due to having downstairs neighbors and I'm not a douchebag that whips out his tenor saxophone and plays Kenny g songs at 11 at night.
  3. Yamaha wx11 midi breath/wind controller. I remember being like 10 living on Norton air force base in California and going to the BX almost every day in the summer to read comics, magazines, be ghetto in the toy Isle , and spend an inordinate amount of time in the electronics section where they had this as a demo display along with a couple keyboards. Was a beginner alto and clarinet player at the time so this blew my mind. Fast forward to 2021 I started shopping around for wind controllers and had a few I liked until this Yamaha yds 150 came out recently, but always had a few tabs up on eBay and reverb for the wx11 hunting for under 500 bucks. At 800 the yds is dope as fuck but buying without actual hands on impression don't really work sometimes, but the yds is next year after I get a Roland so 404mk2. Hella hyped to do bad porno groove electronic music like I've always wanted.
  4. Lmao they didn't even arrest dude they just said " welp you've been going around the world causing mayhem so you better show up in court buddy"

    thinking  bout that week i wrote "pfffffffffft!!" with an expired sakura black paint stick that was so old it dried grey.

  6. That still geeks me out that there was no denial of saving tinychat streams and 12oz members pictures for years and not just single digits @LUGR I wish I had the draw a oontzer pictures from way back though, that was a hilarious thread. If I recall there was a South Park character generator thread also that was pretty cool.
  7. Twitter has dog whale wolf level arguments on a massive scale I can popcorn.gif lurk on though. Plus that's where all my irl friends ended up after ditching Facebook, so we can be crass and borderline equal opportunity racist in peace.
  8. Wait there's a store that just sells containers?!!
  9. Chris Chan trending for 4 days on Twitter and people really out there arguing about pronouns.
  10. No sir I do not want to come in on Saturday to stare at the cooking system for 6 hours. Time and a half don't mean shit if I'm gonna lose most of it in taxes
  11. Movie theater projector operator in a small town in current year. That shit is pure easy mode
  12. Trying to decide if this would work here or in the round turret room
  13. https://youtu.be/EI5d9OImTOY
  14. It makes sense cause the ghetto. Not someone = I saw or heard someone/somebody/persons/people say with added hyperbole. I only really know the valley California version pre internet so it probably means something else and got popular from a different place. I just found out WTF boolin is today from my neckbeard coworker who grew up on a farm..
  15. My friend noped out around the last episode of season 1 cause she couldn't handle how ridiculous it kept getting and how blue everything is . I'm like bruh me and you plowed through six feet under, nip tuck , breaking bad , and true blood of all things..but the Ozark is too over the top.
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