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  1. 11,000 posts. Think it's higher at like 20k but we used to be able to delete our own posts and also alternate screen names. Also this
  2. Picked these two up Friday at goodwill. I probably looked and sounded like I lost my damn mind in there by myself but. Also did my first purchase of vinyl online last week and they came in from Amazon today.. prolly will rarely do it again unless it's for something I'll never find out in the wild that I really want.
  3. @nicklesndimes iirc she finally diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic around some time of shooting warhol. she was part of the second wave feminism group ,and technically she would be considered a TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) , part of the proto third wave that started early 90s into the goldfish memory 4th wave that is basically tumblr and twitter. for the life of me i cant remember , but some of the manifesto falls into the social contract ,sexual contract theory of "we live in a society" and it centuries long debates
  4. bout to do a fuckton of laundry and binge 1000 ways to die while doing it
  5. valerie is the one that shot and broke andy warhol
  6. @mr.yuck the absolute insane part about all the lizzo thing is she's actually putting in effort to bring band/music back to urban schools among a whole slew of other philanthropy and community things. nobody got up in arms over sterling being cringe as fuck all these years
  7. hypothetically yea but them fuckers have thumbs like monkeys so you better hope its a swift kick or else it grabs a shoelace or part of your sock
  8. Lmao I feel attacked cause I do this shit all the time, and just realized all the times I purged shit I don't need..all my people suddenly got concerned about me.
  9. I just..it kinda slaps though
  10. trying to tell my friend he's downbad for the onlyfan homegirl , but i think he just went full simp cause she does nudes now on her twitter. she really needs to hire a different photographer
  11. https://replicate.com/lambdal/text-to-pokemon
  12. Letting them know you are there and especially figuring out a way to let them know they can talk to you. Doesn't have to be about their issues at all , but depending on the person some boundaries need to be set unless you wanna end up the person being guilted with suicide threats at 4am (speaking from experience). Some will choose suicide no matter what, like my niece 5 years ago, or my childhood friend who did it at 21 in 2001 or his ex 3 years before that in our friends bathroom during a house kickback. I think the hardest thing for some is being able to express emotions or issues that don't really have words and you just kinda spiral into a states of being over ,suffocation, powerlessness individually or all at once . Mental health issues makes it even harder to reach out to that person. Personally I avoid the hell out of saying shit like "it'll get better" ."you have so much to live for". "Think about ___ cause they will be sad". They got enough existential shit going on at the moment for all that noise.
  13. My old ex is a fuckin menace for sending me weird shit.
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