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  1. rarely read youtube comment , but this was worth it
  2. @ndvthe main reason Kendrick overall won this beef so far is that drake took a pretty large blow to his brand . Past the memes it's pretty risky for companies to now be involved with the ovo and drake brand moving forward unless things are officially cleared up by him and his team publicly. The days of music industry behind the shadows is on the way out
  3. Bruh this is why we don't bring you with us to Walmart after work...you don't grasp the regular customer to cashier woman dynamics. You can't be saying out of pocket shit about your tinder hookups and expect not to get roasted by the 21 year old shy hmong girl that finally warmed up to us..don't be salty bruh..it's not our fault you didn't know hmong women are ruthless
  4. not really ...im a pretty big fan of funk/soul anime shit but the uwu kawaii moe stuff isn't something i get into cause the community has always been weird as fuck. 90's tech step dnb and true techno is popular this year though , and gen z is discovering granular synthesis and making a genre called petalcore with fl studio's legacy plug-ins
  5. @LUGR its pure unadulterated trash , but still better than this
  6. Imma tell my friends kids this is what hardcore and Midwest emo originally sounded like
  7. From autumn to ashes... My ex sent me this though and the file title is kinda funny in a weird way
  8. i gotta glock in muh rari..
  9. Mam you need to lay off the 5 hour energy drinks cause you look like you been spun the last 7 days
  10. thank fuck there's a new guy black dude in my department who's from compton so now we can both confuse the shit out of all the milwaukee and chicago people with our accents
  11. But also ai is fucking wild at this point. From the bbl drizzy original track I e found whole ass YouTube channels that do throwback versions of rap songs and I can't even tell it's ai half the time
  12. @T4M* The Heart Part 5" — Jake Kosich, Johnny Kosich, Kendrick Lamar & Matt Schaeffer, songwriters (Kendrick Lamar)
  13. Wondering if Ben Davis clothing has always been expensive..or was it just that I would rack them back in the day and never bothered looking at the price tags
  14. If the winner was decided on twitter after this last diss track it's Kendrick. On Instagram it's drake. On tiktok it's the people making memes. On YouTube it's the reactiontubers making hella money right now. Black people twitter on Reddit absolutely roasting drake
  15. @Tails0nE man I just woke up..
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