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  1. Lol this whole thread was wild. 2010-2013 was ruthless times on the internet
  2. Yeah shit would be hilarious cause he didn't give a fuck about famous people who would try to order food past 3am. He'd be on the phone with pro golfers , Green Bay Packers like. He was also there when I found out one of the banquet servers admitted that she lied to her Latin King boyfriend about hooking up with me just to make him jealous, and she was shocked he showed up at the resort to come stab me in the face. Bless that kids 110 pound heart for blocking dude from getting in the kitchen while I mad dashed to the back elevator and called security., Who tackled his ass then got the police. Had to call my neighbor to explain the situation , and it turned out the boyfriend was a hardcore methhead and wasn't even really put on fully. Ended up with him in jail trying to put hits out on me with kings , but nobody fucked with him cause meth and bad business behavior.
  3. @LUGR old coworker who worked with me at a resort. He worked 3rd shift In room dining for one of the restaurants in the resort. Dude was cool as fuck but his fiancee who's a twink power bottom was jealous of me cause I played RuneScape with him at work on the clock and by the time he got home he didn't want to play RuneScape with him. We eventually met one day at a coffee shop and squashed the bad blood cause he saw I was with my girlfriend and also was not trying to Mandingo his man , so we split RuneScape time with Ian two days with me and the rest with him. He moved to Iowa in a corporate gig a year or so ago and he's got no social media so I've no idea how he's doing. We will forever have memories of cheating in RuneScape and picking up drunk coked out rich women off the 4th floor hallways at 3am....that happened more than 20 times.
  4. naw we actually made them that day , so them bitches are fresher than anybody will ever get outside of a butcher shop. i just sat there with my spicy ass chicken laarb and oat milk matcha drink i made , not about to glizzy gobble down hard roll beer brats on a hot ass summer day
  5. Currently stuck celebrating some sorta corporate holiday and forced to watch a fuck ton of commercials and feel good at work propaganda. Free food but I feel like I'm in that scene of clockwork orange in the chair with my eyes forced open. Oh and this.
  6. https://monsby.com/ It's real and costs 1k...
  7. This ups motherfucker didn't even ring my doorbell at 9:56 am , knocked once like his hand was a wet Taco bell napkin then dipped into the truck and took off within 2.4 miliseconds before I could even open the door back inside from my balcony. Then fedex shows up at 10am on the dot and drops off the fuckin midi USB cable like a fuckin pro, no knock , no doorbell , just package left at the door and ghost. I woke up early for some bullshit.
  8. About to give up on signing up on the ups website to find out where my wind controller is , cause their asses came and left a note on my door at 8am saying they needed a signature for the delivery and it won't let me change the delivery time on the website that's broken as fuck. Fuck UPS making me wait till Tuesday to pick shit up at the creepy ass cvs in town.
  9. @LUGR you can blame gen z for that and clown porn
  10. Lmao I'm salty the warez cracking groups never did this one , cause I really can't rationalize 250 bucks for 1 software instrument vs the probably about 200,000 dollars I've pirated over the years. I have the trumpet and trombone versions of this and with a little tweaking of some things and fx you honestly can't tell the difference between this and a real horn. I can't play my saxophones that often at home due to having downstairs neighbors and I'm not a douchebag that whips out his tenor saxophone and plays Kenny g songs at 11 at night.
  11. Yamaha wx11 midi breath/wind controller. I remember being like 10 living on Norton air force base in California and going to the BX almost every day in the summer to read comics, magazines, be ghetto in the toy Isle , and spend an inordinate amount of time in the electronics section where they had this as a demo display along with a couple keyboards. Was a beginner alto and clarinet player at the time so this blew my mind. Fast forward to 2021 I started shopping around for wind controllers and had a few I liked until this Yamaha yds 150 came out recently, but always had a few tabs up on eBay and reverb for the wx11 hunting for under 500 bucks. At 800 the yds is dope as fuck but buying without actual hands on impression don't really work sometimes, but the yds is next year after I get a Roland so 404mk2. Hella hyped to do bad porno groove electronic music like I've always wanted.
  12. Lmao they didn't even arrest dude they just said " welp you've been going around the world causing mayhem so you better show up in court buddy"

    thinking  bout that week i wrote "pfffffffffft!!" with an expired sakura black paint stick that was so old it dried grey.

  14. That still geeks me out that there was no denial of saving tinychat streams and 12oz members pictures for years and not just single digits @LUGR I wish I had the draw a oontzer pictures from way back though, that was a hilarious thread. If I recall there was a South Park character generator thread also that was pretty cool.
  15. Twitter has dog whale wolf level arguments on a massive scale I can popcorn.gif lurk on though. Plus that's where all my irl friends ended up after ditching Facebook, so we can be crass and borderline equal opportunity racist in peace.
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