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  1. Superman_hit_by_a_bus.-bvpz2l2b9j271.mp4
  2. Liking dubstep sometimes is OK, liking Skrillex, even a little, is totally inexcusable.
  3. El Cucuy with estrogen treatments Anytime down for downtown
  4. Posted the lab on page one of this thread with a map, still think that's where it came from. Giving them the benefit of the doubt I'll assume the lab leak was unintentional. What smells of intent is the CCP's lack of transparency, and lack of an investigation, no one even allowed to search for patient zero, etc. The information that has been released intentionally cloudy, opaque, acting the same way someone playing coverup would do from day one.
  5. Philadelphia to NYC is my personal favorite just for the graffiti. Montreal to NYC is a dope route just for scenery, but as you've mentioned, just on the New York side of the border through lake Champlain and down. Border crossings in North America tend to suck balls.
  6. Probably not the answer you want but you can't go wrong taking Amtrak across that stretch, most of that drive isn't going to be that scenic and be focused on dodging traffic. If you're driving I'd suggest long, or overnight stops in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago bare minimum. Mark your highly rated waypoints for food, drinks, good outdoor scenic walks in advance and those three stops should be epic.
  7. Not sure but I think it's called the Carpitz Munchen
  8. Nothing we didn't already know. Jack_Murphy_-_So_Jon_found_1_100th_of_his_ball_sack._Who_cares.-1404813528763088900 (1).mp4
  9. This_man_s_blindness_doesn_t_stop_him_from_doing_stunning_woodwork._@theblindwoodsman-nxzikmfmfg571.mp4 Unlike your shop teacher he's still got all 10. It's 2021, and even blind are disrespectfully out-craftsmanship-flexin on my bum ass.
  10. If you HODL through two halvening bear markets you get diamond balls, from double the geologic economic pressures compressing your jewels into something you can etch windows with.
  11. 90's dial up internet, so slow you've finish before any good parts of the JPEG even loaded.
  12. Dad who was also a technician was into tech, had a homemade descrambler that worked to descramble that blurred out shit so had a good collection of PPV events recorded. Had a bookshelf full of movies and recorded shit, no actual porn, or any recorded soft core movies. A couple movies had tits and I knew where each tit scene was to fast fwd on the tape. There's this shit movie Airwolf about a high tech helicopter, it had a scene where they were showing off the Helicopter's surveillance capabilities and there were some naked yoga tits in there someplace. I think Porky's made the list
  13. How things were ^^ - VS - How things are going now \/\/
  14. Boogerbeard from the first post is getting propers from champions 6 months into 2021.
  15. I don't think a lot of those represent a coherent group of "far right" outside of an abstract perspective. Each instance of "extremism" laid out isn't a broader component of a coordinated effort, or a unique sets of values shared by all the individuals perpetrating, outside of just they all accept political violence. I've dove deep into many of those, trying to understand the individual objectives which can't be proven really one way or another as they only exist inside one's own head.There's not much similarity on the surface either, let alone a layer or two deep into what we do k
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