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  1. Scheduling meeting that aren’t real with me in them so when managers look at my calendar it looks like I’m busy
  2. It’s serious when I break out the temp blicky. I keep them thangs on me.
  3. You know I just thought about it I got 2 offset smokers, for fat ass briskets and shit, I got a Weber and another kettle grill, I got a portable propane, a portable charcoal, and that small yakitori grill. I’m trying to convince the wife I need a Kamado style grill but I think that ship set sail.
  4. Got a man sized grill too bro.
  5. That logo needs to be tattooed on some of ch.0's finest
  6. Man when I saw it I was like I got to have this, that movie is so fucking ridiculous. Made me want to break tho.
  7. Some cheap toys for the home office. Breaking and ODB. Some classic mufuckas.
  8. I pretty much grease the wheels everywhere unless service is so fucking bad.
  9. Butternut squash linguine with shaved truffles and sage chips. Aka Some shit I had at the house.
  10. Sports gambling. Found a local book with deep pockets, told him I'd find him customers, just give me the 10% on the losses. He agreed. Went to parties, talked sports with people, told them I got a guy that'll cover up to 5k per bet. Been doing it for the past year. Best month I made about 12k. Slow month probably just an extra rack.
  11. 6mm rope chain. I want to save up for a 10mm cuban link but Gold is getting expensive.
  12. Spicin things up. Was really fucked up the other night, decided to make gourmet canned food.
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