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  1. The weatherproof ones are the Olympus MJU & MJU2 I think, the MJU2 is quite pricy these days as they’ve got a bit of hype about them… def worth picking up if you can snag one for cheap though!
  2. Some film bits with the aforementioned XA3.
  3. Picked this XA3 up wild cheap on eBay. Put a test roll through it to test it, turns out it works perfectly. Been a blast to shoot with it, just sent a bunch of film off to the lab so hopefully there are a couple decent shots on their way back to me. Anyone else been out and about?
  4. @Schnitzelthats dope! There’s something really tactile and pleasing about animation done this way. They collage itself is cool to, I like the style you work in. Definitely interested to see where you take this next. I wish I could say I’d been working on stuff but work has been pretty intense lately. Hopefully get a bit more work/life balance going on so I can spend more time making stuff again.
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