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  1. friends dont let friends quote tweet for clout
  2. yea , plus depending on what brand and if its going out of a country its already been frozen once before getting shipped out . worked in 4 different cheese factories ...will also never touch string cheese ever ever ever again because of this
  3. that takes skill getting banned from nostupidquestions . its up there with getting banned from trashyboners or trees
  4. that part of the anime/manga fandom is hella weird , cause its blackanimetwitter but like 80% of the people larp as black people with anime profile picture and use aave not understanding a lot of the hyperbolic and dark humor...it geeks me out they throw nigga around freely also dude was actually funny as fuck but they went after him hard for this joke of all things and he got banned for making a joke about a demon horse and an insufferable character that gets worse as the story goes
  5. might finally get my drivers license and a car or something ...but like ive never needed one so ...shruglife
  6. While often misidentified as a vocoder, the vocal effect in "Planet Rock" is actually Bambaataa rapping through a Lexicon PCM 41. I was today years old finding out he just had the delay time set to hella short . Also where the fuck are all these people working that they can just buy vintage shit like this?
  7. my ex gf sent me this random ass picture from twitter as a link on Instagram's dm two days ago, and its geeking me out cause i need to know the backstory or reason she sent it.....
  8. do laundry at the laundromat thats across the street , or go across town to walmart and buy more work clothes for next week...
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