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    Here's a couple shots before I start up a full thread on the stuff I was hinting at. Just want to get it all done so I can supply the full recap and plenty of pictures as well as finalize a couple more details. But basically, been working since January to open a screen printing facility. You guys here on 12oz are the first to know, but soon we'll start announcing officially via social, email, etc. After years (especially this last year) of struggling with screen printers... Mega expensive OR bad communication OR massive delays OR inconsistent quality, etc... I started looking into how I could solve the issue. After a ton of research a zillion calls and plenty of negotiating, I managed to pull it together and buy a state of the art, computer driven automatic press and all the bells and whistles that go with it. For the last three months, I've been MIA due to haggling with contractors and ultimately doing all the associated provisioning myself (with massive help from a friend staying with me). Literally doing research, making calls to people and endless online instruction and YouTube videos to learn how to run plumbing (water and drainage), pneumatics and hard lines for compressed air and commercial grade electrical work (upgrading a transformer with the electric company, installing new service and putting in a new breaker panel with three high ampacity dedicated drops to various machinery). The technician is set to arrive today (literally the day after Christmas) to install the press that got delivered a few weeks ago, and do all the configuration and fine tuning leaving us with full control over future screen printing (tees / textiles and capable of prints on paper as well), with a press spec'ed with the absolute tightest tolerances in the industry. Anyhow, that's the summary and as stated, I'll take some time when the dust settles to put a full thread of pictures and updates together as well as go into some detail on how this will be a game changer for 12oz for those that don't immediately see the implications this has. Here's to closing out a long hard year and to setting up a hell of a foundation for 2019!
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    It's a trap! Fuck it, where's my slayer shirt?
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    If you guys want to swap stories about what you got, didn’t get, wish you got or the best and worst gifts of years past... Feel free. Perhaps at least stories of grandeur about banging the hot receptionist in a store room at the office holiday party? in any case, wanted to wish all you guys a super Happy Holiday and lotso cheer and good will! Hope all you guys are doing well and at least spending the week with people you don’t hate and maybe eating plenty of good food. On an entirely different note, as we close out the year, I’ve got some super awesome stuff to share with you guys soon. Few of you guys I keep up with IRL already know, but I’ve been working on a big power move since January that’s finally coming together that will be a pretty big game changer for 12oz. Anyhow, will follow up in the coming days with news (and flux), but in the meantime... Eat drink and be merry! Happy holidays everyone!
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    Yeah, cuz we could never figure out which one was yours 🙄 Don't sweat it, we'll get it back to you!
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    Someone sent me this link the other day and LOL'ed... https://keepandbear.com/products/build-the-wall
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    I'd never let a little cheeto foot come between me and some lawn variety flexiclam.
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    For some reason I keep checking out that Millenium Falcon to see if it has gone on sale yet. That's telling me the way things weigh on my impulse purchase scale, I might be adding to that new lego thread myself. The price is starting to make more sense sense. This how to pick up image from the manual shows just how massive this set it is. 75k + pieces, a lot of them custom 1 of's made just for that set. They've even got both crew sets with two Han solos, the young version from the original's with a matching Chewbacca, Princes Leia, and C3PO; and the older Han Solo with Ren, Fin, and BB8.
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    Nerdy as it sounds it could be interesting too. Think I posted some interesting Lego statues I saw in Pies a long time ago. Point is, not sure if you're serious or joking but could be cool depending. Until then.......
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    Granted the power vacuums created by the loss of Saddam was devastating, but the only people capable of actually fixing the problem we've created unfortunately aren't Americans, or other foreign coalition members. This concept applies to anyone who's ever been wronged by another, it's your responsibility to either recover and thrive, or not. Because of it's temporary nature, our presence in that region is destabilizing in the big picture, only delaying a more permanent, stable, and and sustainable hierarchy, and political organization from forming. It's not our right to choose what that organization looks like, or if it's in line with our interests. Our only responsibility is, and always has been to defend ourselves should a direct threat arise. The fact that we fucked up and defended ourselves from a non-threat, that in retrospect actually favored our interests is irrelevant to what's required to improve the regional stability in the aftermath.
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