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    I've been urged by a few fellow 12ozers to make this post. On December 26th I was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal adenocarcinoma. This cancer of the lower esophagus was caused by acid reflux, something I never even knew I suffered from. It spread to my stomach, liver, and other spots. Back in the late-summer I noticed there was a pressure and constriction in my mid-chest after eating food. Foolishly I waited until early October to mention it to my physician. I was put on an over-the-counter acid and heartburn reducer. In November I met with a gastroenterologist who recommended an upper endoscopy. Mid-December the endoscopy revealed a 2" growth in my lower esophagus. The biopsy results came back a few days later and revealed it was cancerous. I did a CT scan and met with an oncologist a week later where I was told that the cancer had spread. I was told that without treatment my life expectancy would be 6 months. With treatment, 1-2 years. Surgery and radiation would no longer be an option at this stage. Chemotherapy begins January 6th and I am fucking terrified. This is not meant to be a pity post, but more of an open dialog about cancer and how much it fucking sucks. I'm sure in some way we've all be affected by cancer either personally, or through family and friends. What's your story? Also, I urge all of you to get screened or tested for cancer. Even if you don't show any signs or symptoms. It could save your life. On a positive note, I bought a new digital camera and lens as a "Fuck it, I have cancer" present to myself. My goal is to document what little time I have left. When it's all over my digital archive will go to a trusted friend who will see fit to publish a book.
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    What’s up guys? Used to post in here often years ago. Maybe we can get this thing rolling more again. Posting some current stuff I’ve been making.
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    Chopped the top side off my 74 VW Bus so I can turn into a bar for my business. Fuck Im old I cant believe this site is even around still!
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    @misteraven @One Man Banned @Kults @KILZ FILLZ @NightmareOnElmStreet @SMdoubleXL @morton @Keepitrail @mr.yuck @Dirty_habiT @Hua Guofang @Schnitzel @abrasivesaint @Mercer @DETO @Drue_Down
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    Started to build a shed that will fit into my gangway (aka-space between my garage and fence) about 4 feet wide. I’m not a builder - never built anything actually. Got some tools and lumber and got started. More to do still. Pictured - said gangway and noob tools.
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    Okay so we've all been reminiscing and LOLing in the 80's-90's MEMORIES thread... Definitely a blast from the past and good fun to look back on. A recent post by @SMdoubleXL(and her response) got me thinking that it would be way more fun to actually post personal photos, rather than skim shit off the interwebz. So in honor of the Oontz and the opportunity for laughs, I decided to start this thread and will even post the same photo for you all to make fun of. So the way this works, is you post a personal photo (bonus points if its the age before digital) and add a little background to it. Here's me in High School. I think it was about 10th grade, so that would put this at about 1989 or so. I'd already been going to punk shows for a few years wuith friends, was deep into Misfits and Sam Hain and started really getting serious about graffiti after being accepted into Free Agents, a graffiti crew presided then and now by @dekayfa that was super unique fort its time since it was all punk and skater kids ( @diggity) would join this crew many years later when Dekay had moved to Georgia and inspired a whole new wake of skater type kids to pickup graffiti and eventually join). Anyhow, these were some great times... Not quite a kid, but not quite an adult, listening to everything from punk, hardcore through to new wave and progressive music. Doing graffiti, going to parties, going to shows and just having fun at the expense of my High School education, which basically sucked right up until getting kicked out of High School about a year later. (Dekay also got kicked out). Believe by about this point I had my first car, which was a 1972 El Camino Classic that was painted white and orange with house paint when I got it for something like $275. I spent about $20 for several cans of grey primer, another $20 for some Bondo and a yard worth of generic black carpet and switched the bench seat out for some bucket seats I stole out of another car somewhere. The car was a complete shit bucket that maybe got about 8 miles to the gallon. I never bothered insuring it and matter of fact, never even bother to register it. Those were the days when you could just steal a plate off a wreck out behind a mechanics shop and just hope cops didn't end up at a stoplight behind you. Good days and long before smartphones and internets. Kinda wish progress unrolled a little slower.
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    New plant that is already dying I’ll try not to kill. Breakfast game is always strong and hella greasy strangler. Snow in April. Ridiculous New England. (Also latergram aka maybe 2 weeks ago but my life is the same most weekends so applicable) New boots, who diss. Hikes. Though this was hand painted. Was not. Liquor stores will never be the same. Impossible to rob. **bonus perveract** Extra points given to myself since this broads dude was easily 2 ft taller than i. She had them cakes. could not resist.
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    Inspired by @misteraven's 70s-00s thread I started digging into some recently digitized family slides. I was born in Qalandarabad, Pakistan in the Himalayan foothills in 1984 to christian missionaries. Here are a bunch of family pics (mostly embarrassing) and random shit from my childhood over there. Some of these are before my time, order is fucked, and I'll probably slip a duplicate or two in, but you get the idea. Obviously my parents were not photographers... City pics are likely Karachi. Mountain pics are either Murree, Qalandarabad, Abbotabad (where they killed OBL), Rawalpindi, or some random spot in between. People are either my family, family friends, or complete strangers on the backs of some poor animal. I have to assume my love of brown women started here.
