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  1. redditsave.com__-etfb5448gds61.mp4
  2. I can't imagine the level of denial one would need to possess to continue respecting a game where a team can change the rules of the game to their favor mid game if they start to lose. Like having an actual favorite team like a sports fan, but instead of playing sports, the teams meet up and compete to see how much they can rob the rest of the stadium.
  3. Pretty sure most of that was your own hard labor, savings, and wise investment, @KILZ FILLZbut for the record I'll take credit for that and should be added to those mortgage papers ASAP. I've always wanted real estate in Cali.
  4. David Chapman: ATF- 1988-2012 Ran "civil asset forfeiture" program (strong arm robbery) in Detroit Burned multiple children to death while teargassing them (Waco) Claimed Branch Davidians used "50 cal's", "shot down helicopters, which was proven a lie via congressional hearing. Want's to make all AR15's like owning fully automatic machine guns (practically impossible), annual license fee's etc. What the actual fuck is happening?
  5. Who would have thought conversations on 12ozProphet helped push me towards escaping NYC a couple of weeks before the virus hit there. Damn, reading through this thread brought back some memories. Looking through the other threads I can trace conversations, perspectives to real world net worth gains, getting into crypto, and homeownership just in time. This forum is laced with historical gems going way the fuck back.
  6. Sony_Music_Africa_-_Can_you_make_it_through_all_levels_@LilNasX_Twerk_Hero_game_is_out_now._Play_it_here_--1380067423005589507.mp4 https://www.monterocallmebyyour.name/ Your boy Mercer just got high score.
  7. f87CvDW5RBnc-ms7MvcMLZNVsuu8D6VY-KJHnEc4oNQ.mp4
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