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  1. Joining a lodge does sound appealing tho-an actual community not just screens. Plus the secret handshakes and rituals-almost like a secret identity which I’m sure we can all relate to…
  2. Buddies dad was a Mason. Kid was in the junior program-(de Molay or something?) somehow porn, booze, and cigarettes would get “forgotten” in the basement kids zone We were like middle age swinger 12 year olds back then. Smoke, drink, passing around the girls in the lady mason juniors program. I imagine the grownups upstairs were doing the same shit. I think they did do some good community service stuff but I was too busy learning female anatomy to pay attention.
  3. Out hunting for powda (no, not that kind…) Not enough snow for ski areas to open but plenty of fun to be had if you are willing to work for it.
  4. Wonder how much longer newspaper boxes will still be around.
  5. Little past prime time for a fresh hop. Still pretty good…
  6. Beer inspired me to go hunting in my old CD vault
  7. Damn…good stuff. Thanks for posting these.
  8. Glad you caught that tick before it did any harm (hopefully)!
  9. I think the mini pine tree looking guys are lycopodium. Their spores are super flammable and shaman types would use them for pyrotechnics. I love stumbling on patches of those out in the woods-they always seem like they grow in places that have a good vibe.
  10. One of my first places was an old farm house chopped up into apartments. Through good timing I moved into the only one that was kind of renovated with actual insulation and fancy new double pain windows. It still sucked and I only had hot water when the heat was on. So summer showers were Wim Hof style ice showers. The landlord was a total stereotype of a east coast Italian douche bag landlord. always prying in your shit. Walking in unannounced for no reason, giving up personal details on the neighbors. The widows peak, sweat and cigarette yellow stained wife beater with gold chain…So dude decided he could save a lot of money by consolidating all the individual thermostats into my better insulated apartment. At the time, I worked straight night shift. Great schedule for writing and living on my own was great so I was willing to tolerate a lot. Woke up one mid morning on a work day to find homeboy and a super sketch handy man leering over me holding a power drill and tools going “ it’s ok he’s sleeping “. Zzzz goes the drill for emphasis! when they decided to reconfigure the thermostat situation. They couldn’t understand why I was “concerned” about this. Anyway they made me Keeper of the Flame for the place so I’d come back from shows or the yard or wherever to all these notes on the door: “please turn up the heat we’re freezing “ and “please it’s so cold and I have a baby”. So I cranked the heat up…and up…and up. Winter of 02-03 in New England was a bitch but I spent that sucker in shorts and a t-shirt. Even got a little fake palm tree going. Dude used to come by and shake his head-he couldn’t understand why the heating bill was so high…
  11. Couldn’t decide if this belonged in the “book” thread or the “beer” thread. Books won.
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