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    High School, rolling in my hot pearl raspberry 64 Impala SS. Circa 1989. Press sheets of 12ozProphet issue #6. Circa 1998. Probably my favorite piece I ever did. Go figure that it’s also the only one I ever freestyled and was drunk as shit while I did it. Characters by a very young Os Gemeos. Brazil circa 1998. Framed cover artwork from 12ozProphet issue #3 by Barry McGee circa 1994. Out take artwork for an AKA x Stussy collab that we’d been working on. Circa 2006. Handstyle by Crude Oil (RIP). Some jewelry we shot for Mikimoto in the old AKA studio in Soho. This necklace was 1 of 1 and was $2 million dollars. Not seen is the armed guard that sat watching us the entire time. Mikimoto 1 of 1 ring. Something like $900k. Some photos we did back in the AKA studio days for the Supreme Book. Mark Gonzales artwork (top) and Rammellzee (bottom). Myself and @psm026 Old AKA / 12ozProphet studio in Soho was lit.
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    Here’s some extra old school shit... Out taking graff flix with my dog. Believe this was 1985 or so. Rocking them cool vans and my sporty SoCal skate look. First piece I was truly proud of, even if they were just simple blockbusters. Copyright 1989. Can’t remember the exact year, but about halfway through college when I took a year off to do graffiti and drink lots of malt liquor in Savannah GA. Suppose that would make this 1993 or so. Freights there were easy and I got into doing clean readables most of the time. Cool group shot the day after hitting more freights. Went back the next day for clean day shots. Shie, me and Jel (Inkheads) around 1993. Fun little wall featuring a Bode mouse. Also Savannah, so still 1993. More readable freight shit. 1994.
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    Haven't released details of this yet, but figured I'd give you guys a first look since this is 12oz. New series I'm playing with that is intended to push the experimental side of the design and production process a bit (here and here). This one is Experiment No.001 and features a Black (tonal) ink, as well as white, fluorescent red, reflective and discharge, which is like printing with bleach instead of ink. Each shirt is individually numbered in an edition of 100 (left bottom side) and also has a little message for Zuck, as well as a QR code link back to the forum like I did with the Forum Reunion tee. Unsure when this will drop, but will be released together with a murdered out, black on black subdued version of the 12oz Stacked Logo tee (also limited). Anyhow, I'll keep you guys posted, but here's some crappy iPhone shots...
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    Thought you guys were proposing we change the name of Channel Zero. Was about to start ban hammering the fuck outta people.
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    Found IRC way too confusing (circa 1996) and figured there had to be an easier way for writers to discuss shit on the internet. Met a kid named @Misk-TheDragonthat was a hax0r and helped put up the first forum. Following that, he would hack into competing sites and redirect their traffic to 12oz for a few days until they could figure out how to switch it back. Used to pay him in free sodas and mail order merch cause he was just a little kid, we were all young and 12oz was just getting started. Now he’s a trial lawyer. True story.
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    I know its not MS Paint, and I feel like I have failed my duties on C.Zero due to it not being mspaint.
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    Okay just putting it out there in case you;'re stuck at home and need to practice your screenprinting. Limited run shirt for the channel 0 heads so we can remember these troubled times/over blown panic Maybe customise it. with "pass-the-corona-ese"
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    I remember when i first started re-posting on here about 8 months ago i was fresh off the streets and in bad shape mentally. Well people in the resource centers here saw that and decided to set me up in a pretty nice section 8 apartment in a classy section of town. Pretty sweet. I gotta pay a dumb low amount for rent plus utilities. 👍. I dont get a mental check yet but im working on it. Tryina do 1-2 time odd jobs for under the table money off craigslist. Anyway, its a big step up from that tiny home village i was staying in before this. I actually have like running water and an oven and shower, basic shit like that that werent in my last house. Right now im just saving up for a car then its on like donkey kong. 💪. Been having old school friends that are homeless stay over for a night or 2 just to give them a little break from the streets. I remember when i was there aint nobody help me like that. Feels good to give back to the homies. 🙏. So all-in-all things are looking up. Praise Jesus Allah or Buddha, or whoever the fuck is up there. L.Ron Hubbard maybe? Lolol. Need to make and buy some art the start hanging up. Lemme know if anyone has any sites or stores i could check out for that. Yall be easy. Take it sleazy. Oh yea heres some snaps of the place.
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    So got laid off. It kinda sucks, but whatever. Since my son is off school as well, I’ve decided to load up my little Jeep patriot and hit the road. Staying primarily In a big tent at campgrounds. Hotel if needed, I’ll prolly need it ha. first spot I have is in Gulf Breeze, Fl. Kick it on the beach camping for a few days. After that we will drive along the gulf to Panama City, then north to Tallahassee. Stay at lake Talquin for a couple days. That's what Ive got booked so far. Georgia and Tennessee will be after that. Looking for recommendations at spots to stay. I’m a hammock and beer Type of camper. My son will happy if there’s water or a basketball hoop. We will have electronics and all that jazzzzzz. Food spots and lowrider stuff also welcomed.
