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  1. Danggggg.. Mother fuckers branging it. So I went with some raised bed veggie garden deal. I'd say about another month before I grub...
  2. Orange Cranberry Tea Scones from Trader Joes.. I like them.
  3. I really dig this thread. This is sort of what social media could be if it wasn't so... Ya know, not 12oz..
  4. Going down.. Chumpkin Much better. Argentina on point. The fountain(not pictured) is nice and relaxing.. Pretty spot in Baldwin Park. Bloodfart Dance N Graff 80s dance party... My selfie game is on fleek or drugs. I haven't decided which.
  5. Is this still going down? Also, Reunion shirts.. Done and dusted or will rise like the phoenix that is the OZ?
  6. A bunch of crappy metal that I can't even fuck with today.
  7. Not so much bought, but earned. Peace of mind.
  8. Fuel North Hollywood. It's a rebuilt train depot. Decent coffee spot. The wood floor have the perfect amount of old timey creek in them. Up up and street level. Silver Streak in the bus lane. Some times buses gong this fast weird me out. Snacks yes, coffee no. Visiting.
  9. I still stick by models over CGI... Haha.. I give you permission to use any of my flicks. If you ever make money from one of them I expect said money to be donated to an agreed upon chairity of my choice. I should have probably read everything Raven typed... But whatever. I guess credit is coo.. but entirely neccessary...
  10. Has the social media revolution devolved conversation? Yes, plain and simple. It's also made us less present to whatever it is we are doing at any given moment. Individual privacy and freedom versus collective *safety and security? Both of these should be able to coexist. A lot of these mass shooting all had warning signs that were ignored at various levels and didn't need no violation of anyones personal rights to figure that shit. Has political correctness versus teenage / young adult violence? Violence has always existed and we've idealized the past as if it wasn't violent. #Me Too!!! And continuing the conversation on political correctness?
  11. https://habibifunkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/habibi-funk-mix-1-7 Really dope. Here's a quick story about this.. So I occasionly DJ a slient disco.. Bleh.. This weekend some red dot Indians came in. A group of them and requested some Bollywood... Now that DJs can stream shit live everyone wants what they want and now.. I told him might have something gimme a minute.. I found it. I used their mix to mix in and out of several mixes. It worked though. Got'em moving. Oddly enough I wound up using it again to a mostly Orange County birthday party group. Go figure..
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