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  1. I still pop in from time to time. I deleted ig I'd be down to try the beta.
  2. Thanks dog, good looking out. Looked into some shops there, may just have to pass and save my money for some other towns im making this year... I would LOVE to get tattooed by Koji, I bet hes completely booked out though. I dont have instagram so i never know when anything cool is going on... :(
  3. You are continuously killing it with the acquisitions/builds Brick... good shit.
  4. Asked this on another forum and was told there aren't really any, but fuck it I'll give it a shot here. You guys know of anyone decent in New Orleans? Gonna be there for work in a couple weeks and wanted to get something specific... Got this from Mario desa while in Chicago last weekend, making towns... Also, digging both of those back pieces.
  5. sup dudes, haven't been in here forever... traded a buddy some dumb shit for this a month or two ago. Have yet to work on it, probably gonna start getting some parts together next week. Had the wheels..
  6. "pizzaz" cheese,tomatoes and yellow peppers... no sauce. its the shit. Also, i haven't been on the oontz in forever, seems kinda dead here now.
  7. That JS picture is unbelievable.
  8. I spend most weekends I'm not on the road in a very good shop here. I see people all the time that come in and get stuff that TO ME is just plain stupid. But people get things they love or are relative to them. I got that because i legitimately work in pro wrestling and pay my bills with it. Its a huge part of my life and warrior was a huge part of my childhood. I wanted to get a kid slug, but i didn't want to get a plain one. So i got creative... i can understand 100% if you think its ACTUALLY RETARTED, but i do have a solid reason behind it.. Plus, i just love fun tattoos.
  9. Because every kid slug tattoo that has ever been drawn made perfect sense that a small child was a boxer... yeah.
  10. Fuck it, im back for the good of the oontz and ch0... peeing in niggas buttholes andall that shit.
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