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    I've been building models for a long time, and then one day I got bored and started taking photos of them attacking my brother's cat. This project has evolved over the years and my hobby has reached the point where I have gotten some illustration work out of it.It's been a really fun project that offers all kind of opportunities for experimentation. You can find my work at http://armymenaroundthehouse.ca https://www.instagram.com/armymenaroundthehouse/ https://www.facebook.com/armymenaroundthehouse/
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    Installed a temporary electrified bear fence to buy time until I can build a permanent one all the way around my chicken coop and run, gardens and orchard area (which the deer decimated two summers ago or it would be an actual orchard and not just an “orchard area”. ) They did tear some shit up last night but didn’t manage to get in.
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    Don’t quite remember the year but very early 2000’s. Best guess is likely summer 2002. NYC over the trauma of 9/11 but before they got it all dialed in and shit turned corporate as fuck. Can’t remember what even this was, only that I was drunk and having fun at a block / park party. Kids were skating, someone was DJing, 12oz was exploding and I was having fun. Think this was about 1996. @dekayfa, Ease, Shie, Rage and myself (Free Agents, Inkheads). This was before any of us living in NYC, but we knew a lot of people and it was starting to feel like a second home.
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    Just a few that weren’t too hard to locate (before I change my mind) all pre digital age Im gonna guess 10th grade here this was probably near the end of junior year/beginning senior year. note the pager in homegirl’s pocket and gold name plate necklace round my neck me and the mini she was near 2. Puts me at about 19. Photo dated 96 these are dated also as a lil more grown. A lot more attitude and sas Photos are film photos with all kinds of “I spy” goin on in the background
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    @misteraven- my Mom has the heat photos from the 70s and a few from the 80s, but unfortunately I have nothing to speak of that is a photo of myself as a teen. I know some old friends have some photos but I haven't seen or talked to any of them in twenty years or more. I'll have to dig through what I have and see if anything will qualify. But just so I'm sharing something... here's one from 1992 when I worked as the in-store artist at Tower Records in Dublin, CA.
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    3/27/2020 5:04 am Wake up, use flash like I don't know how technology works alerting a lakeside neighborhood there's a fool close by 5:06 Only drink coffee imported from Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia, smells like citrus when it's ground. Wonk Saggin 5:11 am Gucci in the kitchen water whippin' 5:16 am Breakfast, then shower get dressed 6:15 am Lunch/Breakfast packed by wifey 6:23 am New Kicks came in the mail last night, a rare "allowed to wear in house" opportunity exploited. 6:40am preparing to roll out for the day 6:45 Three cones packed 6:46am Leftovers from grinder go in the dugout 6:46 am Just a quick taste 6:50 am pocket/wallet content check, word is the same ox slashed another oontzer earlier 6:50 am Still too thiiiiiiick when it's packed for me, time to hit the road though 8:47 am found the culprit, water damage on a duct detector for a massive parking garage fan unit 8:48 am Just before I replaced the card and head in less than 30 minutes, clear the fire alarm panel's trouble, and get this fan unit working again 9:37 am Gloves come off, hands wiped clean and sanitized upon entering the vehicle. 10:40 am A temperamental subject disturbing an entire high rise, luckily I know just the trick to satisfy her, fixed in less than 5 minutes 10:45 am Rewarded with a concert in the parking garage from this beauty by the building engineer 11:45 am Lunch time, thermos meals are highly recommended 12:03 am Brand New Work Vehicle Flex 12:12 Time for a hike in the garden. 12:16 They bold now 12:17 Fuckizyou lookin at kid? 12:20 They maintaining proper dissidence, and social distance by climbing rocks. Proper. 12:34 Forgot to take off tools, keys, voltmeter but at least my feet dressed for my best Colorado life. 12:43 Checking out my favorite artist's work 12:50 Soon to be: On the road again... 1:04 Attitude back on gratitude after lunch, a long drive ahead, hustle is essential 5:15 Emergency communications restored after an open heart surgery, Mercer's about that overtime life 5:26 Gloves come off outside of the vehicle only to wash the hands 5:27 Blue collar worker rule number 9, only clean hands shall touch PP (cropped) 5:39 Feed the horses in the back 5:43 Gas, grass, and (hopefully one day) ass will be available here. 7:02 My favorite time is spoiled brat time with this dog poop factory 7:06 Flexxelence poppin off in the kitchen when I come in the door wavin the .44 7:43 All you heard was poppa don't fuck with hamburger helper no mo 8:21 Local desert is a must, just before bed, I'm old and I'm usually out before 9:00 pm
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    re: a few pages back saw this on IG and it’s a good picture of how to get food off of the food you just ate. Great way to start veggies without having to germinate seeds
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