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    So I decided after 22 yrs in the nail industry-I was fed up with people and knew my brain was not getting used as much as I knew it was capable of so I went home ‘sick’ early from the shop and attended the home and garden show where I saw a cool display which lead me to grab a brochure. I looked into this ‘training center’ and read it was free (like legit no cost) and set the appt up for the beginning stages of several interviews and testing process to enroll. I missed the cut off of the class(20 per class) they were getting ready to begin and had to wait until the next session which began the end of January. A seven month class with a four externship after to complete the course. I had six months to financially get my shit together because I was about to quit my job (the training only allowed a two day absence, and it was mon-fri 8a-3p and each minute counted. I wanted to fully commit) and take a ginormous leap into something that had piqued my interest, but I had no idea the training they provided was as extensive as it was. Allow me to share this entire experience with you, please. It was life changing (but also because I was ready for a change). I’m gonna share class time, commute, our field trips (which were once a week, usually) and all that was learned and lived through during this time. I leaned more about myself and people and our connection and our ability to adapt from learning about a plant. What I plan to get from this thread is a knowledgeable exchange of plant information. Credible, Reliable sources and your tried and true experiences are greatly appreciated. It seems a lot of people do not wanna share their tips and tricks and knowledge these days but I believe that plant knowledge is so crucial to us as humans we should be eager to share and accept another’s knowledge. I’ll post the course outline so you get an idea of what was taught. What I want from you is anything plant related. Plants, trees, insects, disease and how to control them. Flowers. Common names. Scientific names. Indoor/ outdoor gardens. Greenhouses. Hydroponics. Design (landscape and garden). Your native and invasive plants and animals. Cultivation tips.....you get it.
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    I didn’t use these codes, but I had my own sets: Codes for the friends / crew Codes for drug dealing Codes for different girlfriends I still use some of them for pins and passwords. The summer of 95 I worked at an answering service, I was the guy you called and I’d type an alpha page to doctors, lawyers, and even John Hughes.
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    There’s train set around the base, buried.
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    ^^ I did that to my friend twice in one day one time, he fell for it both times. First time was in the car, I asked him if it smelled like burning coolant to him. Second was in Walmart, he was looking at shoes to buy for his gf. I said, "this is weird, do these shoes smell like they've already been worn to you?" I dunno why anyone would want to try to smell shoes that they think might smell like they've been worn, but he did. I hate walmart.
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    This is so incredibly bizarre. I don't really come on here anymore, maybe a fleeting glance every 6 months or so. A few days ago, probably right around your diagnosis, for no reason whatsoever you popped in to my head. For some reason I was reminded of our discussions about music, the CD exchanges, your photography. Then I go and log in here out of the blue a few days later and see this. I am so unbelievably sorry. This hits particularly close to home as I have suffered from acid reflux my entire life. It was only about 4 years ago where it was officially diagnosed as GERD after it got so bad one day it basically stopped me from being able to swallow. I had the endoscopy that revealed my entire esophagus is scarred from it being untreated for 30+ years. I've been on Pantoprazole ever since which seems to do the trick, although I do have bad days every now and then. I've had another endoscopy since, but this has made me realize I should really make an appointment to get another one. What you are going through right now is my worst fear, especially knowing how much the risk is increased with my condition. I know the words of a complete stranger mean nothing with what you are going through right now, but from the bottom of my fucking heart I am so, so sorry. Even though we never actually knew each other, you were a constant presence in my youth thanks to how much goddamn time we spent on this dumb website. I wish you the absolute best in your fight against this, and know that this random Canadian stranger knows you are strong enough to beat this. Godspeed, my dude ❤️
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