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  1. pint of “divine elements” by Black Iris Brewery. really juicy ipa, very good. so good that I ended up knocking six of them back and stumbling home to drunkenly eat pizza.
  2. Yeah I hear you man. My usage has dropped hugely over the years, from an everyday thing to now where really it's only on weekends. Trying to quite cigarettes too which I have mostly done, only really falling back to old habits when I'm out drinking with friends and even in that case it's usually that I get drunk and have one cigarette. An unexpected bonus of vaporising is being able to use the weed you've vaped to cook with or eat or whatever although I'm yet to try that. I definitely agree about the "fun enough" factor so whether I'll ever get around to it is debatable. Whilst I'm enjoying the vaporiser and it's healthier, I definitely miss rolling/smoking blunts. As you say, the older you get the more health takes a front seat though so yeah. No more blunts 😞
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