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  1. @misteraven- Having known you for quite some time, this stood out for me: "I have a tendency to over think shit and often take it way too seriously from jump street, which in turn has a tendency to bog things down and become over built and top heavy. I'm trying my best to reign that tendency in and treat it as something just fun and informal." While I felt that when reading it, I know that it is that overthinking, that attention to detail, and wanting to make something perfect that has made everything you've been part of stand on its own. There is no equal. I don't think it's any secret to anyone in this forum, or anyone familiar with just the 12oz Prophet brand, but you have single-handedly shaped how Graffiti books, magazines, websites, and other forums look and feel. Your aesthetic isn't a reaction to what others are doing but more what your heart tells you to do, and I know we all appreciate that level of dedication. I think this is one of the many reasons why 12oz Prophet has always had a loyal following... because we know that even if it takes years for a new drop we are confident that it will be very much worth the wait. If it's a book or magazine or shirt we know that if we don't act as soon as it drops that product will no longer be available due to being sold out. I say all that to convey that I will always show support for 12oz Prophet, the forum & website, and the 12oz Prophet Collective. Podcast: There are quite a few Graffiti/writer/artists podcasts out there and they're all basically the same. They interview a well-known writer, dive deep, and keep it about 60-90 long. Granted, there are some that are damn good and I enjoy them but I'd like to see a different perspective. I'm honestly not sure what that perspective is because any writer tuning in to hear what a respected writer has to say is hoping to hear about writing, their history, good stories, etc.. So maybe it's the interviewers that shake up the format? Thinking about podcasts like Smartless where you have three hilarious fellas interviewing their peers (for the most part), and the format is similar to hundreds of others but it's the banter back and forth between the three that is entertaining. Mobile app: Curious to see how this affects viewership of the forum. I'm just wondering if not having a mobile app up to this point has been what is keeping folks from coming back. Everyone seemingly lives on their phones, not their laptops/desktops, so I'm hopeful this will increase traffic.
  2. I may have posted this already...
  3. So damn funny. Thanks for the good words! I think my work in the Toys Post here thread is because I come from an era where most toys had a mentor who helped learn the basics, then guided them along to perfect their craft, and for the most part we no longer have that. Toys come into the game and use the web as their inspiration and have no idea how any of this works, or better, how it should work. Yes, there are some hard-set rules letters and flow that are never going to go away, so it's our job to find our own path in how we make those rules work for us. If you've got no one to guide you then your work is going to suffer, you'll most likely get frustrated because you're not improving, and eventually you fall off because the little bit of feedback you're getting is from the same place you're getting your inspiration and it's fucking brutal. Writers are easily the most crucial to their own when it comes to feedback, so getting it right should be a priority. Getting it right requires guidance.
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    Easily the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. On a recent trip I wore them everyday for almost three weeks and walked at least five miles in them everyday. Work with dressy clothes as well as casual. Cole Haan GrandPro Topspin Mid in Chestnut
  5. I have to admit, by the end of episode one I was saying to my wife "Oh yeah, she did some shady shit and is trying to get away with it".
  6. LOL! Rap letter grown up table... too funny. Being completely honest, it has taken me years, I mean years, to come to grips with the "pioneer" label I've been given in regards to abstract Graffiti, so you'll have to cut me slack. I know I have expertise, not the best, but plenty to get by and share with those wanting help. I know @cancelculttourist, I know, but Susan (who has run ArtCrimes since day one) was/is a good friend so it was tough to pull one over and not feel guilty about it.
  7. Joined: April 2000 (not sure of my member number) Age Then: 31 (now 55) I'd known @misteravenfor a little while prior to this website/forum so when he mentioned he was starting it I was all in. I still have every issue of 12ozProphet, too. I can't recall where I spent most of my time when I was in here every day, often several times a day, but there were so many people posting in so many different threads that it was tough to keep up with all the incredible content. Now I spend most of my time looking at threads old and new that I typically wouldn't dig into. I've honestly enjoyed taking over the Toys Post Here thread and trying to help writers hone their skills. I'm by no means an expert in this game but I enjoy helping out best I can. Helped with ArtCrimes in their early days as well. Used to help with with website content, and for several years handled all their online orders for caps. Just these massive clear bins filled with thousands of caps. Easiest job I've ever had. And somehow I never stole a single cap.
  8. I'm not man enough for that. I'm barely man enough for a 1982 Subaru Brat.
  9. Because all my doors have different hardware, and some different paint colors, I'm in the process of removing all interior doors, sanding down to the wood, applying a coat of primer, then new paint, then new hinges and door handles. I'm about halfway through but two of the doors are sticking when I go to open them. They're not sticking too bad, and it's not marring the paint on the door or door jamb, it's just kind of annoying. I tried to rubbing wax paper on the door and jamb where where the sticking is happening but that didn't do anything. So I'm coming here to see if anyone has any ideas I could try. Thanks in advance.
  10. This. I asked some UK friends about this because I had not heard of it before and they said exactly the same thing. The fee goes to the BBC and funds their programming (like Doctor Who, etc.) and keeps the ads to a minimum. I did some further research and found that if you're blind you can apply for a 50% discount, but you still gotta pay that shit.
  11. As a guy in my mid-fifties, it's interesting to read some of these. Mostly because I went through most of these same concerns/thoughts in my mid-thirties. Back then I made bike racing a focus, lost a bunch of weight, started saving for retirement (wayyyyy too fucking late to be doing that, BTW), started teaching myself DIY home remodel stuff (something that has always scared the hell out of me but I've now learned it's not as scary as I made myself believe), decided to travel more - even if that's just a local weekend getaway, and spend more time with my wife. Other than bike racing, I still make most of these a priority all year long. I'm not much of a resolutions person but I have been thinking a lot about either cutting way back on alcohol consumption or cutting it out completely. Granted, I'm not a huge drinker, like maybe six drinks a week and usually only on the weekends, but I think I can cut that back even more. That will be a goal for 2024. And I'm going to give cyclocross racing next fall/winter one more go before giving in to being the weekend warrior bike rider guy. Art wise... I'd like to do more art, not necessarily for art shows but more just for the fun of making art. I kinda miss those days. I'd also like to spend a little more time creating three dimensional Graffiti pieces. And finally, spend some time learning animation on Procreate. I love drawing characters but they're always so rigid and 2D so teaching myself to bring them to life could be fun.
  12. When I was starting out in the mid-eighties and secured a copy of the Subway Art, then a few years later Spraycan Art, T-Kid was the guy whose work stood out to me and inspired me early on in my "career". His work was and is next-level.
  13. Finally landed a copy after looking for soooo long.. I'm one happy white boy.
  14. Joker


