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  1. Yeah, it's really crazy @misteraven. Most of these statues you posted are at the acropolis museum, i've seen them live numerous times and still can't stomach the fact that they where once colored so vividly. An interesting fact is that color was limited in ancient times and hence very expensive and luxurious. We judge color today based on the limitless options we have on the full spectrum but once you realize that in ancient times blue was so expensive that only kings and gods could wear it the whole thing spins into a whole new perspective. The other thing, concerning ancient greek sculpture and architecture, is that the monochromatic marble version (once color was gone from the surface) has been very influential to artists and architects that are known for keeping things at a minimal. Henry Moore and Walter Gropius just to name a few. PS. Speaking of archeology, can i get my post count back?! haha.
  2. Glad to see you on the boards man! Great profile image! Now update your cover photo!

  3. Hey everybody, since we're kinda back here and catching up, and we're 40ish by now, tired by social media with less hair, more sceletomuscular issues and definitely more aware of our mortality and unable to read very small print, i was wondering, what are you people in on right now, besides work? Let's see. I'm in -Trail running. I run around 32k per week, sometimes more, sometimes less, mostly uphill. I've run the Authentic Marathon 3 times and a couple mountain marathons and half marathons, including one in Mt. Olympus (yeah, the mountain Zeus used to throw the lightning bolts from) -Stoicism. I read Epictitus freedom last summer and it opened my eyes, with so much shit around the world right now, with so many realizations to be made within our own little systems. Stoicism is an approach that really keeps you grounded. It's also a great counter strategy to social media in a way. -Great Coffee. Started drinking coffee some years ago, I'm so hooked its ridiculous. I don't drink alot but i try to make it count. I use an aeropress with some fine ass freshly grinded ethiopian beans at home and i enjoy a well made espresso outside. -Vintage Porn I like to browse penthouse and playboy magazines from mid 80's to early 90's. Everything else is quite disgusting to be honest. -Reading as much as possible to my daughter. She's five, loves books, so do i. I keep the magazines to my self. -Reading about the war in Syria. Surrealism is old but this 7 year old conflict is such a clusterfuck it's impossible not to be interested in it. The whole world is there, making moves. It's so hard to make a safe conclusion it's a form of meditation. That's the 40 year old me pretty much, so boring.
  4. Greetings from a summery Athens, everybody! Really grateful for the invitation @misteraven and great to see you all, especially @Joker, @seeking, @diggity and @Europe still around. Reintroducing myself and my 12oz history history...I'm now 39, still in Athens, married with a 5 yo daughter. Painter, Publisher with a company of my own doing children's books. Not smoking anymore, running trail marathons in the greek mountains, had a couple good gigs running up until 2008, kinda lost a full decade on the Greek/Euro crisis, kinda hit in the face realizing i'm in on the wrong side of forty. Pretty disappointed with world politics (but that's nothing new) still trying to lead a meaningful life, like when i was spending 18 hours a day on this forum, haha. But really though, this what 12oz has been for me. I started writing in 96, back then in Greece, we had some local made spraypaint with a range of 8 colors (black and white included), no caps and no exposure to graffiti media at all. There where some kids, mostly from france who used sparvar and motip. Had fatcaps. skinnys and magazines and parisian tube videos. There where some americans kids i used to skate with that their parents served in the base. At some point, as the 'scene' was growing bigger the biggest paint store in Athens smelled the money, managed to import the stuff we craved for and along with the hardware, imported some magazines. It was then that the infamous 12ozprophet osgemeos issue fell in my hands...and blew my mind as did the vaporz one right after. At the time, i had made my mind about art school and a couple years later i started playing with photoshop, internet came and the rest is history. Just realised today that i first logged in here May 2001. For me, being in direct contact with the people who made the magazines, with the writers i always admired and with a group of likeminded individuals on the peak of the Internet revolution was just unbelievable. You have to understand at this point that growing up in greece meant that we had access to stuff with a 2-3 gap. We could hear the last metallica song on MTV (the mediterranean version aired in Greece and Israel) but had to wait a year and a half to get the record, or that SONY walkman, or these Jordans or whatever. So now, for the first time, the internet gave a direct contact with pretty much everything. I was the year we entered the EURO currency zone so buying stuff online started to happen. So there i was, young and enthusiastic dipped into a whole new universe. I learned so many things in these forums, i exchanged so many posters, drawings, cd's, tees with some of you here, i had so much fun exploring being live online but also on the record. It was an unbelievable experience that literally shaped these years (that i lived seven time zones away btw). Many times i try to think what made it so great and i always think that a certain anonymity that came with the profile of graffiti writers really sheltered us from alot of bullshit. The fact that no one was comfortable sharing to much personal info (even people not in danger of being caught like me) made us all very aware that this persona that we where building was all that mattered. If you couldn't be really funny, helpful, well intended and interact with others without actually exposing who you are you added up to nothing. I always thought that this factor brought alot of quality in these forums. Seeing how social media today are so fast, so self centered and i'm also definitely old to appreciate the rythm of a new reality i cant really see how i can relive these moments but i try to keep the good side of things knowing that getting very enthusiastic is harder and harder. It sure feels good to be back here, hope all of you are doing well and thanks to Raven and team for keeping it real. wonk saggin and all that!
  5. bump! ps, just saw my original join date may 13 2001...time flies gents
  6. fuck yeah, good to 'see' you all. The army is treating me good i guess but it still sucks ass, 8 more months to go. Take care everybody!
  7. Tesseract


    it's good to come back here and see that abc still wears the best looking shoes in here, holla! i'm already VERY tired of these:
  8. Tesseract


    Thanks alot man! Greetings from the army ch.zero!
  9. hey guys, long time no see. Hope all is fine. Simple question here, i have a wireless router now but when two computers try to connect wirelessly at the same time, i get an ip error from windows. How can i fix that? thanx in advance.
  10. this looks awesome http://www.apple.com/trailers/picturehouse/kingofkong/trailer/
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