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  1. Like a dumbass, I used to walk around there alone half the time with 5k in camera hanging around my neck. Never had a single problem though. There's some real nice Graffiti up there.
  2. ssstwitter.com_1679454429015.mp4
  3. 69 just got that ass beat while dressed like he's working the streets turning winter time tricks up in Hunts Point BX ssstwitter.com_1679453439436.mp4
  4. Preach brother, mother fuck a Hank Hill.
  5. Fucking love charcoal grilled steak so much, just flossed for over an hour with those little plastic toothpick + dental floss joints just for the scraps.
  6. ssstwitter.com_1679440750066.mp4
  7. Agreed, but a song being heat & actual rap are different concepts.
  8. ssstwitter.com_1679409322835.mp4
  9. ssstwitter.com_1679243323324.mp4
  10. lol, you said damage her internals. In all seriousness I'm impressed, one of those there was snow on the ground.
  11. ssstwitter.com_1679192691040.mp4
  12. Damn, you're ruined the entire thread with non stop low resolution, shit quality photos. WTF?
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