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  1. redditsave.com_am_i_the_crazy_one_to_think_this_is_crazy-19pq49gikdc81.mp4 Kamala, it is time. Execute order 420 69
  2. No shortage of anonymous donors with nothing better to spend gains on.
  3. @MOOGLE?Only one who made it anywhere off the internet persona level was Mero as far as I know. He was twitter famous when people were still getting tweets via sms text message. Everybody else on here with high web profiles (as far as I know) was mostly because they built themselves names as artists/writers and just hung out on here, not so much because they were early social media influencers.
  4. XL Mook-Life drip resonating. Got some analog going out in the garage too flick, batteries inside staying cozy for the winter.
  5. Had to steal this one. Love seeing people lives changed for the better like this.
  6. Drip with more energon than Megatron, flex strong electron like an off grid don. I What are you working with?
  7. You can have a signature now, most people have view signatures set to ignore, because people still abuse the fuck out of it. I think @Boris The Butcher's has the word nigger with the hard R in it a couple of times. Hilarious, but probably not that great google wise considering the bots crawling the forum, trying to categorize 12oz's content.
  8. True story, I think @Theo Huxtablewas the all time prop king, but I wasn't far behind. My claim to e-fame was I got the very first extra "tic tac" on 12oz when the props system first dropped. I copy pasted a story I found on the internet about shitting the bed, after crashing at a one night stand's place. So while she still slept I smeared some of my poop in her crack so she would think the log belonged to her before ghosting her. I said it was awkward because we had class together later. Think it was in "the shit, is the shit, is the shit thread". People went nuts on the propers, and then noticed I got an extra tic tac from the accumulation of points. They started a prop circle jerk thread, and everyone wanked each other up to maxx tic tac thiccness immediately after. I think @Porcelainmight have maxxed out first. After that, noobs had to worry about something worse than the mods deciding to abuse you. If a newb said anything even slightly annoying they immediately started publicly menstruating. Anyway, point being I had admin access years ago, and screen shotted what had to be dozens of pages of my prop messages. Still have the image files tucked away somewhere.
  9. One thing I really do miss about the old prop system was you could leave private comments in the props.
  10. Bitcoin uses a lot of electricity, but it's orders of magnitude less energy than the global banking industry uses. This is sort of like how banks launder exponentially more money for criminals than crypto, but the public is convinced crypto is used to launder money. Kosovo isn't having a bitcoin mining problem. What they're experiencing is a "when government interferes with the free market, there are unintended consequences" problem. If you subsidize artificially cheap, or "free" electricity in your country (and I know it sounds crazy, but) people might go ahead and use that come up to their own benefit.
  11. Poison/murder being on the last page is pussy shit. Back in 09 if you had enough tic tacs on here you could just prop a noob and they'd end a bums life for you before the bottom of the first page and post flix.
  12. Still remember that snitch dude in the photo that go trolled by 12oz. Good times.
  13. When you refuse to be upstaged by the birthday kid who's costume doesn't even have kickboxing shin guards.
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