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  1. This one kept me company while I was having a poop
  2. Obviously not illegal but dogs chillin by the mountains on a beer delivery truck is pretty sweet
  3. Spendy for a zine but super slick with a ton of stuff to read and look at.
  4. And props to you for getting out there and finding them!
  5. makes it more impressive-dude had to put in so much work and time to track down those random ass spots
  6. Wyeast

    Wash DC

    I wonder how old that Obey sticker is
  7. Wyeast

    Wash DC

    Had a very brief stop in the “other” Washington…didn’t have much time to hunt for graff but here are a few
  8. I’ve climbed or climbed up and snowboarded down a lot of these from Lassen up to Baker so it’s really cool to read up on how they form etc. biggest takeaway is that at some point one of these baddies is going to wake up again and wipeout a big chunk of something between NorCal and Canada.
  9. Wyeast


    Spotted a bunch of tubby stickers on the Oregon coast this weekend
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