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  1. redditsave.com_to_say_aaron_earned_an_iron_urn_with_a_baltimore-96vfdchrtwba1.mp4 They did Baltimore dirty with this one.
  2. I just dropped this in the Channel 5 sub.
  3. ssstwitter.com_1673727462150.mp4
  4. Honesty is the best policy. redditsave.com_not_crazy_at_all-hoh4zvhkysba1.mp4
  5. I'm def planning on TRT in a few years when I hit 50. You'll know it when I'm on here flexing massive arm veins for no reason.
  6. Sure is doing well for being 75 years old and a life long steroid abuser. Reminds me of all the bullshit people said about other drugs, and how they can't be used responsibly and must be illegal.
  7. If your favorite dive bar act isn't this talented I feel bad for you son. 99 problems but needing a beer break ain't one. ssstwitter.com_1673630627784.mp4
  8. Believe it or not, that was 100% improv.
  9. I can't respect anyone who's not down with fake wrestling on at least some level. Anyone risking serious injury, just to entertain others gets my respect. Even the acting is over the top. This is one of the greatest moments in American entertainment history:
  10. ssstwitter.com_1673586462933.mp4
  11. True story. I'm still on the same 12 pack of Mach III blades I got over a decade ago.
  12. If he did that shit here he'd find out how eager motorists are outside of California to test our fancy cordless hole punchers. The metal pipe shit is just asking for it.
  13. ssstwitter.com_1673567273134.mp4
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