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  1. Yo almost totally forgot! I’ll post when I get home good shit everyone!
  2. Lol Cheeto feet i sent him a package and he texted me back last week 👍
  3. *** NEW LIST 2020 *** due sooner than later 1. PAPER 2. GREEN 3. METAL 4. FOOD 5. FOREIGN LAND 6. MECHANICAL 7. BLACK AND WHITE 8. FABRIC 9. DETAIL 10. NEON **BONUS: PERVERACT**
  4. Love you buddy @-Rage-! Keep your head up through all this and congrats on your marriage. on a lighter note I just picked this up for $35 and already wasted a bunch of shots! The joy of old polaroids haha I’ll be back to post some more
  5. Shirt is quality! And the rusto fats had this rusted out wildflower blue spraying perfectly
  6. haha just had this pizza. marinara vodka pesto not my pic
  7. Justthetip was his other name right? Crazy stories. RIP
  8. RIP. What was his newer name? I remember he was trying to make toad skin coin purses or something crazy like that
  9. Haha thanks man! We have like 20 tomato plants right now it’s ridiculous. You guys have to come to the new spot
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