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  1. ssstwitter.com_1669845544866.mp4
  2. Mercer


    No, but he was outside though, wasn't avoiding eye contact either.
  3. Mercer


    NYC is rude like that. Truth be told I dropped a floater and sat there chilling for 10 minutes. I was working in a high rise office building. This dude walked in like "Flush it!!" "Flush it!" at first I had no idea he was talking to me, then it took me a minute to decipher the thick accent. I flushed because I was defenseless (not a feces thrower) until after the wipe. Truth be told he was kinda right, and the dude only weighed a buck 20 tops.
  4. Mercer


    I burned my sprout area once trying to drop a match that was already put out into the toilet while I was taking a shit. They stay hot for a minute. After being yelled at by a Pakistani dude in a public restroom in NYC, I just flush immediately after the first big log drop, then another flush after final wipeout. Fuck conserving water.
  5. At this point he's already won, even if he ends up getting robbed still has the overwhelming majority consensus. That Nike part was 3 songs long and that finisher up to down rail was unbelievable.
  6. Mercer


  7. More Nyjah, just stylin on em.
  8. Yea, they do market research. There has to be a certain number of people earning above X amount of dollars, or a major college campus within shopping distance for them to open one. We'll never get one where I live, but Boulder which has far less people than here has one.
  9. Trader Joe's was like that in NYC. Especially for snacks, and pre made foods. Students loved it because it was affordable. Doesn't work like that here. In non-affluent places in Colorado Trader Joe's doesn't even exist. It's all King Supers & Safeways ghetto shit, and shit like Sprouts that is over-priced organic shit. The higher end shit doesn't have everything you need there so you still ens up in King Supers anyway. It also doesn't help that prices here are near double for many grocery store staples compared to port cities like NYC & SF. Mexicans here have the come ups on healthy affordable food here on lock. Semi-legal produce stands, and other types of street vendors that pop up here for everything. The only other come up is just growing the shit yourself, or copping in bulk straight to the source like a 1/4 cow or some shit. We have grass roots style co-ops, and CSA's (community subscription agriculture) where you pay in advance and get what you get. That still costs much more than street, or corporate grocers pound for pound though. Also starting to envy people that hunt, and pull in hundreds of pounds of meat for the cost of some cheap tags and a couple bullets.
  10. Mercer

    Ron DeSantis

    How it started...
  11. I predict a well worded whataboutism, blah, blah lesser of two evils, etc. etc.
  12. I'm not sure, the actual upward price pressure starts day of halvening since miners almost immediately dump whatever they're issued as far as newly minted bitcoin to cover electricity and hardware costs. When this starts drying up on exchanges demand skyrockets. Under normal circumstances from the day of the halvening, until the next all time high for the 4 year cycle took almost exactly 1.5 years. If our next halvening is on 2024/04/25 and we add 1 year 6 months it's 2025/10/25 but instead of Oct. 25th I rounded it up to Nov 1st.
  13. Under the Bush & Obama presidencies the U.S. gov spent trillions intentionally ending the lives of millions of people around the globe. We consider ourselves an "authority" and not an equal to others, sorta like cops we never find any wrongdoing after investigate ourselves. Torture became a legitimate function of government under Condoleezza, and Hillary helped to sodomize Libya's Leader with a knife. Just doing their jobs keeping Americans safe of course. ssstwitter.com_1669434142067.mp4
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