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  1. He had a concealed weapon, and a police sniper watching his back no doubt. Agent Provocateur.
  2. I'd have to consider a late, late term abortion.
  3. I just thought of a whole new side hustle.
  4. New Live Feed https://www.pscp.tv/w/1DXxypqEYVkJM?q=Virginia
  5. Antifa's official position as Anarchists first, is that the people should have gun rights, and they often flex ARs at Antifa demonstrations. For this issue, they're actually right in line with the libertarians, who are the main bulk of 2a supporters. Americans tend to view right wing/Libertarian as the same thing, and left wing/Ancom as the same thing. A pretty bad mischaracterization. Nazi's are not Libertarian, Neither are Conservatives, but both have factions that support 2A. There are plenty of Trump supporters (including Trump himself) that support the continuing infringement on the right to bear arms. Even the Nazi's were pretty clear on their anti freedom stance, they thought nobody (even the "master race" ) should have guns outside of government employees.
  6. I remember this user name from back in the day, weird he'd post that shit though.
  7. Governor Blackface's supposed worst nightmare, his own citizens.
  8. Looks like nothing big is happening yet, peaceful gathering growing by the hour. Here's a live feed: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1rmxPXyqyBXxN
  9. Agreed, those LE officers were there to play the game of "how can we get this idiot to incriminate himself" and by engaging, he played right into their hands. Still thought the cops were assholes, regardless of how dumb the guy filming was.
  10. I hate it when I'm minding my own business walking down the street and notice a random passerby staring at me like a psycho, so I naturally avoid eye contact, or interacting with them, then they become even more enraged and start ranting about how much better their generation was.
  11. This_is_the_most_random_video_on_the_internet-y9ihd2h58sb41.mp4
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