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    Took a couple days off to the wood/beach for a little glamping birthday weekend. Kind of sucked but not completely. Here are some cOoL sToRY flicks. Do not enjoy them. In order of operation. IMG_0305.MOV
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    Speaking of chili here's some Habanero Flex 🔥
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    Quoted my first two liquor catering / bartending gigs Got metal sign made for the front of our bar from $800 less than I was originally quoted, Rebuilt the website I made (shout out to KRTong on the mic! I forgot what his name was on here if it was that but he showed me how navigate wordpress again so I didnt have to spend thousands) Did a photoshoot to create actual content for the damn site fuck paying $500 I did that shit with a tripod and a remote! Borrowed my buddies drone made promo videos for our business for more dynamic content Made thai fuckin spare rips Today 3 young out of state dudes got a flat tire at my local gas station and had no clue how to change a flat. All the rich old people in my town looked the other way I walked over and fixed their flat for them and showed them how to do it. They offered to give me money I said absolutely not bill and ted it out and Be Excellent To Each Other. Wild stallions bro google it... Its been an insane weekend...I am also the owner of an entire Home Goods store...
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    So a few months ago I bought the first part of my work truck vision. 2013 Tacoma, 4cyl with a little cap. I had very specific plans for the final look and it started with my favorite wheels. First I would find said wheels in black, then get a black canopy roof rack, and finally have the logo I’d been working on for months go up on the topper windows. I found the wheels in shit condition all the way up by Vermont. Good deal for wheels and brand new tires, 3.5 hrs away and I get to driving. Mind you I’m not in tune with auto shit at all whatsoever outside of doing my own oil and a couple brake jobs. The wheels were hit and I didn’t care because my whole plan was to prep and paint them. Scrap, sand, 2 coats prime, 2 coats finish, 1 coat sealer. I didn’t go super crazy on the sanding cause it’s a fuckin work truck but my not crazy still came out dope imo. I got a little bit of crackle for jumping the fun too early on the sealer but it’s not too noticeable. Anyways, phase one was perfectly complete and I loaded em up for assembly out by the domincans. Left the whip and got a call about a hour later being laughed at. My blonde brain havin ass did ALLLLL that drivin, all that work...only to discover they were six lug wheels and my shit is 5. I refuse to under sell and I cannot find a different set in 5 lug pattern that fits my ocd. Been looking into conversion kits. I hear they are hell dangerous but fuck it. Congratulations for accomplishing being a dumb ass.
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    Peruvian Chicken, carrots, Cuban beans from the can and rice. To make the rice through a bunch of minced garlic into a bunch of vegetable oil at med-high temp, saute but do not brown, add rinsed rice and saute that for a bit, not long, then add boiling water reduce to simmer cover and cook for 15 minutes. Ratio is 2:3 rice to water. Peruvian Chicken recipe is from the NYT The sauce is a bit of a pain but it's a crowd pleaser.
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    I had this baby Range Rover when I lived near Union Square, can confirm, it was nice. Never had any issues with it: RangeRover.mp4 OOntz Trivia: Croc Tears filmed this way back in 2015. We found a dirt road out behind Woodberry commons one day and took it off road. Found this big puddle, then went into this camp area and found a steep ass boat launch that kept going even steeper past where normal vehicles would pull out and gunned the Range up it. The property owners happened to be there at the top, oof, and asked what were were doing. No lie Croc Tears was like "no, what are you doing here" like he was going to jump out on them it was hilarious. I tried to deescalate, and dude said he just wanted to give us props for making it up that launch, he couldn't in his "off road" golf cart lol. Since we're going back to the way back machine here there's a somewhat famous bronco II in the background of this pick the crew always used the roll in. A good friends dad that copped a fresh bronco II for him, and it was the defacto skate whip for us for a good 2 years until I bought my own whip. Till this day still a fan of small compact SUV's myself. 1991ish:
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    Who will make them pay? Nothing special but I am sure the owner is proud of it, heard him talking on the phone while I checked mine to order some take out, a picture of him with the car would have been mighty propper but I am too shy to ask and not a dick to take a low pro shot. Typical waterfall in the National Park south of Cleveland, nice place to explore, easy to ditch the crowds by going off trail.
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    I just wanna know which one of you toys designed these fucking toys? Straight outta paper chase, I'd recognize those doo dads anywhere.
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    Lost the weight and kept it off, made my goal in October, hit the target in December and have maintained for the year. Not much but I made a goal to post during my allotment of internet time for the afternoon. Accomplished that to.
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    I just figured out home wiring by trial and error. It all makes perfect sense now.
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    @NightmareOnElmStreet @One Man Banned @SMdoubleXL @Kults
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    @ndvand @nicklesndimesthose are turkey. Pheasants would be dope but I've only seen them a few times in my life. Potentially useless facts: the young are called poults. The hen will lay a clutch of eggs, but no matter how many she has, she will only lay 1 per day until she's done. Then, they all hatch at the same time. Upon hatching they're pretty much mobile, not sure how long before they fly. Turkeys eat up to 200 ticks a day, so happy to see them passing through keeping things safe for me au natural.
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