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  3. Wonder when vibrators with upload grip strength, and moisture content to tinder for higher profile ratings.
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    Stupid motherfucker. Not for defending his store, but for the way he bragged about it afterwords, basically snitching on himself, dropping plenty of evidence to be used against him in a criminal/civil trial. He should have observed the Pot brother's "shut the fuck up Friday". "Do you see the perpetrator?" Yea, I'm right here.
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    This is the energy I'm trying to match. dLgpmbwpHQ_s0ZhZ.mp4
  7. BriefAppropriateEasteuropeanshepherd-mobile.mp4
  8. I can see how it's funny on some levels of dark humor, but I'm in a keeping it real mood until this coffee does it's job. Just know too many good people close to me that had their lives, and chances for a career ruined by fed fuckboys for minor shit bullshit like this. TBH the only humor on this that made me laugh was a fake Russian newspaper headline saying she's being transferred to a mens prison because she had a massive cock.
  9. The vast majority of Americans think weed should be legal, but instead of valuing our own logic, the drive to punish people who don't hold the same values is so overwhelming half the people I see online are celebrating her being kidnapped for 9 years for personal use. Even the (I always knew they were fake) people who swear they're libertarian, and "love muh freedom". Kinda mind blowing. I'm not down with the woke shit either everyone seems to be associating her with, but my values aren't so out of wack that I don't recognize this as a somewhat major Loss. Hate is like a grip that not only gets stronger within you every time you embrace it, it also tightens the squeeze on others when they're outraged at your own depravity. It's like a multiplier we seem to not even care about. Pretty hard to argue we don't deserve exactly what's coming to us. I mean I think the woke: openly racist against white people, sexist against men, champagne sipping millionaire fake socialist grifter bullshit is lame as fuck myself, but more importantly, that's someone's relative, friend, teammate, business associate or partner and we're all in this shit together. We just lost some of the best years of a super productive person to the cheers of the people that benefit from their productivity. Pretending it's anything but hate is some fakest of the fake shit. We're all literally retarded.
  10. Pioneering new genres of Graffiti
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    Thicc thread materiel
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    Forward Party

    I think this is the way for people that want to get involved, and vote even though I still don't. Still can get pretty slimy, but much less chances of being involved in murdering of civilians and people overseas, and the opportunity to actually do good shit. This is how recreational is legalized, and people that actually need help get it.
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