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  1. Yeah, it's really crazy @misteraven. Most of these statues you posted are at the acropolis museum, i've seen them live numerous times and still can't stomach the fact that they where once colored so vividly. An interesting fact is that color was limited in ancient times and hence very expensive and luxurious. We judge color today based on the limitless options we have on the full spectrum but once you realize that in ancient times blue was so expensive that only kings and gods could wear it the whole thing spins into a whole new perspective. The other thing, concerning ancien
  2. Glad to see you on the boards man! Great profile image! Now update your cover photo!

  3. Hey everybody, since we're kinda back here and catching up, and we're 40ish by now, tired by social media with less hair, more sceletomuscular issues and definitely more aware of our mortality and unable to read very small print, i was wondering, what are you people in on right now, besides work? Let's see. I'm in -Trail running. I run around 32k per week, sometimes more, sometimes less, mostly uphill. I've run the Authentic Marathon 3 times and a couple mountain marathons and half marathons, including one in Mt. Olympus (yeah, the mountain Zeus used t
  4. Greetings from a summery Athens, everybody! Really grateful for the invitation @misteraven and great to see you all, especially @Joker, @seeking, @diggity and @Europe still around. Reintroducing myself and my 12oz history history...I'm now 39, still in Athens, married with a 5 yo daughter. Painter, Publisher with a company of my own doing children's books. Not smoking anymore, running trail marathons in the greek mountains, had a couple good gigs running up until 2008, kinda lost a full decade on the Greek/Euro crisis, kinda hit in the face realizing i'm in on the wrong side of forty.
  5. bump! ps, just saw my original join date may 13 2001...time flies gents
  6. fuck yeah, good to 'see' you all. The army is treating me good i guess but it still sucks ass, 8 more months to go. Take care everybody!
  7. Tesseract


    it's good to come back here and see that abc still wears the best looking shoes in here, holla! i'm already VERY tired of these:
  8. Tesseract


    Thanks alot man! Greetings from the army ch.zero!
  9. hey guys, long time no see. Hope all is fine. Simple question here, i have a wireless router now but when two computers try to connect wirelessly at the same time, i get an ip error from windows. How can i fix that? thanx in advance.
  10. this looks awesome http://www.apple.com/trailers/picturehouse/kingofkong/trailer/
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