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  1. quietly browsing AirBnb for a short getaway weekend soon
  2. Thanks man. The canvas was 12 x 24. I’ve only ever worked on two of that size; this being the second piece.
  3. This was a really good watch; start to finish.
  4. Great work all around guys. Been so busy with school and work but finished this recently. Mostly acrylic with some oil.
  5. I’m still here, check in when I remember about the site. I forgot I even posted in this thread. Seems like a long time ago
  6. haven't posted in here in a long time but good work all around still. A sketch I found on my phone from a couple years ago vs a quick throw during work not too long ago.
  7. Film place downtown is closed for now so here are some I dug up from my files. Think I was drunk on the last one.
  8. Working, again, after being furloughed for two weeks. Currently on break.
  9. Awesome work all around, what a treat to catch up. I took a trip to Portland after my last post in this thread, around September. I'll get to developing some film soon if my regular place is still doing business during these times.
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