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  1. Mercer

    Grown ass men playing with LEGO

    This windmill is also insane, modern vertical axis turbine design thrown in for fun.
  2. Mercer

    Grown ass men playing with LEGO

    Last post's photos were the best for me. My nerd ass is always into the space shit, and the trojan horse/palaces are fucking insane.
  3. My first thoughts were, this seemed like a bad move on their part considering it's a mens brand. So att the very least, there has to be a small percentage of rapists, professional sexual harassers, and wife beaters who may take offense at this attack on their lifestyle exposing them to revenue loss. Jokes aside, there's an even more significant number of non-raping, otherwise well behaved customers that may also choose to grow beards now, or switch brands, I'll return to that later. From a marketing perspective, I assume the powers that be in Gillet concluded this commercial would drive increased brand loyalty to a broader audience. As far as brand strategy goes, this is clearly a gamble. On one hand It's already accomplished mass exposure to a very broad audience, for a fraction of what it would cost if they paid for this level of publicity. I mean who's actually seen this commercial outside of the discussions like this, sparked by going viral from it's controversy. For the most part though, I assume the majority of their customer base will identify with the virtues signaled here, and are in agreement with the social narrative this dog whistle portrays. With that said, because this is tied to social politics some will choose to be offended by this. The reason I use the word "choose"' is they're probably not engaging in any other "male toxicity" themselves, so the commercial doesn't attack them directly. Yet some will consider this commercial an attack against them based on the obvious progressive dog whistles. It's PC enough to not blatantly paint men as a group in a bad light just for being men. The commercial never made a single controversial statement within it's context, but: • What if it only focused in the exact same way on minority men • What if there was a maxi pad commercial that pointed out the societal ills women tend to commit more. There would be instant negative backlash, so I get the obvious hypocrisy, and logical inconsistency involved here. Criticisms are aimed at a group of people which happens to be men, and yet somehow this is acceptable to people who normally champion the virtues of being politically correct. That's an idea worth examining, but to me, being triggered by this commercial is misguided, and an example of social conservitives trending towards the same unproductive tactics used (somewhat successfully) by progressives. With that said, I personally lean towards building, and maintaining a free society where groups of people like entire genders, religious groups, or nationalities can be criticized, and examined openly. We don't need one set of rules for one group, and a separate set of rules for the other. One of the reasons I laugh so hard at the N-word pass memes, it's hilarious because it explores this idea . This over zealous enforcement of politically correct speech is incompatible with a free society IMO. I'm not impressed by people who get instantly offended by beliefs outside of their narrative. The right adopting that "I'm offended" tactic to fight fire with fire is almost like a hypocrisy to the 2nd power, ironically being used in some cases to point out the original hypocrisy. I just don't think it leads to any productive discussion. Sure, technically it's against their own rules to single out a group for criticism, and so on, but that doesn't offend me personally. I feel no one is above criticism, and in a truly free society we should be free to express ideas that might be offensive to others.
  4. Mercer

    Triumph is going to destroy the USA :(

    The only thing you can count on is people work towards serving their self interests, most of the time it's in a non-destructive manner, but it can also come at the expense of others. Sure, we do have free will as humans, and occasionally some of us do stuff that is truly altruistic but hat isn't the norm. Breaking this myth that they are helping us, more than they're helping themselves is tougher than breaking self destructive religious beliefs. They work for your vote, along with the rest of the fickle crowd's vote. Profiting from, and manipulating our collective ignorance on a multitude of subjects the vast majority of voters are unqualified to judge for themselves.