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  1. Nice way to “bump” the thread. Ha…dad jokes.
  2. Got out for a jog and took a break to flick these.
  3. Old San Juan, PR
  4. I dig the colors on the last one on the previous page. You are progressing for sure dude! It might have been mentioned already but as you start to get better try to center your name on the board then work on expanding it to take up that whole thing. use all that space! Or do two pieces next to each other. It’s good to know how to stretch or shrink your word so it looks good in whatever space you have available. If you head out to paint in the wild you’ll run into all kinds of shapes and sizes of stuff to write on. Nothing worse than having one of your letters disappear behind a tree or get taken out by a huge unpaintable water spot from a leaky gutter. so you want to be able to work around that stuff and still keep your letters proportional. If you find a place where you can go really big you want to be able to kill it and have it look like it belongs there. I did a rooftop roller once on this spot that I knew would run for years. Getting in with an extendo roller and cans of bucket paint was no screw ups serious so I wanted that piece to shine because it’s not the kind of place you get to go back to for an encore once it’s blown. Thought I had everything mapped out to fill the whole roof but as I was wrapping up I realized there was too much blank space on the end so I tried to “fix” it with a weird extension on my last letter. It looked totally out of place and just…wrong. I was proud of the spot but that extension thing bugged me every time I saw it until I finally moved away from that city.
  5. A few that caught my eye recently
  6. That’s awesome-I had no idea! Thanks for the info-I really enjoy that kind of oddball railroad trivia. Going to try to read up some more on those guys.
  7. Wow-great post. That Tre tribute, Hope4, all the history on those SP wood chip cars. Wonder what’s up with that McDonalds railroad caboose?
  8. Wyeast


    Art gives no fucks about the numbers.
  9. Accidental artistic photo…hitting the air and road for some adventures in places old and new. Will try to update with some good pies, pizza, beers, and maybe even rap letters if luck holds
  10. Mine and hers. Both beer-the wine looking one was a killer sour. I always go for an IPA but they’re getting to all taste the same to me. that sour was something unique.
  11. Should have been a more pizza forward picture. We had to eat our veggies first?
  12. Not sure what’s up with these guys but I want to take one for a spin down the line
  13. I saw that too and had the same thought to grab a screen cap. There’s been a lot of street graff in the background of news stories. Ukraine looks like it would have been dope before all this.
  14. Hall and oats was my first concert. My dad (who got me into graff) took me to a show in upstate NY. 2nd concert was Expose at the Ohio state fair. I still spank to those bitches. Point of no return!
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