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  1. I’m getting a 1 in a different font than the regular 12oz font when I “add to homescreen”. Weird.
  2. She's 43 555twitter.com_1708440020595.mp4
  3. Very few people train as hard as this dude. Inspiration... 555twitter.com_1708456867335.mp4
  4. 555twitter.com_1708368522078.mp4
  5. Really hope they don't give that dog back to this moron and the white lady just kept it. 555twitter.com_1708366869002.mp4
  6. Funny thing is where I live, it used to only be redneck types that knew how to work on cars you'd see 4 wheeling. They'd almost exclusively drive jeeps, or international scouts out here that were 99% street legal. Now that I'm back in Colorado, and can afford to do it it's mostly looks exactly like this video, Mexicans playing Narcos in pimped out side by sides like this on the trails, and we're all legit open carrying gucci'd out guns. Only difference is I pull up towing my shit in a Tesla, and they've all got luxury trucks that cost 2x to 3x more. I'm working on securing a camo teddy bear to complete the look and fit in better.
  7. 555twitter.com_1708126188082.mp4 Shit kinda slaps. 555twitter.com_1708304600815.mp4
  8. Mercer


    I've already got my gold Big T's on.
  9. there are some pretty insane social media profiles now of made up AI beings.
  10. Reminds me of my favorite Abraham Lincoln quote. "Anything's a dildo if you're brave enough."
  11. Tried top prompt cats as pillars, pillars made of cats, greek temple held up with cats instead of pillars. No Bueno
  12. 555twitter.com_1708175579513.mp4
  13. 555twitter.com_1708136625323.mp4
  14. Mercer


    Second!!! 555twitter.com_1707945803155.mp4
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