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  1. ssstwitter.com_1674701567372.mp4
  2. rapidsave.com_hitting_every_target_before_it_lands_on_the_ground-kdzexajht7ea1.mp4
  3. This cumulus ejaculate tastes like it's just rainwater.
  4. ssstwitter.com_1674275965162.mp4 Skygina
  5. $1 per 9mm round is ridiculous. Usually it’s customers robbing the gas station, not the other way around.
  6. Imagine hitting the horn instead of your brakes. redditsave.com_to_move_an_18_wheeler_with_a_horn-y6nwpq4c7gda1.mp4
  7. Pretty much the only way a manager would survive in my industry is staying the fuck out of the way. Recruiters charge 15K now for NICET certified technicians, and the law grants us a monopoly in this trade. It's cheaper to get a new manager than it is to replace a technician or electrical engineer.
  8. Since we're on gun shit. Glock Switch.mp4
  9. ssstwitter.com_1674234145244.mp4
  10. *Trigger Warning* This is why you never point a weapon at anything you're not willing to destroy. ssstwitter.com_1674197815300.mp4
  11. Yes, 100% but the gun it was mounted to wasn't an actual working gun. They make replicas for training, and other purposes like displaying accessories that even when I know it doesn't work makes me cringe when it's pointed at someone. Pointing a gun at anyone you're not trying to defend yourself from is a major violation in the gun community. Shot Show is kinda like gun community's mecca. If it were a real gun, even if it's unloaded, it would be the equivalent of walking into a crowded church and pissing into the holy water. edit: just rewatched, there isn't even a barrel or any other working parts.
  12. Holosun Video.mp4 Price point on these will be between $1000 - $2300 for HD so you can add a magnifier.
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