    Sometimes... you just have to wonder what people were thinking when designing things. https://velo.outsideonline.com/road/road-gear/saddlespur-new-saddle-promises-to-be-more-than-just-a-saddle/
  15. I know, I need to get it sooner than later. Last I looked for it the cheapest I could find a first edition version was $350... unsigned and/or embellished.
  16. Yeah, I understand the push back on a $400 book, but he did sign and embellish each one. I don't fault him for it, he knows his worth and the value in sharing this history, but I'm not from Europe so his influence on my upcoming and learning of the craft is minimal, if any. If it were T-Kid or Dez or Skeme... sure, $400 for a signed and embellished book is a no-brainer for me.
  17. Enjoying this one at the moment...
  18. Joker


    Hmmm... usually numb hands is a sign your bars are either too close or too far away, but there's other bits that can factor in as well. Things like your saddle fore/aft position, height, and angle. A professional bike fit is always the best route but that can be expensive, so a DIY option is a good bet. It's a lengthy process and you'll definitely go through trial and error before getting it just right, but it's worth the time. Especially if you're doing longer rides. When I do my bike fitting at home I get the pedals to saddle height & fore/aft adjusted first. That's where all my power is coming from so I want to be sure that I've got that correct from the start. From there I figure out the cockpit - stem length, stem rise and/or stack height, bar rotation and hood location. The older I get the more I appreciate mega-padded bar tape, too. DIY Bike Fit
  19. Joker


    My favorite all-rounder tire is the Donnelley Strada USH. I know with that tire I can go anywhere. Perfect for road, great in gravel & dirt, too. Honestly, I've had the same front tire for almost 18 months and only had to replace the rear one twice in that same amount of time. I used to ride the Schwalbe G-One Allround tire for a long time but while it's great for gravel and dirt it wears way too fast on the road.
  20. Joker


    Ah, I see. I was looking at the wrong website. I was looking at Bike Tires Direct. Sorry about that! The nice thing about the one you're looking at is that it takes up to 42c tires, should you want that. Gives you the ability to run bigger, softer tires for that plush ride feel. It's also nice that it comes with mounts for fenders and bags, could be the ultimate commuter and/or get out of town bike. I have a much older version of that frame that I use for my get-around-town bike. I love it. It's my little snot rocket. It's solid, it's quick, and will probably outlast me. The older I get the more I rely on the front brake and my knees just can't handle the back-pedal/skid-stop anymore. I'm slowly transitioning to riding my e-bike more anyway.
  21. Joker


    @Elena Delle Donne- I don't see any Mercier or Motobecane bikes on BTD. Are you sure it's their website you're looking at? That being said, I don't know anything about those brands other than they exist.
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