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  1. Thinking about hitting up Walmart later to get ingredients so I can make one of these bitches.
  2. Was looking into isolation tank therapy for a friend of mine and ended up on this wild ass rabbit hole. The sheer amount of money that's just thrown at weird shit is crazy
  3. almost forgot this fetish channel
  4. gonna add this to my "alpha top dawg playa tutorial playlist " along with this one
  5. Sick at home wrapped up in like 10 blankets watching artsy Italian movies
  6. sifting through pictures and uploading them to imgur and a archive.org account i have cause technology is fickle and fleeting. kinda musing over the fact that i absolutely detested doing graffitis in my friends garage with full access to all the paint and caps in hindsight. looking at it now i wasn't feeling cause it just seemed controlled and lacked urgency with the preciseness of a virgin white wall on a busy night street. i think i was fucking around with an old as rusto brown and kept swapping caps and spraying random lines and shapes until i said fuck it im gonna go home and play dreamcast or something but made a 20 second doodle character with and ancient walmart gold and an ny fat before i left in 2003-04. what was crazy to me is all like 4 writers in town saw this and thought i was the second coming of os gemeos or some shit and kept blowing up my myspace to go on missions with them. was like naw.....it wasnt even good yall please stop other dude is still around i guess and went pretty hard on blackbook and sticker trading for a minute , that whole crew seems stuck in a weird midwest 2000-2004 jungle dnb rave hip hop 5 elements lifestyle. he really fuckin went all in on eye detail for some reason and didnt bother getting better at anything else even now
  7. thems denim fits still get rocked in 2023 , im pretty sure other wisco oontzers can confirm found this one from the middle-ish of the THK era on the oontz .
  8. yall niggas forgetting the part where i was at a strip club drinking real absinthe , but now that i remember her first cousin is my dead ex girlfriend but she hit me cause she was crushing on the bartender and thought i was clitblocking ............and little before that she got beat up by the wild ass chola sisters i was friends with over molly or something. here they all are at the same bar 5 out of the 6 sisters , i'm still cool with the middle sister who wasn't there this night. bonus bar hop pictures im pretty sure ive posted here a while back he smashed in the back of his car in the parking lot and she gave him herpes , and he gave it to his girlfriend a little later
  9. @ndv .this was like 2008 and i was visiting my friend who was the front of house bartender who managed to convince the strip club owner to get real absinthe somehow. i think the butch chick had a crush on the bartender who's lesbian , but she's not into butch chicks. still have a photo of her flashing at a dive bar years before floating around. i think the term is uhaul stud ...and its the lesbian equivalent of the male hobosexual
  10. ive never been able to wrap my brain around these kind of butch lesbians. there's one i see every so often that drunkenly punched me in the head while i was taking a leak at a urinal in the mens restroom of a now closed down strip club. was so confused i finished pissing and just walked away as she kept screaming at me.
  11. https://www.whosampled.com/sample/74221/Camp-Lo-Jungle-Brown-Luchini-(Brinks-Remix)-The-Fearless-Four-Rockin'-It/ https://www.whosampled.com/The-Fearless-Four/Rockin'-It/ https://www.whosampled.com/sample/1862/2-Live-Crew-Dick-Almighty-Kraftwerk-The-Man-Machine/ lmao was not expecting
  12. https://www.whosampled.com/Camp-Lo/Luchini-AKA-This-Is-It/
  13. https://archive.org/details/vase-amb-time-warp-01 https://soundeffects.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Sound_Effects_Catagories https://archive.org/details/cratediggers?&sort=-week&page=2 https://archive.org/details/Boot_Sounds_Compilation
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