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  1. Both good dudes. Pdex did my chest out at Port 13.
  2. Earlier today.. Back to school supplies for my 6th and 8th graders.
  3. Not sure if you know Pu but he was the piercer there. One of my OG homies.. 20 plus years.
  4. I haven't graffed and danced in a few years.... Legal spot behind Fusion ink on Granby. UK crew. RED, JADE, HOMOE, ZYON CEVS/SPAZY ect... I wrote RUN way back PRIC after... I have no desire to write anymore though lol.
  5. To be honest there are so many Mexican spots out here. Mexican food is so fucking good. I have a friend that lives in Smithfield. Its a hike there. Do/did you write? Perhaps we know each other lol?
  6. I've leveled up my rank to apprentice. Oh snap, things are getting serious.
  7. You in the area? Taco Burrito Co is a nice little spot. Assembly line style like Moe's but more authentic imo. I fuck with La Herradura by ODU. Close to my house and friends with owner/some staff. Its much better than plaza and Mi Hogar. I heard El Ray #2 on Little Creek is really good but haven't tried it. I also want to try Union Taco. Friends have said its got a nice vibe. The railroad district is coming up for sure..
  8. Moe's > Chipotle... I like Moe's but can never beat a true Mexican spot. Plenty of those here in Norfolk. My brother just moved back from Asheville.
  9. Life long Vikings fan here. I'm prepared to be let down.
  10. Last thing I bought was Moe's bowl for dinner last night. -Rice -Beans -Extra steak -Queso -Shredded cheese -Corn -Lettuce -Sour cream
  11. Just went through the entire thread. Sooo good. I mentioned I liked your story in 2013 lol. Can't believe 'ol Ed Earl took a shit mid sexy time...
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